Marc Christ Brand Manager, Modified Mustangs & Fords
March 31, 2014
Photos By: Kristian Grimsland
9. We unpacked our Kaase 427, hoisted it into the air, and readied the engine bay. We also installed Energy Suspension engine mounts onto the block before it was lowered into place.
10. Since the intake is so large and bulky, and our engine bay was freshly painted, it took four of us to lower the engine into place.
11. We used cardboard to cushion and protect the firewall from the bulky intake runners.
12. Our BBK headers slid into place even after the engine was completely lowered into place. We’ll cover the full exhaust installation in another issue.
13. Shop genie Darrell Kunda installed our clutch using the supplied hardware.
14. Here’s our DYAD completely installed and torqued to spec.
15. Kunda then installed the QuickTime bellhousing and bolted it to the engine.
16. Then he lubricated the shift fork and installed the release (throw-out) bearing onto it. He then installed the fork and bearing onto the transmission.
17. He then slowly raised the Magnum into place. Also seen here is our Energy Suspension transmission mount.
18. Once in place and fully flush, Kunda bolted the transmission to the bellhousing.
19. provided this boot, which prevents heat and noise from entering through the shifter hole in the trans tunnel.
20. Here’s our engine in place. We have quite a bit more work to do, but it won’t be long before we’re hitting the street and track with Hypersilver.

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