Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
April 2, 2014
Before putting on the new wheels, it was apparent that PVT’s long layover in the body shop took a toll on its battery. To ensure she has plenty of juice for starting and all its extra audio and intercooler fans, Optima’s YellowTop D34/78 battery (PN 8014-045; $249.99) got the nod.
After its little altercation, it couldn’t hurt to add a little chassis rigidity to PVT with Steeda’s new Mustang Rear Chassis X-Brace (PN 555-5093; $279.95). This clever brace fits behind the rear seat, so you don’t have to give up on rear passengers. The first step to installing it is removing the rear trunk trim and unbolting the top shock bolts.
With the top shock bolts and rubber isolators removed, the X brace mounts to the chassis right over where the shock bolt protrudes through. If you can’t wiggle the brace in place, you might have to jack up one side of the car and let the shock droop a bit to gain the necessary clearance.
After slipping the lower brace mounts over the shocks, push the top of the X brace up to meet the trunk opening frame.
Hold the top of the brace up to the inner structure and mark the inner two holes for drilling. The outer hole is reserved for welding.
Maneuver the brace back out and drill the four mounting holes with a unibit.
After vacuuming all the stray metal shavings from the fresh mounting holes, the final step is bolting in the brace and reinstalling the shock bolts. When it comes to the upper mounting bolts, it helps to fold down the rear seats so you can sneak the bolts in on the back side.
With the brace bolted in and the factory trunk trim reinstalled, the Steeda X-brace looks right at home in PVT’s trunk. The polished logo plate at the center of the brace dresses up the area.
The final leg of PVT’s comeback trail was a trip down to Steeda for the company’s Stampede open house. We arrived the day before so they could give the suspension setup a once over. While a local dealer aligned PVT for the body shop, things weren’t quite as they should be. Fortunately Steve Chichisola and Matt Bouyea properly set up the Watt’s link, added a bit more rear ride height, and gave her a fresh alignment. Now PVT is good as new. 5.0