Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 1, 2010
Photos By: Courtesy of Manufacturers

For most Mustang owners, the garage is an extension of the home living space. It's a place to escape, whether it's attached to the home or located in a separate building. As such, the garage offers a much friendlier atmosphere if it's organized, looks nice, and is equipped with functional components. We've discovered some helpful items for helping you get your garage in shape for better enjoyment of your Mustang.

Stop Flat Spots
If you own a Mustang that is primarily used for shows, then you're well aware that tires can flat-spot when not used for long periods of time, like over the winter. Brute Industries, manufacturer of Race Ramps, has come up with FlatStoppers as a solution for owners who don't drive their cars for 30 days or longer. Once the tires are positioned into the FlatStoppers on a level surface, they settle into the pad's concave depression to disperse the weight of the car more evenly on the tires, which helps to prevent flat-spotting. Measuring 22.3 inches long, 3.5 inches high, and 14 inches wide, the FlatStoppers pads can accommodate tires up to 12 inches wide. As with all Brute Industries products, the pads are made from a patented, lightweight solid construction technique, making them durable and virtually indestructible while also providing a 6,000-pound vehicle weight capacity. The textured coating keeps them from sliding across floors.
For more information, visit the company website at

Upscale Work Center
Moduline's new Work Center incorporates a durable high-fashion workbench teamed with 32x18-inch mobile toolboxes, all with 13/4-inch Bally Block Co. butcher block work surfaces. The workbench is available in 72- and 96-inch standard lengths and can house two mobile toolboxes, each containing four or six drawers. Both are constructed with anodized aluminum frames with red, black, white, or blue baked enamel (or any of more than 200 custom colors) center panels and drawer fronts to match Moduline's line of Pro II cabinets. Buyers can specify workbench lengths to match their individual requirement.
For more information, contact Moduline Cabinets at 888/343-4463 or visit the website at

Hanging Hoover
Hoover's Garage Utility Vac, or GUV for short, mounts on the garage wall to get one more thing off your floor. The quiet 12-amp motor provides powerful suction through the provided 30-foot crush-proof hose, which dumps into a 5-gallon tank. Simply mount the storage bracket on the wall, hang the vacuum, and plug it in.
The GUV is available from stores that carry Hoover products, or online at the Hoover Direct Store at

Shelby Clock
Graphics Express offers many items for dressing up your Mustang garage, including signs, thermometers, and clocks. They're also licensed by Carroll Shelby to produce Shelby products, like this double neon clock with the Shelby snake logo. Measuring 17 inches in diameter, the clock is made from a chrome-plated metal shell with a glass face and double neon-white on the outside and blue on the inside.
The Graphics Express website has a number of Mustang and Shelby clocks, along with signs, so check them out at

Door-Ding Prevention
More than likely, your Mustang shares the garage space with another vehicle, perhaps one driven by your spouse who may be oblivious to your repulsion to door dings on your Mustang. A new product called the DoorPal could be the answer to your prayers. An inflatable protection panel, the DoorPal can be suspended from a garage ceiling using a proprietary safety release or attached to a wall where car doors are most likely to be damaged. Measuring approximately 100x34x4.5 inches when inflated, the DoorPal is designed to protect cars side by side, regardless of height, and it's transparent.
It's currently available online at

Racing Stool
Ford Racing offers a cool barstool as part number M-77602-A. Black with a blue-and-red Ford Racing logo, the stool features four chrome legs with supporting rings. A second version with a seatback (PN M-77502-B) is also available. Buy it from Ford Racing distributors or by calling 888/380-6901.
Visit the website at

G-Floor Technology
The G-Floor from Better Life Technology is an easy-to-install garage floor covering that rolls into place to protect the floor and provide easy cleanup for liquid spills. The G-Floor was developed by BLT cofounder Brett Sneed, who wanted a product that could transform the garage's appearance, install in seconds, and last for years. He and his father brought to market a specially formulated 10-foot-wide, roll-out polyvinyl pad with channels to direct runoff out the door. To install, roll the G-Floor out over the floor and trim the edges. Easy to clean and impervious to oil and other fluids, it also prevents dirt from migrating across the floor. Easier to install than coatings and snap-together systems, the G-Floor is available in a variety of colors and patterns.
Contact Better Life Technology by calling 913/894-0403 or visit

Home Welder
Most Mustang owners don't need a heavy-duty shop welder in their home garage. However, it's nice to have one available for smaller jobs, like welding up a broken seat frame. The MIG 130 from HTP America is designed for the do-it-yourselfer with four heat settings, an infinite wire feed adjustment, 7-foot welding gun, 5-foot ground cable, and 61/2-foot input power cord. It operates on 110 volts, so you can plug it in anywhere. With 130 amps of power, it can weld anything from thin sheetmetal to 3/16-inch steel. The MIG 130 welder uses both 8- and 4-inch diameter spools of wire and comes ready to weld with extra tips and a roll of .035-inch flux cored gasless wire.
For more information, contact HTP America at 800/872-9353 or visit the website at

