Jim Smart
January 18, 2011
Photos By: The Mustang Monthly Staff

Mustang restoration projects are always great fun, although they keep us perplexed at times. Restorations are like the proverbial elephant. It is best they be eaten in small bite-size chunks, never all at once because they can become overwhelming, which makes it harder to finish a restoration project. Take your project one step at a time and watch it fly by. This is why we've put together 25 of some of the best weekend projects for your bite-sized restoration efforts.

1 Install a Console

Running out of ideas for your classic Mustang restoration? Install a center console and watch your Mustang's interior come alive. Complete consoles are now available as reproductions from National Parts Depot, not to mention all of the parts necessary to restore an original console. Installation is easy with time and patience. Begin by looking at factory original installations for proper positioning. Then go to www.npdlink.com for everything you'll need to enhance your classic Mustang's interior.

Before installation begins, remove both bucket seats for ease of installation. Perform a mock-up, including all console parts for proper positioning. Take a scratch awl and mark screw holes through the carpeting to determine screw locations. It is suggested you remove carpeting because drilling through carpeting can pull threads and cause damage. Then, when carpeting is reinstalled, use the scratch awl to find screw holes, align console, and install screws. Console lighting connections can be found at your Mustang's main wiring loom at the transmission tunnel under the dashboard.

2 Replace Convertible Top

Few things make a classic convertible look hotter than a new top and boot. A new convertible top breathes new life into an old Mustang and it can be done in a weekend.

Before you undertake replacement of your old convertible top, check out www.mustangmonthly.com and look for informative how-to articles about how to replace a convertible top, which gives you plenty of valuable insight from professionals on how to get it right. Tackling convertible top replacement should never be performed without extensive knowledge of the subject and the best materials, which are available from Hydro-E-Lectric. Everything you need for a successful top replacement, including good advice, is available from www.hydroe.com or 800/343-4261. Visit an upholstery supply store in your area for raw materials and tools you'll need to do the job successfully. Don't be afraid to ask for advice. Do a mock-up to check for proper fit, then be patient and go after this one in baby steps.

3 Install A Stereo

Nothing enriches the driving experience more than a great sound system with all of your favorite music. Custom Autosound (www.casmfg.com or 800/497-0797) brought affordable, high-quality sound systems to classic Mustangs back in 1977. A lot of superior technology has come since then. Check out the cool Custom Autosound products for your Mustang because selection has never been better for this productive weekend project.

New tech meets tried and proven in the new USA-630 sound system from Custom Autosound. This cool bolt-in system goes right in place of your factory AM radio or worn-out Kenwood stereo from the 1980s. The USA-630 takes your favorite tunes from any Flash Drive and enables you to play them endlessly with no changing of CDs or popping in dusty old tapes. Just touch the control and get back to driving while listening to 240 watts of crisp stereo sound.

Everything necessary to get the job done is available from Custom Autosound. Opt for powdercoated steel speaker grilles for your package shelf, which won't distort from heat and cold. Speakers must be installed on flush and level surfaces to get the best performance. Never install them on an uneven surface where they can become distorted. Get your sound system power from switched power. And because classic Mustangs have plenty of switched power plugs underdash, you don't need to cut or splice wiring.