Marc Christ Brand Manager, Modified Mustangs & Fords
March 4, 2014
Photos By: Kristian Grimsland

…for every time I saw red brake calipers on a Mustang, I'd be able to buy my own nickel-plated brakes from Wilwood.

Seriously, as cool as red brake calipers can look on a hot Stang, it's time for a new trend. Even when our brake calipers aren't red from the factory, we either powdercoat or rattle-can them lipstick red. Heck, you can now even buy brake caliper covers in red (along with other colors, too). Caliper covers. Covers. This has gotten ridiculous.

So when we were searching for an alternative to ho-hum red calipers for Hypersilver, we stumbled upon Wilwood's nickel-finish option. Yes, it's a plating like a five-cent piece, so it's silver, shiny, and durable. "It's our most durable finish," said Dustin Burr of Wilwood. Sure, it's a little bit more costly (a few hundred dollars per axle), but will resist heat and corrosion for extended periods of time. Plus, we won't be driving around with red calipers like everyone else.

We opted for Wilwood's 14-inch Superlite Big Brake kit for the front, which is considered Pro Street, and features six-piston calipers. It is a direct bolt-in kit for '94-'04 Mustangs, and will also work on Foxes with upgraded five-lug spindles. We installed this same kit on our Coyote coupe project just a few months ago, so we won't drown you in the details this time around. Check out "Brake It Down" in the July and Aug. '13 issues.

In the rear, we went with Wilwood's 14-inch, four-piston Superlite brakes. This kit comes complete with all required hardware and parking brake assemblies. Ours is made specifically for Ford 9-inch rearends and bolts in without any drama.

For hard lines, we contracted Classic Tube. We made mock-ups and shipped them to Classic Tube. It then made exact copies using stainless steel tubing. Once back in our hands, we installed them. They fit like a glove and were simple to install. And even if you're just replacing your lines with stock versions, Classic Tube has you covered there as well—in either steel or stainless steel.

1 We went with Wilwood’s six-piston Superlite Big Brake kit (PN 140-9117; $1,814.39) in the front. This 14-inch kit is the perfect street-performance/track option for Hypersilver. We went with non-traditional nickel-plated calipers.
2 We chose the matching 14-inch, four-piston Big Brake kit (PN 140-10012) for the rear. It’s specially designed to fit Ford 9-inch rearends. Base price for this kit is $1,814.39 with black calipers.
3 To fit our silver theme, we splurged for the nickel-plating option for our calipers. This is Wilwood’s most durable finish, and will give Hypersilver a unique look. This upgrade is a few hundred dollars per axle, depending on which calipers you buy.
4 We had our Moser M9 housing ($1,335) painted to match the body, and installed it last month using Steeda control arms and QA1 coilovers. Tech Center Manager Darrell Kunda began by applying a bead of silicone to the housing where the center section was to be bolted.
5 Our Moser center section ($2,110) features a nodular iron case, Wavetrac differential, an aluminum pinion housing, and 3.75 gears. This gear ratio will be a great all-around ratio for street and track.
6 Kunda tightened the center section using the supplied hardware.
7 He then installed the axle seals into the housing.
8 The Wilwood brakes include the parking brake assembly, which goes on before the axles are installed. We went with 35-spline Moser axles, which are more than we need, but we’ll never have to worry about them.
9 The brake rotors need to be assembled by bolting the rotor to the rotor hat using the supplied hardware. We installed them using red thread locker, but you can also use safety wire.
10 The caliper bracket then bolts to the back of the parking brake backing plate.
11 The rotors then install onto the axles.
12 Then the calipers bolt to the bracket.
13 Wilwood supplies all necessary fittings to tie into your stock brake system.
14 Kunda then moved to the front by installing the caliper bracket to the spindle.
15 He then installed the rotors and calipers.
16 We opted for Wilwood’s manual master cylinder and new combination proportioning valve ($362.64 for everything). This valve comes with the mounting bracket, brake light switch, and stainless tubing to attach it to the master cylinder. It fits perfectly and is a cinch to install.
17 Aerospace Components makes this billet aluminum adapter bracket to fit the Wilwood master to your Mustang’s firewall.
18 Classic Tube made us a set of custom stainless steel brake lines. We made mockups using wire coat hangers and shipped them to Classic Tube. They copied them and shipped them to us within a week.
19 These lines come pre-flared with fittings and fit perfectly.
20 After routing the lines, Kunda clamped them in place to prevent the lines from rattling or rubbing the chassis. We used stainless steel self-tapping screws to attach them.
21 In the rear, we made brackets where the hard brake lines attach to the braided stainless hose.
22 We then tightened all of the fittings.
23 Here’s the rear complete.
24 Here’s the left front complete.
25 Then we added Wilwood’s high-temp brake fluid and bled the brakes.