July 6, 2011

Even though the most recent ’05-’11 Mustangs rank among the best Mustangs ever, we Mustang owners can’t leave well enough alone. And thanks to the Mustang and performance aftermarket, we’ve got plenty of new products to improve and enhance the latest S197 Mustangs, including the new ’11 model with its 305hp V-6 and 412hp Coyote 5.0L for the GT. Here’s a look at some of the best new products to hit the market.

MaxFlow H-Pipe

MRT’s MaxFlow H-Pipe exhaust for ’05-’10 Mustang GTs and ’07-’10 Shelby GT500s produces a deep, mellow exhaust note while improving the flow of exhaust gases by maximizing the mid-pipe system. Independent testing has shown that the MRT MaxFlow H-Pipe produces equal or superior horsepower numbers in comparably equipped vehicles under similar conditions. Manufactured in Michigan and made from the finest 304-grade stainless steel, the MRT MaxFlow H-Pipe clamps directly in place of the factory mid-pipe exhaust. MRT also offers the MaxFlow H-Pipe without catalytic converters for off-road use.

Paxton for ’11

Paxton Automotive has introduced a new high-output supercharger system for the ’11 Mustang 5.0-liter GT. With the NOVI-2200SL gear-driven centrifugal supercharger, flywheel power increase is from 412 to 615 hp with a torque gain from 390 to 475 lb-ft at 8 psi boost. The 2200SL features an internal oil reservoir (self-lubricated) that does not require an oil line between the oil pan and gear case. Components include an integrated air-to-air charge cooler and a 98mm mass-air-flow housing. Fuel management upgrade includes an SCT hand-held programmer, fuel rail spacers, and high-flow fuel injectors. Complete bolt-on systems include all necessary belts, pulleys, mounting brackets, and fasteners.

V-6 AirRaid

AirRaid’s MXP Series intake system for the ’11 3.7L V-6 is a complete one-piece cold-air box featuring a blade-style weatherstrip that keeps the engine heat away from the filter. Available either oiled or non-oiled, the high-flow premium filter consists of a urethane body that won’t crack or shrink. The kit also comes with a roto-molded intake tube designed to maximize airflow and all the necessary hardware for installation.

’11 Short-Throw

Barton Industries’ new shifter for the ’11 Mustang 5.0 and V-6 features a dual-pivot trunnion that reduces the shifter throw by 40 percent. Machined from 6061 T6 billet aluminum and 304 stainless steel, the Barton shifter utilizes minimal NVH for quiet operation. It also maintains the factory reverse lock-out and backup camera as well as accepting the factory knob and knob height. A new shifter bracket offers ultra-low deflection with its machined and anodized 6061 T6 billet aluminum body and polyurethane bushing.

Shaker for ’11

Classic Design Concepts now offers its Shaker Hood System for the ’11-’12 Mustang GT. Featuring CDC’s heritage-cast aluminum hoodscoop, the Shaker utilizes factory attachment points and retains the factory strut tower brace. The installation requires no paintwork and utilizes the design of the original aluminum hood for a straightforward process. A factory-stamped recess in the hood’s inner layer was included by Ford specifically for the CDC Shaker to maintain the structural integrity of the hood after a hole is cut.

Centered Fog Lamps

For the ’67 Shelby look, California Muscle Parts has introduced a centered fog lamp kit for ’10-’11 Mustang GTs. The grille shell looks and feels like the original except it moves the fog lamps to the center for a unique appearance. The kit includes a new grille shell, wiring harness extension kit, and mounting hardware. California Muscle Parts is a division of California Mustang.

Steeda Boss Induction

For the ’11 5.0L Mustang, Steeda Autosports has created an Ultimate Induction Pak that utilizes the ’12 Boss 302’s composite intake along with Steeda’s Pro Flow Cold Air Intake. Rather than marketing a piecemeal solution, Steeda has worked out a performance package that provides a thoroughly engineered solution for both naturally-aspirated and nitrous applications. The Steeda Boss 302 Ultimate Induction Pak has been extensively tested to deliver optimal performance for track, street, and dragstrip.

