Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
December 15, 2010
Photos By: Derek Perez

"The 5.0 from the factory is actually quite impressive to begin with. It's similar to how the GT500 feels but without the blower whine. Being able to run 12s and rev the car over 7,000 rpm just how it's delivered is great. Now imagine adding another 150-plus-rwhp to the car," Jared enthused. "It's a completely different beast and goes from a 12-second car to a 10-second car. What's amazing though is how well the car drives with the blower. It still cruises around just like stock until you mash the pedal to the floor. At that point the power instantly comes on and even though it's a major jump in power the transition is still surprisingly smooth."

With that kind of impressive performance on tap, you'd think Team Lethal would be happy to leave its in-house GT just as it sits. Not so for this bunch. These are the guys that fearlessly tore into brand-new GT500s. "As you know from our '10 GT500, the project goals seem to change a bit. It starts out as an idea for a street car that showcases the parts needed to make the car fast and appeals to the majority of the car owners but somehow molds itself into an all-out, race-car project," Jared confessed. "As much as my business partner Jonas doesn't want to hear it, I'm sure our 5.0 isn't going to be much different. The only thing I can see it this project happening in more of a step-by-step process rather than an overnight transformation. In the end we'll be happy with whichever way it goes-and then it's on to the next one."

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