Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 9, 2011

You would think that replacing a '65-'66 steering wheel would be as easy as removing the old wheel and sliding the new one onto the steering shaft. If you're replacing a standard wheel, that's pretty much the routine. But if you're installing a wood wheel, as found on the Interior Décor Group (Pony interior) option, the procedure gets a little tricky due to the wood wheel's use of two horn ring contacts, which must be assembled inside the steering wheel collar with insulator "feet," screws, and springs.

National Parts Depot's reproduction of the factory wood steering wheel is a great way to improve a Pony interior or to upgrade a standard interior from the plain steering wheel to the luxury version. In Merv Rego's case, he wanted to replace the worn original wood wheel in his recently restored '65 K-GT fastback. With NPD's best reproduction wood wheel (PN 3600-5A), Merv's steering wheel looks as good as the rest of his red Pony interior.

We assembled and installed the new NPD wood wheel at Merv's Classic Creations of Central Florida shop in Lakeland, Florida.

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