Marc Christ Brand Manager, Modified Mustangs & Fords
November 12, 2013
11. Here, the major bodywork is finished. It’s on the rotisserie, ready to be fitted with the body panels. After this photo was taken, we lowered the car onto jack stands so we could install the body panels.
12. Santiago fitted the Cervini’s ’93 Cobra-style rear bumper cover. Some light sanding had to be done so that the body lines fit perfectly.
13. Santiago and Martin Lucenilla installed and aligned the doors.
14. Then Santiago installed the new ’91-’93 fenders (PN F1ZZ-16005-2A, left, $59.95 and PN F1ZZ16006-2A, right, $59.95), which were supplied by National Parts Depot.
15. He then installed the one-piece Stalker nose from Cervini’s (PN 3334; $624.99)
16. Followed by the ’93 Cobra side skirts. These require ’91-’93 fenders, which have larger wheel openings.
17. He then fit the hatch and SLN spoiler. The ’93 LX hatch shown isn’t going to work, so we’ve ordered a used GT hatch from MPS Auto Salvage.
18. Minus paint (and everything else that bolts to the chassis), this is what Hypersilver is going to look like. We just threw on some headlights that were laying around to help with the look.
19. It’s amazing how a few body panels and headlights help a car come to life.
20. Wanda, an AkzoNobel brand, is supplying all of the primer and paint. We’ll bring you the rest of the paint and body in a future issue.
21. Former associate editor Pete Epple came back for a cameo appearance to help us fit our interior quarter-trim panels before they were sent off for upholstery.
22. Yeah, we know. We were supposed to dyno our engine this month. As you can see in this photo, we’re really close. Problem is, we didn’t quite make it onto the dyno, so we didn’t want to bring you the conclusion of the build without a dyno test. That will be next month.

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