July 1, 2009

5.4L Intake Adaptor
Installing a larger 5.4L engine is one way to get more power out of an '05-'09 Mustang GT. The larger displacement provides more power, but without a performance intake manifold, the transplant is one step short. Professional Products has the answer with its 4.6L to 5.4L Adapter Kit, which allows the installation of Professional Products' 4.6L 2-valve performance intake manifold or any other 4.6L 2-valve manifold on the 5.4L engine without additional modifications. Professional Products includes the two aluminum adapter plates, intake gaskets, and all the necessary hardware to help your Mustang breathe free and produce more power.

Underdrive Power
Steeda's underdrive pulleys slow down accessory speed by about 25 percent to reduce parasitic drag on the engine, resulting in an increase of up to 10 horsepower and improved gas mileage. The Steeda pulleys are the only ones with the proper torsional vibration dampening characteristics for the 4.6L engine. The crank pulley is a one-piece nodular iron with injection molded rubber, not a "piggyback" design like others.

GT Cold-Air
BBK's cold air induction system has been tested to show a consistent gain of 15-16 rear-wheel horsepower with the factory computer program. This high level of performance is achieved by utilizing a custom integral mass air housing, which is machined from lightweight 356 aluminum and features the same calibration as the factory mass air. Now available in charcoal metallic, the BBK cold air induction kits are designed for bolt-on installation and come with all necessary hardware and installation instructions.

Cold-Air Plus
Look for an approximate increase of 20 horsepower from your '05-'09 Mustang GT with a Ford Racing cold-air kit from Mustangs Plus. The free-flowing air-filter and housing mount in the stock location, while the unique air-tube provides an enhanced intake sound. The kit includes an 85mm mass-air meter and a voucher for a Pro-Cal tool with official Ford Racing calibration. Due to multiple calibration possibilities, online registration is required to receive the Pro-Cal tool after purchase.

Roushcharger Power Pipe
The PKAF-0126CDBX Power Pipe from Anderson Ford Motorsport is specifically engineered and calibrated for '05-'08 Mustangs equipped with the Roushcharger supercharger. The kit utilizes the new Abaco DBX 97mm digital mass air meter and comes with the largest air box in the business, supplying 819 cubic inches of cooler air. It connects to a 4.5-inch mandrel-bent, ceramic-coated Power Pipe. Anderson has witnessed an increase of up to 17 rear-wheel horsepower with no need to flash the computer on the Roushcharger-equipped Mustangs.

3-Valve Intake
C&L Performance has announced the availability of their new 3-valve performance intake manifold for '05 to present Mustang GTs. Ideal for Mustangs with improved cylinder heads, solid gains can also be achieved with mildly modified vehicles, with no loss of power or torque in the lower rpm range. The intake features a revised runner design that couples long runners with high-flow capacity intake ports. Each port flows between 325 to 330 cfm, as opposed to 260 cfm average for the factory intake. Suggested retail price is $799.

Musclecar Idle
Ford Racing's new M-6550-3V High-Lift Hot-Rod Cam Set gives 3-valve 4.6L engines a lopey idle reminiscent of 1960s musclecars. The cams increase both lift and duration, yet they're compatible with production valve springs, followers, and lash adjusters. A custom tuning calibration is required for optimum performance - up to a 50hp increase with the stock intake and M-6049-463P heads.

GT Power Pipe
Anderson Ford Motorsport has designed a new Power Pipe, PN PKAF-0125cDBX, for the '05-'09 Mustang GT. Specifically engineered for the new Abaco DBX 97mm digital mass-air meter, the pipe comes with a redesigned heat shield that delivers 819 cubic-inches of air to the 4.5-inch Power Pipe, providing a larger volume of cooler air to the engine and an increase of 144 percent in air flow over the stock intake pipe. Anderson says you can expect an increase of up to 19 rear-wheel horsepower. There is no need to flash the Ford computer.

Advanced Tuning
DiabloSport is now offering its all-new Trinity Performance Monitor, which supports a number of '99-'09 vehicles, including Mustangs. The many features include programming, diagnostics, read/clear trouble codes, virtual drag strip, virtual gauges, and customizable gauge layouts.

