Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
October 28, 2013

Oh Project Hypersilver, you have cost excessive amounts of blood, sweat, and tears from our friends and coworkers who have dedicated their elbow grease as well as long late-night and weekend hours to make sure you are ready to wow the crowd during your big debut at the SEMA show this year.

We have to say that at this point, it has been well worth it. Personal life outside of Project Hypersilver has somewhat halted over the past month while Technical Editor Marc Christ and the team have explored every option and possibility to fit inside one small 1988 Fox-body hatch Mustang for the big SEMA show.

Many trips have been made to our chassis shop Demon Motorsports in Crystal River, Florida and to Spike’s Performance in Ocala where the coats of silver were laid on Project Hypersilver to make sure things were going as smooth as they possibly could. Racing against time, the Mustang slowly started coming together piece by little piece.

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Project Hypersilver left our shop late last week to get some audio work done at Soundwaves of Tampa for some more aftermarket lovin’. With time running low and stress levels high, the Mustang finally made it back to our shop late Friday night where the team worked diligently over the weekend to get everything together before the truck shows up to haul it off to SEMA. With the SEMA show looming over our heads and some little things still needed, will it be done in time?

While we can’t show you just how far it has come since its salvage days, we can tell you that you will be pleasantly surprised when the covers come off on November 5th at 11:30 inside of our Source Interlink Media booth at the show. Come hell or high water, it will be at SEMA to knock your socks off and we here at Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, cannot wait!

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