Jim Smart
April 8, 2011
Photos By: Mustang Monthly Archives

16 In-Dash Climate Control

We mention Project Reclaim from Mustangs Plus and The Restomod Shop throughout this article because Reclaim's purpose is to be a real driver's car. One very important aspect of classic driver comfort is climate control. What's more, climate control you cannot see because it is hidden nicely behind the dashboard. Classic Auto Air, long known for terrific air conditioning systems and parts for classic Mustangs, brings you a stealthy climate control system known as Perfect Fit. As its name implies, it fits behind the dashboard of '65-'73 Mustangs, does not interfere with your feet, and delivers cool comfort in summer and warm tootsies in the wintertime. Perfect Fit brings you late-model, climate-controlled comfort in the vintage atmosphere of a classic Mustang. If you're looking for the best of both worlds, this is the system for you. Imagine, late-model comfort in a classic-and no one knows it's there but you.

17 Nine-Inch Durability

Which rear axle you choose depends on how you intend to drive your Mustang and how much power you have under the hood. If you're going to cruise with a small-block V-8 making less than 275 horsepower, Ford's venerable 8-inch axle with 28-spline shafts is plenty. However, if you intend to run more than 275 ponies, it is wise to build a 31-spline Traction-Lok 9-inch axle from Currie Enterprises. Ford's 9-inch rear axle is the standard for durability because when racers want a rough and tumble rear end that can take a lot of punishment, they opt for the Ford 9-inch.

You can rebuild an existing 9-inch donor axle or you can order an all-new 9-inch from Currie Enterprises built any way you desire with 28, 31, or 35-spline axles in small or large bearing. Large bearing is more a full-size Ford or truck axle with larger brakes. For your driver Mustang project, 31-spline small bearing is plenty.

18 Support System

Like a lot of components found in classic Mustangs, pedal support assemblies were designed to last roughly five years and 70,000 miles before they fell apart. Worst culprits were manual transmission pedal supports overstressed by the clutch pedal. Infuse longevity into your Mustang's pedal support assembly with the Scott Drake '64-'70 Clutch Pedal Roller Bearing Master Rebuild Kit from National Parts Depot. Instead of an aluminum and plastic bushed pedal support, you get a roller bearing supported pedal assembly designed to provide smooth operation and last the life of your classic Mustang restoration. Although the roller bearing pedal support pivot is not easy to install, it's a good investment of time and money to get safe and reliable pedal operation.

19 Integral Power Steering = No Leaks

This has to be one of the best driver modifications ever because it does away with a classic Mustang's factory Bendix power steering and its shortcomings. The new Borgeson Universal integral worm-and-sector power steering system brings self-contained power steering to classic Mustangs-and, like any well thought out modification, no one knows it's there but you. The Borgeson system adds crisp, efficient, 16:1 power steering where you are more in touch with the road and your Mustang. You can use your Mustang's Eaton or Thompson power steering pump or Borgeson's own pump designed for small-block and six-cylinder Fords. The Borgeson pump provides improved idle speed pressure, which makes it the stealthy mod that complements the stealthy mod. Don't forget to order a manual steering Pitman arm from Virginia Classic Mustang when you order your Borgeson power steering system.

20 Be Seen & Be Safe

If you're going to drive your classic Mustang on a regular basis, there's so much you need to think of in terms of safety and reliability. Vintage factory taillights aren't as bright as they should be, which means those following might not see you coming to a stop. You want parking lamps that are visible, not to mention brake lights that will get prompt attention.

Thanks to the great imaginations from a number of aftermarket companies, there are plenty of options out there designed to make your classic Mustang's taillights brighter. Mustang Project, as well as Scott Drake, delivers quick solutions that will make your taillights brighter in an hour's time. Mustang Project has a variety of LED taillight retrofit packages for classic and late-model Mustangs. Mustangs Plus has Scott Drake taillight improvement kits that span the spectrum.