July 1, 2010

Boss Bumper Guards
I just received the Marti Report for my '70 Boss 302 and it indicates that my car was originally ordered with front bumper guards. Some members of the Boss 302 forum (www.boss302.com) feel that the bumper guards were not available on Boss 302s because of the front spoiler. What is your opinion about the bumper guards on Boss 302s?
Bill Figatner
Via the Internet

Front bumper guards were an option on the '70 Boss 302. The accompanying photo shows an unrestored Grabber Blue Boss with the guards. The window sticker and invoice list them as a $13 option!

Fastback Lamps
The '70 Mustang fastbacks came with interior lamps mounted in the upper rear panel. Were the original bezels plastic or metal? I have been told that both plastic and metal were used. Which is correct for a '70?
Bob McClure
Via the Internet

The confusion is caused by the fact that the '69 Mustang fastbacks used the C4SZ-13776-B interior lamp with a metal bezel, while the '70 fastbacks used the D0AZ-13776-A lamp with a plastic bezel. This is confirmed in both the '69 and '70 Ford Assembly Manuals. Both part numbers are a rare find today.

Correct Solenoid
I have a '70 Boss 429 Mustang and need to purchase a fast idle solenoid for the Holley carburetor. I have seen several for sale on eBay. Some have a blue wire while others have a red wire. Which is correct for a '70 Boss 429? I would hate to purchase the wrong one because they are expensive!
John Adamek
Via the Internet

The correct solenoid for your car has the blue wire. Very early '70 Boss 429s used the C8AZ-9D856-A solenoid with a plug-in lead, while the majority of cars utilized the D0OZ-9D856-A unit. The red wire is found on service solenoids, D1AZ-9D856-C.

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