Power Aid
The PowerAid throttle body spacer from AirRaid was developed to enhance the '05-'09 Mustang GT's off-idle to mid-range performance and efficiency. The unique Helix Bore design creates a spinning action of the incoming air. As air passes through the throttle body, the helical effect causes the air molecules to organize and maintain high velocity, helping to provide a superior atomized mixture of fuel and air into the combustion chamber. Manufactured from high-quality billet aluminum, the kit includes the necessary gaskets, hardware, and brackets to maintain proper geometry with the factory components. The PowerAid spacer can be installed in less than an hour using common hand tools.

Charge Plates
Steeda's patented charge motion plates are a great upgrade for '05-'09 Mustang GTs. As used on Steeda's Q335 Mustangs, the CNC-machined plates are .070-inch larger than the factory plates. They also provide a better port match to the intake manifold and cylinder heads, reducing turbulence and improving airflow for more horsepower and torque. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, Steeda's charge motion plates require computer recalibration, available with Steeda's Xcalibrator2 or Steeda Predator tuners. Once tuned, the plates will not sacrifice low-end torque and will provide midrange and upper rpm horsepower and torque increases.

GT Cold-Air
BBK's cold air induction system has been tested to show a consistent gain of 15-16 rear-wheel horsepower with the factory computer program. This high level of performance is achieved by utilizing a custom integral mass air housing, which is machined from lightweight 356 aluminum and features the same calibration as the factory mass air. Now available in charcoal metallic, the BBK cold air induction kits are designed for bolt-on installation and come with all necessary hardware and installation instructions.

Twin-Screw Vortech
Vortech Engineering has announced the availability of the Lysholm-design VTS superchargers, featuring the Twin-Screw concept, for '07-'09 Shelby GT500 and GT500KR Mustangs, '03-'04 Mustang Cobras, and other supercharged Mustangs as a direct replacement for the OE Roots-type supercharger. The VTS is a unique positive displacement design that provides maximum low-end torque as well as high efficiency for maximum top-end horsepower. Features include a plenum design with increased volume that allows for an unrestricted flow to the intake port and integrated bypass valve. The compressor mounts to the stock air/water charge cooler with the included adapter plate.

You can add serious horsepower to the '10 Mustang GT with the ROUSHcharger supercharger kit from Roush Performance. Main components include an M90 Roots-style supercharger, intake manifold, air-to-water intercooler system, 73mm pulley to generate 5 psi of boost, and high-flow fuel injectors and induction system. A key to maximizing performance is the upgraded PCM calibration; owners must ship their PCM unit to Roush for the necessary calibration (free overnight shipping is included). The ROUSHcharger brings the total output to 435hp and 400 lb. ft. of torque at the flywheel. A new feature for the `10 version is the plug-and-play jumper harness, making installation easier and less time consuming. Currently available for manual transmission vehicles only, a calibration for automatic transmissions is expected to be available by mid-June.

3-Valve Damper
The PowerForce damper from Professional Products is 30 percent stronger than stock and will provide 3-valve 4.6L engines with the protection they need during high rpm runs. Professional Products' engineers designed and built the damper to factory dimensions from nodular iron. It comes standard with an engraved timing mark at TDC (top dead center) so it can easily be viewed in a crowded engine compartment.

2010 Shaker
Classic Design Concepts and Ford Racing have released their new Shaker Hood System for the '10 Mustang GT. The system is a functional unit that forces outside cold air into the factory or aftermarket air box. It attaches directly to the engine and sports a well-designed engine cover with Ford Racing badges. Topping the system is a cast aluminum scoop that is identical to the original Shaker found on '69-'70 performance Mustangs. The Shaker Hood System kit includes all mounting hardware, ductwork, template, and detailed instructions. Installation can be completed in three-hours or less with basic tools.
The '10 Mustang GT Shaker Hood System can be purchased from Ford Racing distributors as PN M-16612-SHK or from Classic Design Concepts as PN 1095-7000-01.

