Arvid Svensen
February 15, 2005

As evidenced by the buildup of Fastforward Fastback, purchasing itemsthrough eBay Motors can save hours of time. The huge selection ofvehicles being auctioned on eBay Motors gives both buyer and seller fargreater exposure than ever available in the past. Below are suggestionsbased on positive transactions we've experienced dealing specificallywith automotive parts.

Use the search window creatively to find your item.

* When you go to, go to the search window and type in yourdesired vehicle or part.

* Try different ways of identifying the same part through a fewdifferent searches. For example, type in "1967 Mustang seatbelts," "67Mustang belts," and "1967 Ford belts."

* Browse for items by typing in "1967 Mustang," "67 Mustang," or "1967Mustang NOS." There are often hundreds of items available for your carlisted on eBay Motors at any one time.

* If you are not ready to bid on an item immediately, simply click"Watch This Item," and eBay Motors will automatically send the item toyour "My eBay" page, allowing you to watch up to 30 items at a time.

Check out the seller via the personal feedback responses.

* Does the seller have any negative feedback? Typically, give the sellerthe benefit of the doubt in having one dissatisfied customer, but anymore negatives, the risk greatly increases.

* What is the quality of his other items? Most eBay Motors sellers seemto be consistent in the quality of items they list for auction.

* Do not be bashful about e-mailing the seller any question. Remember,the seller is looking for customers! Most sellers are enthusiastic togive helpful responses.

Make sure the payment method is workable for you.

* Read the payment instructions carefully before bidding, ensuring youare able to comply to the seller's requirements for purchase.

* Consider using PayPal, a safe and secure way to pay for onlinepurchases with your credit card.

Factor in shipping when buying an item.

* Most eBay sellers charge the buyer the amount it costs them to ship anitem. Often, the seller will request your address in order to calculateexact shipping charges. Since it may be more advantageous to pick up anitem purchased (especially heavy items), e-mail the seller and see if heor she will allow it. (This author sold a set of '68 GT Mustang wheelson eBay Motors to a guy who personally picked up the items to saveshipping charges.)

* When purchasing a vehicle on eBay Motors that's in a locationdifferent from yours, e-mail the seller and inquire about his knowledgeof shipping cars to your location. Many sellers are prepared with thatspecific information.

Carefully research your item, doing comparison shopping to see if theprice is out of line.

* eBay Motors is the ultimate source for comparison shopping. Often, thesame part will be listed from two different sources, and major bargainscan be found depending on how you hit supply and demand of the item.

* If the picture of the item is of poor quality, e-mail the seller andrequest additional photos.

* When bidding on N.O.S. parts, know the approximate value of the part.Look for clues of authenticity in the photos. Original boxes aredesirable to better authenticate the item.

Read through the descriptions.

* Do not skim the description box. Though most descriptions areadequate, e-mail the seller if you have any questions about the itembefore bidding.

Utilize the parts notification service available on eBay.

* One of the greatest features eBay Motors offers is the free service ofsending an e-mail when a specific part is listed. After registering oneBay as directed on the home page (it's free), go to the My eBay pageand click "Search" on the top navigation bar. Fill in your item in thesearch window. When the results appear, click on "Save This Search" onthe bottom of the results page. The next page you come to will have an"e-mail Me" button on the right side of the results. Clicking thatbutton will result in your getting an e-mail when that specific item islisted.


Edges of the metal where the cowl meets the firewall are trimmed back,and made perfectly straight.
All areas where the firewall mates to the front clip have been groundclean. The body now awaits the new donor front clip.
Here lies the donor front clip from another '67 Mustang. Minor weldingon the area where the torque boxes meet the top of the framerails wasnecessary. The welded area is then ground smooth for proper mating tothe firewall.
Troy measures all mating surfaces to ensure the clip will meet thefirewall squarely.
The Rad Rides crew begins to lift the clip into place. Note the steelthat has been bolted onto the bumper bracket holes that will be weldedto the rotisserie, once the front clip is in place.
Edges are slightly "tapped" to give the flattest surface for welding.
At this point in the surgery, the framerails have been welded to thefloor. The upper transmission support brace is also welded to the floor.Note that Troy has the transmission mount in position here to make surethe framerails are where they need to be.
To continue the theme of a smooth engine compartment, all holes areground and welded. The battery box has been cut out for some new metal.
The old metal for the battery tray is cut out and replaced.
Just two days later, the shell is back from the Rad Rides paint booth,looking clean in black primer. At this point, mockup begins. The carwill receive suspension, engine installation, and body fitment while inthis position. Looking like it was snatched from the assembly line, theeBay Motors Fastforward Fastback is ready for some serioushigh-performance hardware! For further buildup stories, follow along atwww.