February 28, 2007

We also have heat concerns about our Performance Automatic AODE transmission and Precision converter. Keeping these components cool is important, so we're plumbing B&M Racing's Hi-Tek SuperCooler (PN 70297) into the project car's cooling scheme. Similar to the engine's radiator, the Hi-Tek cooler includes an electric fan to keep the transmission-fluid temps in check as we roll down the highway.

A humongous AN -16 (equivalent to 111/42-inch) steel-braided hose serves as our coolant line from the radiator/water pump and the engine, and AN -8 plumbing shuttles tranny fluid between the cooler and transmission.

BrakesThe brake system of our coupe is fairly simple from a plumbing perspective. We have done away with the OEM power brakes and are using a Wilwood manual-brake setup. For drag racing purposes,we're adding a Moroso antiroll system (PN 44050) to keep the front wheels locked when we do our burnouts.

Aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel hard line are the preferred forms of ducting for street-'Stang brake systems. We're using 304-grade stainless steel in the coupe, mainly because it's the most durable and won't break or fail under the driving and racing stresses we'll impose on the system.

Manipulating stainless hard line is an art form. The material is hard and difficult to bend, so it's important to make sure measurements are correct before you create brake lines. Screwing up can become expensive when using stainless steel.

Mark Bohlen, owner of Bent Custom Plumbing and Sheetmetal in Chatsworth, California, is a 12-year veteran at working the hard line. Mark creates brake lines and other automotive plumbing that are nothing short of masterpieces. A wicked example of Mark's talents can be seen on the cover and inside the Sept. '06 issue of Hot Rod magazine; Mark is responsible for the stainless steel hard lines that run rampant across all points of David Freiburger's twin-turbocharged Brand-X/"F-Bomb" small-block.

Mark set up our car with 31/416-inch brake lines made from the aforementioned stainless steel, as well as AN -3 braided hose. This brake plumbing has officially been classified as "sick" by those who have seen it in person, which, in 'Stangbanger language, is one of the highest expressions of approval given.