1973 Ford Mustang Large Marge Front Quarter
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
July 16, 2015
Photos By: Jason Lewis

When our pal Jason Lewis told us he had purchased a 1973 Mustang coupe, we knew based on prior experience that he wasn’t going to leave it alone. Jason’s history is in the big-time world of professional filmography and video editing, but he’s also a hardcore gearhead who knows his way around a wrench and a steering wheel. He began tearing into the Mustang and producing short videos on the progress, and it was natural that he and Mustang Monthly/Mustang-360 team up on the project and make sure all of our readers see what is happening to what we’re calling Project Large Marge. So check out this introduction to our new project car, and then check back every week or so as we bring you another installment in the quest to turn this big Mustang into a corner-carving street machine. As you’ll see, by the time we made the introduction video the car was already being worked on, with some of the parts already installed, but future videos will go into detail on those installations. The second video here shows Jason’s initial driving impressions of the car, and what the goals are for the car.

Before you ask, this is not going to be a high-dollar, pro-built project; Jason has a modest two-car garage and a decent set of tools (and the talent to make the most of them) and the Mustang will be built almost entirely in that little garage with blood, sweat, ambition, and passion. This is a video series that shows in-depth why we chose the parts we did, how to install them, and how they work in the real world. And it’s a little different than most Mustang tech projects, since the ’71-’73 models have been largely ignored—until now!

As we do more to the car, we’ll bring it to you in video form so keep checking back for more! And if you know what that “Pop Tart cat pooping a rainbow” sticker is on the fan shroud, let us know—we have no idea.