Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
August 18, 2011

Horse Sense: QA1 recently acquired Carrera Shocks, and the two will combine their expertise to have shocks available for all skill levels, from the street to the track. The companies will service and sell single- and double-adjustable, gas-charged and hyper-charged aluminum and steel shocks and struts in a variety of applications-both dual-tube and mono-tube.

When we last left Project Roadkill, its Four-Valve heads received a nice port job at Fox Lake Power Products along with the addition of ModMax Racing valvetrain components. With the car's built short-block ready to go, we need to get its suspension up to snuff before we drop in the high-powered drivetrain. Being that Project Roadkill started life as a four-cylinder hatch, an updated suspension was desperately needed to correspond with our Four-Valve Cobra engine, Vortech supercharger, and TTC-Tremec T56 transmission.

The four-cylinder K-member definitely had to come out to make room for a QA1 tubular unit. We're also using QA1 shocks and struts to replace the worn factory dampers. There's no way we wanted to take a chance with relying on four-cylinder brakes to bring Roadkill to a halt, so we contacted Baer for front and rear brake kits. Furthermore, that 7.5 rearend wants nothing to do with the power we'll be making. So we'll add a Currie 9-inch rear and matching upper and lower control arms.

Follow along as MV Performance, located in Statham, Georgia, helps us get Roadkill's suspension up to speed before dropping in the power.

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