1973 Ford Mustang Project Large Marge Tire
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
September 14, 2015
Photos By: Jason Lewis

Ever since Jason Lewis saw the new Mad Max Fury Road movie, he’s been obsessed with apocalyptic automotive nirvana. This led him to a brief moment of brilliance, while the Project Large Marge ’73 Mustang coupe was up in the air, to install a set of 31- and 37-inch Super Swamper mud tires! Just kidding, but it looks kind of cool, don’t you think?

The actual video here shows how to properly measure wheel clearance and backspacing to get the widest possible tires under the rear of a car without the annoyance of tire rubbing. Since Marge is destined for a life of abuse on the track and street, the goal is to completely avoid any hint of tire rub—after all, one of the most annoying problems on any car, second only to habitual overheating, is bad tire rub. At best it’s annoying, at worst it can create massive handling and safety problems. Most of us have even cut a tire with a fender lip that was just too close to the rubber.

So follow along as Jason and his dog Pinto show you how to measure for tire clearance. And as a side bonus, he shows how the Total Control Products rear suspension makes quick work of setting the pinion angle and centering the axle.