Kooks Complete Exhaust

New from Kooks Custom Headers is a complete exhaust system, including headers, for the ’11 Mustang GT’s 5.0L engine. To make the most horsepower and torque, the Kook’s headers were designed to utilize the sequential firing order of the Coyote four-valve cylinder heads. Increases of over 45 horsepower and 40 ft-lb of torque have been achieved. To complete the system, Kooks offers a 3-inch crossover or H-pipe, with or without (off-road only) high-flow catalytic converters, and a 3-inch cat-back exhaust with polished oval mufflers and 4-inch polished tips. The exhaust is constructed from 304 aircraft-grade stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Magnacharger 5.0

Magnuson has released a 50-state supercharger system for the ’11 Mustang GT. Like Ford, Magnuson started with a clean sheet when designing its Magnacharger for the new 5.0-liter engine. The centerpiece is the Magnuson MP1900 or MP2300 (buyer’s choice) TVS supercharger, a four-lobe, roots-type supercharger that is highly efficient and very quiet. Initial testing at 7 psi of boost has shown a 120 rear-wheel horsepower increase over stock. The supercharger mounts on the engine with an equal-length-runner intake manifold that houses an integral air-to-water charge cooler. Magnuson duplicates the factory manifold connections, supplying new high-volume fuel injectors with factory push-lock connectors, fittings, and all other components needed for an OEM installation. The Magnacharger includes a pre-programmed, hand-held tuner that re-flashes the factory ECU with a revised engine calibration.

Shelby Control Arms

CNC machined from solid 1.25- x 2.5-inch billet 6061 T6 aluminum, Shelby Performance Parts’ Rear Lower Control Arms were designed for street and track usage to reduce bushing and control arm deflection, which is a major contributor to erratic handling and inconsistent rear end stability in Shelby Mustangs. The high-performance arms also feature the Shelby logo.

’11 Nitrous

ZEX has introduced the first plug-and-play nitrous system specifically designed for the ’11 Mustang GT. Capable of up to 175 additional horsepower, the ZEX nitrous system is specifically tailored to the new 5.0L V-8 engine. Engineers at ZEX not only tuned the kit to add 75-175 horsepower, but also made the installation easy and ensured engine safety at the same time. The Active Fuel Control adjusts fuel delivery with changes in nitrous bottle pressure, so the engine never runs too rich or too lean while spraying. Additionally, the system also offers an electronic TPS switch for reliable system activation at wide-open throttle, which is perfect for the Mustang’s throttle-by-wire system.


Borla’s line-up for the ’11 Mustang GT now includes cat-back and axle-back versions of the company’s new ATAK (Acoustically-tuned Applied Kinetics) mufflers. Featuring the highest available decibel levels, ATAK technology is based on specifically-tuned attributes of the internal muffler cores, which are calibrated on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis to deliver the most desirable sound. The ATAK mufflers incorporate Borla’s patented high-velocity Multicore design. All Borla exhaust systems for the ’11 Mustang GT feature high-quality stainless steel, mandrel-bent tubing, polished 4½-inch diameter angle-cut dual tips with rolled edges, and a million-mile warranty.

Adjustable Headrests

MRT has announced an adjustable/tilting headrest for ’10-’11 Mustangs. Adjustable to four different positions, the headrests enable drivers to achieve their most comfortable driving position. Manufactured in America, the headrests deliver factory quality fit and finish by matching the grain of the Mustang’s leather interior. They are available in a variety of textures and colors.

Interceptor Axle-Back

MRT has announced the introduction of a new line of performance axle-back exhausts for ’05-’11 Mustangs. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in MRT’s facility in Plymouth, Michigan, the Interceptor Series exhaust delivers a deep, musclecar sound while optimizing exhaust flow for maximum performance. Made from 304 stainless steel construction and CNC mandrel-bent tubing, all Interceptor Series systems feature a new muffler designed to give off less annoying resonance and better sound quality. The axle-back system comes with 31/2-inch polished stainless steel tips.

’11 V-6 Supercharger

ProCharger now offers an Intercooled Supercharger System and Intercooled Tuner Kit for the ’11 V-6 Mustang. Utilizing the self-contained ProCharger P-1SC-1 supercharger with 8 psi of boost, an effective air-to-air intercooler, and dedicated 6-rib supercharger drive, the ProCharger system can add 170 or more horsepower to an otherwise stock ’11 3.7L V-6, which comes from the factory with 305 hp. Thanks to the dedicated supercharger drive system, highly efficient supercharger compressor design, and effective air-to-air intercooler, ProCharger produces some of the largest power gains in the industry.

