Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 30, 2012

C&L Performance Air Intake System

PN 10699-11-P
HP/TQ Gain: 12-16/11-15
Tuning Required: Yes, or purchase optional “no-tune” insert kit

The folks at C&L take their airflow improvements seriously and their kit shows in the details. Starting with the induction tube, C&L uses an injection molding process for a consistent inside diameter throughout the tube's length. Secondly, a larger CNC machined mass air sensor housing ensures the system makes the most power possible (C&L does offer a no-tune required insert for the mass air meter housing). The plastic filter shield seals to the hood while the filter media is a high-flow material that requires normal cleaning/oiling intervals. The C&L kit comes out of the box with hose couplers and clamps already in place for an easy installation and if we had to take an issue with anything it would be the well-detailed written instructions would have been even better if they had some supporting photos to help the installer.

Injen Technologies Tuned Short Ram Intake System

PN PF9023P
HP/TQ Gain: 10/11
Tuning Required: None

The Injen kit is the only one in our roundup that has the filter exposed to under hood air. All of the other kits we installed either used a shield that sealed to the hood or a completely enclosed air box. The Injen intake kit does come with a shield, but it does not seal to the hood. The shield can be positioned to your liking, as the shield brackets are secured by the filter hose clamp, allowing the shield to rotate around the filter. Speaking of the filter, it is a high-flow unit using blue synthetic fiber and does not use/require oil of any kind. The Injen induction tube is made of aluminum and is highly polished (a black wrinkle finish is also available) and is the only one reviewed that uses a factory mounting point on the electric fan shroud to support the tube, making for a very solid installation. The tube's integral mass air sensor mount is designed to allow the intake kit to work with the stock computer tune.

JLT Performance Cold-Air Intake

HP/TQ Gain: 25-30/30-35
Tuning Required: Yes

The first thing we noticed when we pulled the JLT hardware out of the box was the positively huge inlet. The induction tube is 107mm at the mass air sensor opening (integral to the tube) and follows the OE induction tube's curvature to the throttle body where it is attached with a nice JLT branded silicone coupler and stainless clamps. The filter shield is made from ABS plastic to help insulate under hood heat and it seals to the hood while using the stock cold air snorkel fed from the grille. While many of the cold air kits in our guide use private labeled filters, JLT went right to the source and uses high-flow cotton gauze S&B air filters in their kits. The S&B filter does require oiling when being cleaned. The induction tube comes out of the box ready to reuse your emissions and sound tubes for a clean installation. Lastly, while we installed the standard black plastic roto-molded induction tube version here, JLT is the only kit in our round up that offers their induction tubes painted in factory Mustang colors for a cool matching look ($50 up charge). JLT even offers their induction tube in real carbon fiber too ($429) and as a package deal with a SCT tuner included.

Like some kits, the JLT induction kit offers the owner a choice of using the factory sound tube or not. However, JLT goes the extra step and provides not only a cap for their induction tube, but a plastic plug for the firewall so you can completely remove the sound tube from the engine bay for a clean look.