Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 13, 2010

One of the great things about vintage Mustangs is the availability of reproduction parts for restoration or repair. No other American car can boast so much support from the reproduction industry. In fact, thanks to Dynacorn's '67-'68 and '69 reproduction body shells, you can almost build a brand-new Mustang fastback just from reproduction parts.

As one of the largest Mustang parts suppliers in the world, National Parts Depot handles most of the available reproduction parts for vintage Mustangs. When NPD marketing director Scott Halseth realized that nearly all of the parts for the optional '65-'66 Mustang console were available from various reproduction sources, he gathered them up into kits with their own part numbers, either 045A36-1AAK for automatics or 045A36-1ABK for manual transmissions.

All '65-'66 Mustang consoles were based on the same plastic base unit, which was modified at the factory to adapt to convertible floorpans or to shorten the console for the optional underdash air conditioning. For convertibles, the console base was trimmed to fit the heavier floorpan bracing. For cars with A/C, the console's front glovebox was sliced off and chrome end-cap trim (different for '65 and '66) added to cover the edges. Two different die-cast trim plates adapted the console to automatic and manual transmissions.

The NPD console works similar to the factory piece because the same base unit is supplied for all applications. However, unlike original console bases, the new reproductions have markings molding into the plastic that show where to trim for convertibles (paper templates no longer needed!) and where to cut for A/C cars (chrome end-cap trim is available separately).

We mentioned that "nearly" every part is available to build a new '65-'66 console. The only reproduction piece missing is the metal retainer/switch for the glovebox light bulb. Garrett Marks at Mustangs Etc. located a good original, which we have forwarded to Scott Halseth at NPD to use as a sample. He hopes to have a reproduction available in the near future.

For this article, Merv Rego at Classic Creations of Central Florida is putting together a new full-length console for a '66 Mustang GT that is being restored to original, including the removal of the non-original air conditioning. Because the original console's glovebox had been removed, per Ford for A/C cars, the NPD reproduction is a perfect solution for replacing the full-length console.

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