Jim Smart
August 1, 2009

Summit's new Street & Strip carburetor looks similar to other aftermarket performance carburetors; in fact, it closely resembles the Holley 4110 carburetor of the 1990s, a two-piece design that was a solid attempt at building a better street performance carburetor. Yet, Summit took a different approach by remedying many of the pesky carburetor issues we frequently complain about.

The Summit Street & Strip four-barrel is a performance enthusiast's carburetor. Available in 600-675-cfm configurations for approximately $250 and as 700-795-cfm versions for just a few bucks more (under $350, depending on how the carburetor is configured), the Summit Street & Strip is a great value with these features:

The Summit Street & Strip 600-cfm carburetor is an easy bolt-on for vintage small-block Ford engines. If you have a 351, it's suggested you go with 650-675 cfm for improved low- to mid-range torque. For FE big-blocks, step up to 700-750 cfm. Cobra Jets need 750-795 cfm.

  • Solid aluminum casting-warp resistant for outstanding calibration.
  • One-piece design eliminates traditional fuel leaks.
  • 30cc accelerator pump; dual 30cc pumps for mechanical secondary versions.
  • Interchangeable discharge nozzles and idle circuit restriction.
  • Color-coded vacuum ports for easy installation.
  • Extra thick base and gasket for better sealing.
  • Externally adjustable center-pivot floats with clear sight-glass fuel bowls.
  • High-flow power valve channel. Mechanical secondary carbs get two power valves.
  • Easy electric choke adjustment.
  • Each is wet-flow tested and ready-to-run right out of the box.

What's really cool about this carburetor is its use of Holley parts; it accepts virtually all Holley 4150/4160/1850 components. This means you can service the Summit Street & Strip carburetors with Holley power valves, accelerator pump diaphragms and cams, floats and float needle valves, main metering jets, choke assemblies, vacuum secondary springs and diaphragms, accelerator pump discharge nozzles, and linkage adaptors.

What we appreciate most about the Summit Street & Strip is its sweet compromise between the reliable Autolite 4100 and the traditional Holley 4150/4160/1850 carburetors.

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