Cold-air for ’10

BBK’s cold-air intake for the ’10 Mustang GT features a short, chromed inlet tube that connects to the stock hard-rubber inlet tube to allow use of the 4.6L’s stock sound resonator. It also features a 9- by 5½-inch cone open filter housed in a black powdercoated filter shield that seals out hot engine air with a sponge seal against the underside of the hood. Dyno testing has shown horsepower increases of 5-9 hp and up to 9 ft-lb of torque.

Trunk Mat

Add a great aftermarket look to the underside of ’05-’11 Mustang trunk lids with a trunk lid mat from Grand Design Mat. It’s the perfect complement to a Mustang’s trunk, especially for car shows. Licensed by Ford and Shelby, the mats are available with GT, Shelby, and custom logo designs.

’11 V-6 Spacer

The ’11 Mustang’s new 3.7-liter V-6 makes 305 horsepower from the factory, but AirRaid has figured out how to squeeze out a few more ponies with their new PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer, which provides better throttle response and increased low-end torque. Made from high-quality CNC-machined billet aluminum, the spacer features AirRaid’s patented Helix-Bore design that creates a spinning of the incoming air charge as it passes through the throttle body spacer. This contributes to improved intake velocity and better atomization of the air-fuel mixture. The PowerAid is easy to install and comes with all mounting hardware.

GT500 Exhaust

Corsa Performance Exhausts has expanded its Mustang lineup to include a new axle-back exhaust system for the ’11 Shelby GT500. Manufactured in the U.S. from premium stainless steel, the exhaust features double-wall, 4-inch Pro-Series tips etched with the Corsa logo. Engineered using Corsa’s patented Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology, the exhaust system is designed specifically to provide a bold exterior sound without unwanted interior drone. The Shelby GT500 system has a straight-through, nonrestrictive design that delivers an increase of 14 rear-wheel horsepower and 16 lb-ft of torque. Complete installation hardware and instructions are included.

Hood Struts

Classic Design Concepts has released a new hood strut kit for the ’10-’11 Mustang. Manufactured to meet CDC’s precise specifications for fit and finish, the struts eliminate the need for the factory hood prop rod, making it easier to service or modify the engine while enhancing the visual appeal of the vehicle. Available in black or silver, the hood struts are manufactured from powdercoated, high-grade steel and are designed to O.E. specifications with the correct valving to open and close the production hood with ease.

Shelby Covers

The High Performance 4.6-liter Valve Covers from Shelby Performance Parts are finished in a flat-black wrinkle finish with the “Shelby” logo laser-etched into the surface. They fit all ’05 and later 4.6-liter engines.

Boss Intake

Owners of ’11 Mustang GTs can take advantage of Boss power with the 5.0-liter Boss 302 intake available from Ford Racing Performance Parts. Original equipment on Boss 302, 302S, and 302R Mustangs, the intake is made from lightweight composite material and features short runners for optimum flow at high rpms. Calibration is required.

Stout Flexplates

TCI engineers have developed two new high-performance machined flexplates for Ford modular engine owners who want to crank more horsepower and torque into their late-model 4.6L or 5.4L engines. Even in stock applications, the factory flexplate can be problematic with issues of cracking and breaking. Engineered to prevent ring gear breakage, the blanchard-ground A514 steel plate is .140-inch thick, which is .045-inch thicker than the original factory piece. Tested and SFI 29.1 approved for strength and durability, the flex plates are dynamically balanced with factory-size bolt holes and electro-coated for protection. Available for both 6- and 8-bolt crankshafts, they also feature a heavier-duty ring gear for even more strength.

Degree Kit

The 5.0L Coyote Camshaft Degree Kit from Powerhouse includes everything needed to degree Coyote camshafts in one convenient package. Degreeing positions the camshaft for the best performance, so you get the most possible horsepower and torque for your application. The Powerhouse degree kit contains everything required to degree a 5.0L camshaft while the cylinder heads remain on the engine. It comes with a degree wheel, wire degree wheel pointer, cam checking fixture with metric adapter, 1-inch travel dial indicator, 5-inch dial indicator extension, crankshaft socket, TDC piston stop, and instructions.

