July 17, 2012

Shifter Bushing

The OEM rubber shifter bushings in '11-'12 Mustang manual shifters are soft and can wear out quickly. That's why Energy Suspension offers a firmer polyurethane upgrade that offers more consistent shifting and will outlast its rubber counterpart.

Caster/Camber Plates

Shelby Performance Parts' high-performance caster/camber plates (part number SMA-1818-A) allow for the adjustment of caster/camber for optimum handling characteristics. Additionally, they are useful in applications where the car has been lowered by allowing the correction of excessive negative camber. The bolt-on plates provide a 1.6-degree continuous range of camber adjustment without affecting caster, while 0.7-degree continuous caster adjustment provides correction for OEM production tolerances. With the Shelby caster/camber plate, both caster and camber are adjustable at the top of the strut tower. Plates are also available for '05-'10 Mustangs and '07-'10 Shelby G.T. 500s.

C-Series Hood

Made from premium hand-laid fiberglass, Cervini's C-Series hood adds a muscular appearance to '10-'12 Mustangs. With a 2-inch hood rise, it's also functional to allow the installation of most aftermarket superchargers. The hood comes with a fully finished underside liner with windshield washer nozzles relocated and hidden under the hood. Priced at $495, the C-Series hood is shipped unpainted in white gel coat. Painting services are also offered by Cervini's.

Shaker Scoop

You can add to the '11-'12 Mustang GT's heritage looks with a Shaker Hood System from Ford Racing. In fact, Ford engineers specifically designed the stock hood with reinforcement in the stamping for the Shaker scoop. It attaches to the intake manifold through the factory engine cover to provide an appearance – and “shaking” scoop – like the original Shaker from the '69-'70 Mustang. Like the original, it is functional, delivering cold outside air to the OEM air box. The M-16612-SHKB kit includes all mounting hardware, ductwork, template for cutting the hood, and detailed instructions. The factory strut tower brace can remain in place.

Centered Fog Lights

To get that '67 Shelby look for '10-'12 Mustang GTs, California Muscle Parts (a division of California Mustang) offers a centered fog lamp kit that moves the factory grille lights from the outboard position to the center. The grille shells look and feel like the original except for the change in fog light position. The California Muscle Parts kit includes the new grille shell, wiring harness extension, and mounting hardware.

Mongoose Shifter

For a 20 percent shorter throw between shifts, Latemodel Restoration Supply offers the SVE Mongoose Short-Throw shifter for '11-'13 GT and V6 Mustangs equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission. Made from high-grade 7075-T6 aluminum, the Mongoose shifter is a direct replacement for the factory shifter.

Muscle Sound

Responding to the demand of '11-'12 Mustang GT owners for a more performance exhaust sound, MRT has developed a new Interceptor axle-back exhaust system that optimizes exhaust flow while producing a deep, throaty, musclecar tone. Made from 304 stainless steel and CNC mandrel-bent tubing, the system features a new muffler design for improved sound quality without annoying resonance. The Interceptor systems come with 4-inch stainless steel tips.

V-6 Supercharger

If 305 horsepower from the stock '11-'12 V-6 isn't enough, ProCharger offers an Intercooled Supercharger System and Tuner Kit that adds up to 170 more horsepower to an otherwise stock 3.7L engine. The kit utilizes the self-contained P-1SC-1 supercharger with 8 psi of boost, an effective air-to-air intercooler, and dedicated 6-rib supercharger drive to produce some of the largest power gains in the industry.

More Flow

Ford Racing has partnered with K&N to develop a high-flow air filter for '10-'12 Mustang GTs and '11-'12 V6 Mustangs. Flowing up to 22 percent more air than the stock filter, the K&N version (Ford Racing part number M-9601-MGT) is also washable, allowing it to be cleaned and reused.

Airbag Wheel

Grant Products now offers good-looking, custom airbag steering wheels with sport grips for '11-'12 Mustangs (also fits '05-'10 models). Available with red, gray, or black appointments, the Grant Airbag Solutions steering wheels feel good in your hands and provide extraordinary control for performance driving. Grant offers a buy-back core program for purchasers.