Large Marge Rollbar Seats
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
July 20, 2015
Photos By: Jason Lewis

Part Two in our series of videos on Project Large Marge (before we settled on that name, we were calling the car Mach 10) takes us out of Jason’s home garage and into a real shop to bend up a rollbar and install some sport seats. Yeah we know, we said we’re going to do as much as possible to this car at home, without professional help, but we don’t have a tubing bender in the garage and even if we did we can’t afford the expensive tubing that we know we’ll ruin in an attempt to bend our own bar.

We hauled ol’ Marge over to J.E.M. F/X Inc. in Valencia, California for this step in the project. J.E.M. F/X is a gearhead’s dream shop since they are masters at custom fabrication of street and race cars, but they also build stunt and camera vehicles for the entertainment industry, create theatrical effects, and also do some truly wicked pyrotechnics for concerts. Check out their website,, and you’ll see a photo of a stage pyro show they did for Pantera. Yes, Pantera! Basically, if it’s mechanical and goes fast or blows up, these are the guys to build it.

In this installment of the project, we show how J.E.M. F/X goes about building a rollbar main hoop, and we also modify the stock Mustang floorpan to install and lower some sport seats bought online for pennies. Check it out, and wait until the end for the hidden treasure we found inside the door.