Boss Splitter

Ford Racing now offers the front splitter that comes with the ’12 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca. Made from durable ABS material, the splitter fits ’10-’12 Mustang GTs with the GT/CS or Boss lower fascia to increase front downforce for road racing and open track applications. Available as part number M-16601-MB, the kit includes the splitter, bracket, and installation hardware.

Gauge Pod

Shelby Performance Parts’ new A-pillar Gauge Pod provides drivers with the information they need to keep driving hard on the track. Standard equipment on the ’10-’11 Shelby GT500 Super Snake and ’11 GT350, the pod comes with Carroll Shelby Signature oil pressure, fuel pressure, and boost gauges. An oil gauge adaptor is required; it can also be found at Shelby Performance Parts.

GT500 Pulley Kit

UPR’s 2.60-inch Pulley Kit for the ’07-’10 Shelby GT500 adds 4-5 pounds of boost over the factory 3-inch pulley. The kit includes a billet steel hub and a black anodized, billet aluminum interchangeable pulley. UPR recommends the use of an auxiliary idler when going to a smaller supercharger belt to take up the slack and prevent slippage. Also, whenever changing to a smaller pulley, UPR recommends retuning the engine for the new boost level.

Max Tire

The Proxes 1 is Toyo Tires’ new flagship, maximum performance tire designed for the world’s finest high-performance cars, including Mustang GTs and Shelbys. Available in 18- and 19-inch rim diameters with widths ranging from 235 to 305 mm, the Proxes 1 tires were designed with Toyo’s new TruForm technology to deliver better uniformity and improved handling. The Silent Wall in the tread decreases noise while computer simulation applied in development optimizes Proxes 1 for varying road surfaces. Additional benefits include improved directional stability in straight-away driving and resistance to hydroplaning.

Airbag Wheel

Grant Products now offers good-looking, custom airbag steering wheels with sport grips for ’05-’11 Mustangs. Available in red, gray, or black appointments, the Grant Airbag Solutions steering wheels feel good in your hands and provide extraordinary control for performance driving. Grant offers a buy-back core program for purchasers.

Dead Pedal

Classic Design Concepts has released a new stainless steel Dead Pedal for the ’10 Mustang. Built to precise O.E. specifications for excellent fit and finish, the CDC pedal is made from heavy gauge, brushed stainless steel for both styling and comfort. It provides a positive placement for the driver’s left foot when not using the clutch during long drives and is especially useful for performance driving. It also compliments the factory pedals and protects the carpeted areas beneath.

Handling Pack

Owners of ’11 Mustang GTs can put a little “road race” into their street cars with Ford Racing’s Handling Pack. Available for both coupes (M-FR3-MGTA) and convertibles (M-FR3-MCGTA), the kit includes performance dampers, lowering springs (for a 1-inch drop), sway bars, strut tower brace, front strut mount upgrade, and jounce bumpers. Adjustable dampers and springs for a 1½-inch drop are available separately.

Super Snake Knob

The Shelby Super Snake Stripe Shift Knob from Shelby Performance Parts fits GT500 six-speed shifters. Made from white resin, the knob features the black stripe pattern from the Shelby GT500 Super Snake and has “Shelby” written on each side in black.

Stealth Dress-Up

UPR Products now offers a new look for ’05-’09 Mustang interiors with their Billet Stealth Interior Dress-Up Kit. The six-piece kit includes a billet shifter bezel, seat recliner handles, seat buttons, and cup holder bezel. All components go through a two-step process of mirror polished finish followed by black anodizing for the ultimate show quality finish.

Blackout Nitrous

The ZEX Blackout Nitrous System is engineered to work with the latest Mustang technology. Unlike a universal kit, every piece was designed specifically for street/strip and all-out race, stock or modified, ‘05-’10 Mustang GT applications. Installation won’t affect normal operation but rather gives power on demand with a patented electronic TPS switch at wide-open throttle, perfect for the Mustang’s throttle-by-wire system. Plug and play installation can be completed in as little as two hours, with power settings adjustable from 75-175 horsepower with the included tuning jets.

Big Brake Kit

Stop quicker and look better with the ’05-’10 Saleen Mustang Big Brake Kit from Latemodel Restoration Supply. The kit comes with black powdercoated four-piston calipers emblazoned with yellow Saleen script, 14-inch slotted Aero rotors, performance brake pads, stainless steel braided lines, and all necessary mounting brackets and hardware for installation.