Wilwood Rear Brake Project Large Marge Mustang
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
September 7, 2015
Photos By: Jason Lewis

Have you seen the latest Mad Max movie? Well we did, and it inspired us to go out in the garage and get to wrenching on our own apocalyptic ride, our ’73 Mustang coupe. In our last video we showed the installation of Wilwood’s six-piston disc brakes on the front of ol’ Marge, and this time around we’re showing you the details of how to convert stock rear drums to more Wilwood goodness, and still retain a parking brake.

This time it’s the AERO4 Big Brake Rear Parking Brake Kit with 12.88-inch rotors and AERO4 four-piston calipers, coated red to match the fronts. The genius behind Wilwood’s kit lies in the parking brake mechanism, which is essentially a drum brake mechanism that acts on the inside of the rotor hat. Some early rear disc swaps left you without a parking brake, forcing you to either go without or use a second, small caliper to act as the parking brake—not anymore.

The installation was pretty straightforward, but requires removal of the axles in order to install the parking brake assembly. If you watched the video on the upgraded rearend assembly we put in the car, you’ll see that we already did that. Other than that, installation is very similar to the front kit, meaning attention must be paid to caliper alignment to the rotor and safety wiring the rotor to the hat.

Keep coming back for more updates to ol’ Large Marge, as we get her ready to hit the streets and tracks of So-Cal.