Jim Smart
September 1, 2001

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Chemical Stripping Or Sanding?
If you're still having a tough time deciding which type of paint stripping to choose, we'll make it easier for you. Sanding versus chemical stripping boils down to which is more valuable to you-time or money. Sanding takes more time. It can also be harder on you physically. Orbital sanders cost anywhere from $40 to $140. Anyway you dice it, you're going to need an orbital sander regardless if you sand-strip or chemical-strip. An orbital sander is a good investment for your garage arsenal. Sandpaper can be expensive, depending on the brand you buy. The best sandpaper is 3M, but it's also the most expensive. We like 3M because it lasts longer.

Chemical stripping is messier. If you get chemical stripper on your skin, it will get your attention almost immediately because it stings. Cleanup after chemical stripping can be challenging. Because you want to be environmentally responsible, dead paint and chemical stripper need to be collected. It's your responsibility to make sure none of it goes down the storm drain. This means building a dam at the foot of your driveway to collect paint and stripper. When it dries, it can be collected with a shovel. Some of it will likely find its way to the storm drain, but we just want minimum effect on the environment.