Jim Smart
January 18, 2011
Photos By: The Mustang Monthly Staff

4 Easy Electronic Ignition

Surely you're not still running mid-20th century ignition points and condenser in your vintage Mustang. Two decades ago, PerTronix (www.pertronix.com or 909/599-5955) developed the Ignitor electronic ignition retrofit kit for Autolite distributors, which means the Ignitor offers a proven reputation and reliability. The Ignitor retrofit, which fits in the palm of your hand, puts the efficiency and reliability of electronic ignition into your vintage Autolite/Motorcraft distributor where the cumbersome points and condenser used to sit. What's more, there are four possible options to choose from-Ignitor, Ignitor II, and the all-new Ignitor III, or you can go with the PerTronix billet distributor with a choice of three possible Ignitor packages inside.

The beauty of the Ignitor series is easy installation in your Autolite distributor in about 30 minutes. Just don't forget to reinstall the distributor ground wire while you're at it. The PerTronix billet distributor has a vacuum advance for exceptional street performance along with roller bearing construction and the Ignitor module inside.

5 Adjustable Engine Mounts

The restomod movement has brought us so many innovations designed to combine classic '65-'73 Mustang styling with high technology to improve the driving experience. Adjustable engine mounts from Ron Morris Performance and Mustangs Plus are one such innovation because they isolate engine and driveline vibration better than stock mounts and they're fully adjustable for ease of installation and performance.

All you have to do is raise your engine off the stock mounts with a hoist or floor jack (do not jack at the oil pan) after removing the engine bolts. The rest is easy. Remove the stock mounts from the chassis and get started on your Ron Morris adjustable mount installation. For more information, visit www.mustangsplus.com or call 800/999-4289.

6 Install Dual Exhausts

Although this is a weekend project best left to a trusted exhaust shop, all you really need to get it done at home is a SawzAll (or sharp hacksaw with plenty of muscle), jackstands, proper tools, and patience. Virginia Classic Mustang (www.virginiaclassicmustang.com or 540/896-2695) offers complete dual exhaust systems for just about every classic Mustang along with a variety of stock and aftermarket mufflers, depending on how you'd like your Mustang to sound. The real beauty with these systems is ready-made components designed to fit your Mustang. They bolt right on and look sharp once installed. Do a fitment check before tightening the clamps.

Exhaust tips should be the last item you install after measuring their relationship to the rear valance. Don't make the mistake of positioning them too far out or in. And there are hokey-looking exhaust tips to stay away from. If you're running single exhaust, stay away from the use of an exhaust tip. A single exhaust tail pipe should be hidden.

One more thing, did you know you can overtighten exhaust system clamps? That can distort the pipes, creating the very problem you're trying to avoid - leakage. Once your exhaust system is installed exactly the way you want it, weld up the seams, even if that involves a visit to a reputable exhaust shop.

When you're installing a dual exhaust, always go with factory exhaust system hangers at the stock locations for best results because they offer the best exhaust system security and quiet. Refrain from using aftermarket hangers attached with sheetmetal screws.

7 Reupholster Seats

Here's something you can do yourself in a weekend and it will only cost you calloused fingertips, simple hand tools, and the cost of a Distinctive Industries upholstery kit from Dallas Mustang (www.dallasmustang.com or 800/687-8264). Doing seat upholstery yourself takes patience more than anything else because getting in a hurry can cost you in terms of time and waste. Become aggressive with stubborn upholstery and it will tear.