Jim Smart
February 4, 2011

How we feel about our classic Mustangs gets complicated because we're intoxicated by their good looks and fun-to-drive characteristics. Yet there are elements that can make them darned frustrating to live with. Window and door mechanisms are challenging because you never know when they're going to act up. Jittery voltage regulators make the ammeter dance around like a nervous neurotic. Undersized radiators frequently leave us hot under the collar. And then there's the flimsy clutch linkage that tends to fold over when using a high-performance pressure plate and clutch. Even with the stock clutch, the linkage delivers more than its share of grief.

The vintage Mustang's stock clutch linkage isn't a bad design. In fact, it isn't much different than most from the era. When properly installed and adjusted, it works quite well. But when we ask the stock equalizer bar (also known as a Z-bar) and its linkage to handle the added pressure of a high-performance clutch setup, it can bend or break-or both. This is where the Muscle Z-Bar from Barillaro Speed Emporium makes a nice, drop-in replacement for the stock equalizer bar even if you're running a stock light-pressure clutch.

We've enlisted the help of Mustangs Etc. to guide us through the process of Muscle Z-Bar installation and clutch adjustment.

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