Project Large Marge Wilwood Brake Clutch Pedals
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
April 14, 2016
Photos By: Jason Lewis

The manual shift conversion on our 1973 Mustang, affectionately called Large Marge, takes a giant step forward with the installation of the Wilwood Brake and Clutch Pedal assembly. The trick part that helps make the install a little easier for the home builder is the new Firewall Mount Kit from Wilwood, part number 250-13167, that helps locate the pedals in just the right position around the steering column.

In this video, we'll explain how to measure and mount the whole assembly in just about any car. All it takes is a little common sense, ingenuity, and light fabrication skills.

The pedal assembly used in this application is the Forward Mount, 6.25:1 ratio, Adjustable Triple Master Cylinder. Part number 340-11295. With this highly tune-able piece in the car, we can now dial in the driving controls to our personal taste. Plus, we wanted to not only convert the car from automatic transmission to a manual shift, but we wanted to make sure it was a hydraulic clutch mechanism as well. This unit solves both tasks...and looks amazing. After a lot of shopping around, we found a Lokar throttle pedal that worked perfect for this application. The pedal is designed for the earlier Mustangs but fits this setup well.

Keep checking back for more to come with ol’ Marge!