Jim Smart
April 8, 2011
Photos By: Mustang Monthly Archives

21 New Electrics For Reliability

There's often a big difference between show restorations and drivers because reliability and safety are more important to drivers. That said, your driver should have an electrical system with integrity. Main wiring looms tend to survive better because they're inside the car and not out of the weather. However, underhood and taillight wiring looms should be replaced with new wiring harnesses if you're going to drive your classic Mustang. If wiring insulation is brittle, chaffed, or cut, you're ahead of the game by replacing it in the interest of safety. Although reproduction wiring looms are expensive, they're money well spent considering what you stand to lose from fire damage. While you're at it, replace all switches for best results.

22 Reach Higher For Better Handling

Nearly a half-century since the Mustang was first introduced, we're enjoying a wealth of great aftermarket suspension systems designed to improve both driving enjoyment and safety. Remember, the best accident is the one you avoid. Total Control Products, for example, offers a cool coilover suspension system that not only looks terrific, it is also stealthy and fully adjustable. What this means for your driving experience is better handling and a smoother ride thanks to the ability to tune your suspension as driving needs change. There are countless other suspension systems out there for you to choose from, ranging from stock reproduction replacement to high-end systems like the one from TCP.

23 Lightweight Aluminum Frees Up Power

Although classic Mustangs were equipped with steel tube driveshafts 45 years ago, time and technology have brought us aluminum and composite shafts that weigh less and free up power. When you have an aluminum or composite shaft, there's less weight to carry and turn. This is actually an improvement you can feel when it's time to accelerate onto a freeway. Composite shafts tend to be very expensive. However, aluminum shafts tend to fall into the same price range as steel. Inland Empire Driveline can help you make the right decision.

24 ARP Fasteners For Strength

Building a street engine for daily use? An engine is only as reliable as the sum total of its parts. You can build a budget street engine good for more than 100,000 miles with hypereutectic pistons, stock shotpeened rods, cast crank, and race-proven ARP fasteners. It's a good idea to run main studs instead of bolts for block rigidity along with the full complement of ARP fasteners throughout the engine for longevity. Of course, engine life also depends on good build technique and close attention to detail.

25 Muffler Noise-No Kidding...

Those of us who fondly remember being young hot rodders recall the sweet throaty roar of loud exhaust systems. Classic glasspacks and mufflers with minimal baffling sound awesome with the butterflies pinned, however have you considered the potential damage to your hearing with the repeated hammering of a loud exhaust system? Drivers with an eye on performance should have throaty mufflers. They should utilize user-friendly acoustics or a good soundproof body. Loud is cool for short term driving, but never for long hours on the interstate. One good example of good acoustics is the Flowmaster Delta Flow muffler, which eliminates cabin resonance. Flowmaster mufflers and exhaust systems are available from Virginia Classic Mustang.