Jim Smart
January 18, 2011
Photos By: The Mustang Monthly Staff

To achieve the best job possible, you need pliers-needle nose, conventional, diagonal cutting, and hog ring types-Phillips screwdrivers of all sizes, scissors, a large common screwdriver or pry bar, heat gun or hairdryer, and a can of silicone spray. Silicone gently sprayed over foam seat buns makes it easier to install new vinyl upholstery. Tip: Always use new seat buns for best results. Any reputable upholstery supply shop will have everything you need to do the job correctly-listing wire, hog rings, and all the right tools.

8 LED Taillights

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) have changed the way we apply lighting in recent years. We're seeing LED use more and more in our homes, at traffic lights, on signs and billboards, and certainly in our automobiles. One of the most common uses for LEDs in our Mustangs is exterior lighting-headlights, taillights, back-up lights, and even interior lighting. Few companies have done more for classic and late-model Mustang lighting than Mustang Project in Texas.

Mustang Project makes it easy to go from old-school incandescent bulbs to bright LEDs inside your taillight housing in a matter of an hour's time. And if you're feeling industrious, you can retrofit all of the lighting in your classic Mustang with LEDs because Mustang Project makes it easy. All you have to do is follow simple instructions, watch what you're doing, and behold the brightness. For more information, go to www.mustangproject.com or call 800/631-0507. You can also email them at sales@mustangproject.com.

9 Improve Fuel System Safety

It goes without saying that classic Mustangs are not as safe as what Ford is building today. If you drive a classic Mustang regularly, you accept the risks as well as the rewards of ownership. Write it off to evolution and what has been learned about automobile safety in 45 years. However, did you know that you can make an older Mustang safer with Tank Armor? It's an easy bolt on that covers and protects the gas tank.

For Tank Armor to be installed safely, the fuel tank needs to be completely drained. Drilling can cause sparks that could ignite fuel vapors. Use 5/16-inch Grade 8 bolts with flat washers and self-locking nuts. Never use sheetmetal screws. Use 3M Rope Caulk, also known as Dumb-Dumb, between the tank, Tank Armor, and body. It is suggested you use braided fuel hose for high pressure fuel injection between sending unit, body line, and fuel pump as some measure of additional protection, taking note where your Mustang's tailpipes are routed.

Tank Armor is available from Antioch Mustang Stable at www.tankarmor.com or 480/357-1006.

10 Install a Heavy-Duty Sway Bar

Want to improve handling in an afternoon? A heavy-duty sway bar from Mustangs Plus (www.mustangsplus.com or 800/999-4289) reduces body roll and improves handling without a lot of cash flow and it's something you can do in your driveway with simple hand tools.

One word of caution: It's easy to install a Mustang sway bar upside down. So pay close attention to the instructions and your Mustang's original sway bar installation.

It's a good idea to install both a heavy-duty sway bar and fully articulating strut rods at the same time for best results. It has been stressed to us time and again to avoid urethane bushings with stock strut rods because old strut rods can snap under the stress. Rubber bushings are your best choice for strut rods followed by polyurethane bushings, which have more give than straight urethane. Install a sway bar with your Mustang ever so slightly jacked up, yet with tires still on the ground for ease of installation.