Jim Smart
August 3, 2010

Imagine being able to park your Mustang's drippy, persnickety carburetor on the shelf and have cleaner, more efficient fuel injection without anyone knowing it's there. Think we're shrink-wrapped? Read on.

Professional Products has been producing its Powerjection fuel atomizing system for quite some time now. And with each generation, it has only gotten better. The original version had a separate ECM (electronic control module), which typically meant boring and drilling holes for mounting. It was hard to hide the first generation Powerjection despite its status as a great system.

Powerjection III is a dream come true for those of you interested in upgrading to electronic fuel injection. It hides beneath the factory air cleaner. Unless you have an open element air cleaner, it cannot be detected.

Powerjection III is also self-contained. When we opened the box, we were looking for the ECM-the computer that makes this thing work. We almost called them to ask where it was. We were stunned to learn that the microprocessor is located on the throttle body. It's so small it fits in the palm of your hand. Professional Products calls it the Engine Management System, which includes the microprocessor, throttle position sensor, manifold air pressure sensor, and idle air control.

Challenges with this system are easy to overcome. You've got to install an oxygen sensor in one of the exhaust pipes close to the manifold outlet. That's easy, and you won't need a welder. If you have an open element Hi-Po air cleaner, people will see your Powerjection III system. However, it looks like a high-performance carburetor. You will need to run a fuel injection return line to your fuel tank, which is also easy, especially if your Mustang has a fuel tank drain plug.

Once installed, you will be amazed at how well Powerjection III performs. Because it is self-adapting, it adapts to both your Mustang's engine and your driving technique. Suggested retail price is $1,815 (#70026) via the Retrotek Speed website at www.retrotekspeed.com.

Powerjection III So sophisticated it's simple, Powerjection III is an education in downsizing in a good way. It looks like a high-performance dual-feed carburetor, yet it's a simple four-bore, four-injector package - modern technology designed for vintage automobiles of all types with a Holley 4150/4160 baseplate pattern.

Here's what makes Powerjection III so terrific:

  • Completely self-contained fuel/air delivery and electronics.
  • No clumsy wiring looms and connections.
  • Adaptive technology, which means Powerjection III adapts to your Mustang's engine as you drive. You don't have to be a computer programmer.
  • If hands-on tuning is important to you, Powerjection III has a laptop connection.
  • Dual-feed package looks like a carburetor.
  • Strap-on O2 sensor and bung. No welding.
  • Easy-to-change fuel filter requires no special tools.
  • In-line fuel pump hides above rear axle and tank.
  • Fuel pressure regulator locates at throttle body or hidden at return line underneath.
  • Use existing Mustang fuel lines (steel) or go with braided hoses provided by Professional Products.
  • Software and detailed instructions included with kit.
  • For applications up to 550hp.

Powerjection III Choices
#70020Basic Kit with Satin Finish
#70021Basic Kit with Polished Finish
#70026Complete Kit with Satin Finish
#70027Complete Kit with Polished Finish
#70107P3 Fuel Delivery and Return Line Kit

Basic Kit includes throttle body, O2 sensor and mounting parts, coolant temperature sensor, gasket, instructions, and hardware. Complete kit adds pump, filter, and regulator.

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