Dream Garage
Remember flipping through toy catalogs when you were a kid? Well, you can relive that feeling as an adult by browsing the Craftsman Power and Hand Tools catalog, where you can find all types of storage cabinets, tool chests, workbenches, and even flooring for your garage. At the center of the photo below is an 8-foot workbench with an overhead backwall system and wall cabinet. At the left is Craftsman's Professional Floor Cabinet, available with shelves or with locker-style storage. The 28x36 Professional Five-Drawer Mobile Cabinet on the right comes with ball-bearing drawer slides and a reversible two-in-one work surface. The flooring is available as 12x12-inch slip- and solvent-resistance tiles.
You can find some of the items at your local Sears store, while some are available only through the catalog or at

Ceiling Storage
Ever notice all that wasted space above your open garage door? Now you can take advantage of it with HyLoft's new Super Pro line of ceiling storage units. Different from HyLoft's popular 45x45 units that are available at Home Depot and Lowes, the Super Pro series represents the largest units in the line, available in 8x4-foot, 4x4-foot, and 8x2-foot models. Each adjusts in height from 24 to 44 inches. The patented technology of the Super Pro's Floating Rail system allows for installation in any garage configuration. Accessories include add-on racks and hooks for storing ladders, long-handled tools, bikes, and sporting goods.
Go to for more info.

Non-Slip Mat
The non-slip workbench mat from the Busted Knuckle Garage provides a convenient spot for working on smaller parts. Measuring approximately 24x16 inches, the chemically resistant surface contains liquid spills with a notched lip for easy pour-off, and it features five molded pockets for keeping screws and other small pieces separated. A conversion chart and angle guide is also part of the material.
Find out more at or call 888/708-0897.

Jack Rack
Finding a place to store the floor jack is always a dilemma. Stuffing it under the workbench takes up floor space, and it's too large to store in the bottom drawer of your tool chest. Now T&J Manufacturing offers a solution with the Jack Rack, a storage alternative for aluminum and aluminum/steel floor jacks. The Jack Rack mounts to the wall, and the jack is placed in the cradle for out-of-the-way storage. A tapered hook is supplied for storing the jack handle. Manufactured in the U.S., the Jack Rack features a powdercoated finish for long life and mounting holes that are 16 inches on center for easy wall mounting.
Contact: T&J Manufacturing, 2170 Sunnydale Blvd., Ste. V, Clearwater, FL 33765; 727/462-9968;

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Neat and Tidy
As much as we'd all like to dedicate our garages to our Mustangs, a fact of life for most of us dictates that the garage space must be shared for a variety of other duties, including the kids' bicycles, golf clubs, and extra storage for the wife's overflow of shoes. Gladiator GarageWorks offers a number of solutions for your garage's double-duty, including a bicycle mounting device called the Claw, a Golf Caddy for storing the clubs and cleats, and a Ball Caddy for the kids' basketballs and footballs. Other available products include storage options for gardening tools, a GearLoft system for storing large items on unused upper wall spaces, and a Storage Bin Holder with adjustable brackets.
Many of GarageWorks' products are available at Sears, Lowes, and local garage dealers, or visit

High-Tech Chests
Craftsman's new line of AXS tool chests feature modern updates including a multi-functional message center with day, date, time, temperature, and alarm functions; a one-key learning lock system; work lights; slide-out work surfaces; and a 12-volt power outlet for charging cell phones and other devices. The AXS chests are available in 12-, 7-, and 6-drawer configurations in Black Pearl, Midnight Blue, Titanium Metallic, and Racer Red colors.

Tire Rack
Fewer things are more difficult to store than tires. No matter if you stack them or line them up side-by-side, they simply take up too much space. Thanks to HyLoft, you can now mount your spare tires on the garage wall with the new Tire Rack, which uses HyLoft's new Master Rail technology to attach to wall studs on finished or unfinished walls. The telescoping chrome support bars adjust in width and depth to accommodate different size tires.
Visit for more information.

Work Station
If you're facing a situation where you need a workbench and storage space, check out Moduline's Workstation, a seven-drawer tool chest and countertop. Better yet, Moduline can help you increase your work space and efficiency with an add-on wall panel, overhead cabinets, a trash bin, and a file cabinet. Electrical outlets are also available for the ultimate in convenience.
Visit or call 888/343-4463.

Taking it easy
When it's time to relax, Craftsman offers a folding chair with a unique iPod pouch and armrest speakers. Available in black or red, the chairs are made from fade- and water-resistant polyester with powdercoated aluminum legs. Mesh cup holders and a storage bag are also provided.
It's available only from the Craftsman Power and Hand Tools catalog or online at

High Storage
The HyLoft ceiling storage racks are great for stashing away seldom used items, such as holiday decorations, luggage, and coolers, to get them out from under your workbench. Adjustable in widths from 19 to 30 inches and in height from 14 to 23 inches, the rack can be used with or without a platform (not included). Ladders, skis, and long-handled tools can be stored in the racks without a platform. Another unit can be added underneath to create a second tier.
For more information, visit or call 866/249-5638.

Bamboo Top
Craftsman has harnessed one of nature's strongest, most renewable materials to create a tough and great-looking work surface for its eight-drawer, 8-foot work bench. In addition to the bamboo top, the bench features ball-bearing drawer slides, pegboard pierced sides, and an open center for additional storage. Weighing in at 247 pounds, it's a tough work bench for the home garage.