Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 1, 2013

There hasn't been too much in the way of Mustang themed steering wheels from the aftermarket for our vintage Mustangs. Sure, you can install a repro wheel, horn button, and all that if you need something correct looking for your Mustang. However, if you have a nice driver or a modified car and you're searching for something that appears period looking and fits the Mustang theme with a little more feel to the grip coupled with nice looks and build quality to spare, your options have been limited. While you can get any number of high-tech billet street rod-type steering wheels, and they're nice, they often look out of place in a vintage Mustang interior. What if you have a relatively stock interior and want a nice steering wheel that "fits in"?

Well, now you can thank the folks at new-comer GT Performance Products for their line of Retro steering wheels. It is the Retro line where you will find a very nice Mustang themed steering wheel. The GT Retro Mustang wheel is available in a black foam grip (PN 36-5451, $151.98) or a beautiful solid wood grip with urethane clearcoat (PN 35-5457, $245.98). These wheels both feature a stainless steel brushed center with four-hole spoke design and faux horn buttons on the ends of the spokes (similar in appearance to the Mustang's actual deluxe wood grain wheel). The wheels are 15-inches in diameter with a 4-inch dish, just like the stock Mustang wheel, for a perfect fit.

GT Performance Products offers several horn button designs, from the period looking cap with a Mustang running horse logo we used (PN 11-1525, $38.98), to a more trick cap with engraved Ford oval, and more. Its line of center cap/horn button combos are all made from billet aluminum and are highly polished for a great look. The horn button and required polished billet aluminum mounting hub (available for '64½-'80 Mustangs) are both sold separately and will actually work with most other common three-bolt design wheels. So if you're on a tight budget and your current aftermarket wheel's mounting or horn button setup isn't up to your standards, you can just upgrade to the billet hardware GT Performance Products offers as an option too.

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11. The finished installation makes a world of difference in this ‘65’s interior. The GT Performance Products wheel is a bit more of a hit on the wallet than some Mustang steering wheels, but with the beautiful wood grip, solid construction, and billet hardware, the Retro wheel is certainly worth the price to improve the looks and feel of your interior, not to mention your driving experience.