1973 Ford Mustang Project Large Marge Update
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
August 17, 2015
Photos By: Jason Lewis

So far in our series of videos on Project Large Marge, our 1973 Mustang coupe, we’ve covered the initial driving impressions of the old girl and said what our plans are for the car, then we bent up a rollbar, welded the differential, and added both front and rear suspension systems courtesy of Chris Alston’s Total Control Products. We were making great progress on the car, but then life and a new job got in the way.

So this week we give you an update on where we are currently and what’s to come. Once Jason gets back into the garage and starts spinning wrenches, you’ll witness the glory of adding brand new high-performance parts to the 9-inch rearend, and then salivate over the installation of Wilwood brakes front and rear. Yum, big brakes! There is much more to come with Project Large Marge, including how to properly measure for wheels size and backspacing, adding air conditioning, and updating the ’93 Cobra junkyard motor to suit our lust for horsepower. So stay tuned, and get ready for fun.