Jim Smart
September 1, 2001

Thus far, our "Inside Scoop" series has shown you how to install a TMI headliner and reupholster your seats. We've mounted period-style headrests from Pony Car Concepts, laid down molded Auto Custom carpeting, slid in Canadian Mustang speaker kick panels, and built a custom rear package shelf. We've performed all of this in a '67 Mustang coupe, which has a lot in common with millions of other notchbacks like it the world over.

For our last installment, we're going to button this puppy up and get ready for that maiden voyage in a few weeks. We're going to install water shields, restored quarter trim panels, rear seat, three-point safety belts from Pony Car Concepts, TMI door panels from Mustangs Plus, California Mustang dash padding, and instrument panel also from Mustangs Plus. Believe it or not, you might think you have it all down when it comes to interior restoration. None of us do. We've learned something along the way, and we're hell-bent to share the education with you.

We not only want to make our interior beautiful, we want to make it safer and quieter as well. To make it quieter, we're installing carpet padding behind the quarter trim panels, rear seat, kick panels, and the firewall insulation pad. For a safer driving experience, we're stepping up to three-point safety belts from Pony Car Concepts. It will make the drive safer than it was in 1967.

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