KJ Jones
January 1, 2013
Photos By: KJ Jones

On The Dragstrip

Everyone enjoys the bragging rights that come with having a modified Mustang that can be driven around anywhere and still get busy when wheeled onto a dragstrip. As we stated earlier, we'd like to have those same privileges with Cheaper Sleeper. And with that said, we also need to clarify the fact that our intent isn't to strive for super-low e.t.'s or warp speed.

A good 12-second daily driver is plenty cool. That's where we hope to get with this project Mustang, and we'll be campaigning Sleeper in the NMCA West's Granatelli Motorsports Mustang Madness class for the 2012 season in pursuit of that e.t. range.

For initial baseline data, we took the car to the sanction's inaugural event (held June 2012 at Auto Club Raceway in Famoso [Bakersfield], California). Competing in the race gave us a great chance to make several runs, and learn more about our lab rat's performance--or lack thereof--in bone-stock, high-mileage trim.

From a racing standpoint, your tech editor did not fare well in the season opener (lost in a first-round double-breakout race against Cal Gordon). However, the project car withstood an entire weekend of wide-open flogging, and was able and ready for KJ's commute to El Segundo the following Monday.

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Here is the data from Project Cheaper Sleeper's quickest-and-fastest run of the NMCA West weekend (#7000). The high-15-second, quarter-mile e.t. is about par for the course with a stock-5.0/AOD combination, and we're pleased with the 90-mph speed. We're also confident the e.t. numbers will drop considerably as we go forward, and the addition of horsepower will bring more mph. But keep in mind we're also paying close attention to the Pony's eighth-mile stats. Some of our future drag tests may be conducted on the 660-foot dragstrip at Irwindale Speedway, and the 'Stang's performances in that distance will be used as a benchmarks on those occasions.