Arvid Svendsen
November 1, 2003

The timeless styling of the '64 1/2-'73 Mustang has made indelible impressions on the hearts and minds of young and old alike. Unforgettable to me was that first ride in the summer of 1967 in cousin Erl's Candyapple Red '67 Mustang, a four-speed car that was quickly modified with Cragars, dual exhausts, and a reverberator for the AM radio.

Aware of the Mustang's inherent appeal, eBay Motors commissioned the building of a '67 Mustang fastback in a quest to get the message out that eBay Motors is an awesome place for purchasing classic cars and finding parts for their maintenance, performance upgrade, or restoration.

The Mustang was purchased from an eBay Motors' auction by Troy Trepanier, who was selected to build the car in his Rad Rides by Troy shop in Manteno, Illinois. Throughout the buildup, in which Trepanier was given the freedom to give the Mustang the award-winning Rad Rides look, parts were acquired through eBay Motors. Upon completion, the Mustang will tour major shows across the country, and then ultimately be auctioned off at-where else?-eBay Motors, with the proceeds going to charity.

Troy explains the concept behind the eBay Motors Mustang: "We wanted to take some of the '05 Concept GT styling features and put them into a vintage Mustang, along with the Rad Rides look, tire fitment, stance, and state-of-the-art packaging in the engine compartment."

With the plan in hand, the search began for the right car. After scanning eBay Motors' auctions, the Rad Rides crew settled on a '67 fastback located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Troy was drawn to the car because most of its time was spent in rust-free California and Kansas. The Mustang was purchased through an eBay Motors auction for $10,100 after a heated auction of 24 bids.

The Rad Rides crew is in the process of transforming the Mustang into a blend of classic styling with cues and features from the future. Power will come from a 351 Ford Racing crate engine with a Paxton supercharger. The car will ride on Billet Specialties wheels and Nitto tires, Fatman Fabrications' Strut Suspension for Pony Cars and lower control arms, Air Ride Struts, and rack-and-pinion steering. Vintage Air, Tea's Design Interior, and a Baumann AOD transmission will make it a comfortable driver.

Watch for the buildup of eBay Motors' FastForward Fastback on the Discovery Channel series Rides, where some of the top car builders in the country are featured. We'll also have photos of the completed car here at Mustang Monthly.

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Built By Ebay

Where else can you find such a huge and current list of parts? eBay Motors is an incredible resource for treasured N.O.S. parts. Most parts are accompanied by pictures and a detailed description. For questions, eBay provides the e-mail address of the seller to any registered eBay user. In addition, each seller has a personal feedback rating that gives the buyer a way to gain confidence in the transaction. Check out this sampling of N.O.S. parts, listed under the headings " '67 Mustang N.O.S." and " '67 Mustang N.O.S.," that were recently won on for the FastForward Fastback:

N.O.S. Tilt Column Relay $56.00 9
N.O.S. Dash Bezel Camera Case 24.50 2
N.O.S. Parking Lights 25.00 1
N.O.S. Exhaust Tips 75.00 3
N.O.S. Convertible Top Snaps 25.07 7
N.O.S. Grille Corral 142.50 12
N.O.S. Rally Wheel Centers 99.95 1
N.O.S. Coupe Left Quarter-panel 260.00 7
N.O.S. Coupe Right Quarter-panel 270.00 3
N.O.S. Door Panels 237.50 5
N.O.S. Foglight Bars 113.00 5
N.O.S. Deluxe Hood Signal Lights 71.00 4
N.O.S. Speed Control/Turn Signal Lever 208.51 15
N.O.S. Disc Brake Pedal Pad 58.51 15