July 1, 2009

5.4L Intake Adaptor
Installing a larger 5.4L engine is one way to get more power out of an '05-'09 Mustang GT. The larger displacement provides more power, but without a performance intake manifold, the transplant is one step short. Professional Products has the answer with its 4.6L to 5.4L Adapter Kit, which allows the installation of Professional Products' 4.6L 2-valve performance intake manifold or any other 4.6L 2-valve manifold on the 5.4L engine without additional modifications. Professional Products includes the two aluminum adapter plates, intake gaskets, and all the necessary hardware to help your Mustang breathe free and produce more power.

Underdrive Power
Steeda's underdrive pulleys slow down accessory speed by about 25 percent to reduce parasitic drag on the engine, resulting in an increase of up to 10 horsepower and improved gas mileage. The Steeda pulleys are the only ones with the proper torsional vibration dampening characteristics for the 4.6L engine. The crank pulley is a one-piece nodular iron with injection molded rubber, not a "piggyback" design like others.

GT Cold-Air
BBK's cold air induction system has been tested to show a consistent gain of 15-16 rear-wheel horsepower with the factory computer program. This high level of performance is achieved by utilizing a custom integral mass air housing, which is machined from lightweight 356 aluminum and features the same calibration as the factory mass air. Now available in charcoal metallic, the BBK cold air induction kits are designed for bolt-on installation and come with all necessary hardware and installation instructions.

Cold-Air Plus
Look for an approximate increase of 20 horsepower from your '05-'09 Mustang GT with a Ford Racing cold-air kit from Mustangs Plus. The free-flowing air-filter and housing mount in the stock location, while the unique air-tube provides an enhanced intake sound. The kit includes an 85mm mass-air meter and a voucher for a Pro-Cal tool with official Ford Racing calibration. Due to multiple calibration possibilities, online registration is required to receive the Pro-Cal tool after purchase.

Roushcharger Power Pipe
The PKAF-0126CDBX Power Pipe from Anderson Ford Motorsport is specifically engineered and calibrated for '05-'08 Mustangs equipped with the Roushcharger supercharger. The kit utilizes the new Abaco DBX 97mm digital mass air meter and comes with the largest air box in the business, supplying 819 cubic inches of cooler air. It connects to a 4.5-inch mandrel-bent, ceramic-coated Power Pipe. Anderson has witnessed an increase of up to 17 rear-wheel horsepower with no need to flash the computer on the Roushcharger-equipped Mustangs.

3-Valve Intake
C&L Performance has announced the availability of their new 3-valve performance intake manifold for '05 to present Mustang GTs. Ideal for Mustangs with improved cylinder heads, solid gains can also be achieved with mildly modified vehicles, with no loss of power or torque in the lower rpm range. The intake features a revised runner design that couples long runners with high-flow capacity intake ports. Each port flows between 325 to 330 cfm, as opposed to 260 cfm average for the factory intake. Suggested retail price is $799.

Musclecar Idle
Ford Racing's new M-6550-3V High-Lift Hot-Rod Cam Set gives 3-valve 4.6L engines a lopey idle reminiscent of 1960s musclecars. The cams increase both lift and duration, yet they're compatible with production valve springs, followers, and lash adjusters. A custom tuning calibration is required for optimum performance - up to a 50hp increase with the stock intake and M-6049-463P heads.

GT Power Pipe
Anderson Ford Motorsport has designed a new Power Pipe, PN PKAF-0125cDBX, for the '05-'09 Mustang GT. Specifically engineered for the new Abaco DBX 97mm digital mass-air meter, the pipe comes with a redesigned heat shield that delivers 819 cubic-inches of air to the 4.5-inch Power Pipe, providing a larger volume of cooler air to the engine and an increase of 144 percent in air flow over the stock intake pipe. Anderson says you can expect an increase of up to 19 rear-wheel horsepower. There is no need to flash the Ford computer.

Advanced Tuning
DiabloSport is now offering its all-new Trinity Performance Monitor, which supports a number of '99-'09 vehicles, including Mustangs. The many features include programming, diagnostics, read/clear trouble codes, virtual drag strip, virtual gauges, and customizable gauge layouts.