Paxton For '10
Paxton Automotive has introduced a new high-output supercharging system for the '10 Mustang GT. The addition of the NOVI 2200SL gear-driven supercharger increases horsepower from 315 to 470 and torque from 325 lb. ft. to 420 lb. ft. at the flywheel. The configuration includes the new SL compressor, which features an internal oil reservoir that does not require an oil line between the oil pan and the compressor gear case.
The integrated air/air charge cooling allows for additional horsepower gains. All components needed to bolt the system to a stock vehicle are included, such as aluminum mounting brackets, high-flow fuel pump, replacement injectors, DiabloSport Predator hand-held programmer, compressor bypass valve, and required fasteners. Available in satin or polished finish, the system is compatible with factory OBD II engine management.

Cool Covers
From the factory, the Mustang GT's 3-valve cam covers are a dull, discolored gray. Fortunately, Ford Racing takes care of the unsightly problem with new cam covers, available in powdercoated chrome, blue, or black wrinkle. A direct replacement for the factory versions, they're available from any Ford Racing dealer.

High-Output Coils
WeaponX has introduced a dedicated EFX line of super high-out C.O.P. ignition coils for the '05 and up Mustang's modular engines. Manufactured to precise specifications, the WeaponX coils take advantage of direct-fire technology, locking spark-plug terminals, high-output magnetic cores, and exclusive PCM ignition boost adjustment via a Delta Force Tuning programmer. The WeaponX system is the only ignition upgrade that takes advantage of late-model Ford ignition systems through hardware and software adjustments.

Bullitt Exhaust
The new M-5230-GTB mufflers from Ford Racing are the same as used on the '08 Mustang Bullitt special edition. Direct bolt-ons for '05-'09 Mustang GTs, the Bullitt mufflers are made from aluminized 409 stainless steel and come with a polished aluminum tips. They offer a throatier exhaust note over the factory mufflers.

Whipple Belt Drive
If you're tired of belts slipping, breaking, or being thrown off your Whipple supercharged Mustang, Steeda's Belt Drive System is the answer you're looking for. Steeda designed its Belt Drive package to relocate the supercharger drive off the factory 6-rib system, making it a dedicated 10-rib belt system that drives the supercharger and nothing else. Removing the supercharger from the primary accessory drive serves to eliminate any and all slippage problems, including under full load. The standard accessories are driven by a Steeda underdrive pulley for even more power and reduced accessory load. The package includes a new supercharger snout, billet pulleys, billet mounting plates, two new belts, and a heavy-duty belt tensioner. Minor modifications are required to fit the system under a stock hood.

Racy mufflers
Ford Racing's M-5230-S mufflers for '05-'09 Mustangs GTs were homologated for use on the Mustang FR500S. Made from aluminized 409 stainless steel and embossed with the Ford Racing logo, the mufflers offer improved performance and a throatier exhaust note.

Six Firepower
Performance Distributors' new Screamin' Demon ignition coil is the first performance coil for '05-'08 six-cylinder Mustangs. Designed to produce a longer duration spark, the Screamin' Demon burns fuel so efficiently that spark plug gap can be opened up to .060-.065-inch. The coil is epoxy filled, leading to improved heat transfer and vibration resistance. Easy to install, the Screamin' Demon mounts in the original equipment location. In a series of 0-60 mph tests, Performance Distributors improved ETs by an average of .33 seconds over a stock coil.

Six-Speed Handle
Get a handle on your GT500 shifts with the new 6-speed shifter from Shelby Performance Parts. The original shifter handle uses rubber bushings, but the Shelby version takes advantage of high-durometer polyurethane isolators for more precise shifts. It also looks great in forged 7075 aluminum with the Shelby script stamped on both sides.

GT Headers
BBK's new full-length, stainless steel headers for '05-'09 Mustang GTs offer power gains over the restrictive factory exhaust headers. Made from high-quality 304 stainless steel, the headers are designed as a direct bolt-on. When used with BBK's short mid-pipes, they bolt to the existing factory or aftermarket cat-back system. The Speedware Series headers feature CNC mandrel-bent 1 5/8-inch tubing with 3.8-inch thick stainless flanges. Kits come with all needed gaskets, hardware, and detailed installation instructions.

Gear Kits
Latemodel Restoration Supply's rear gear kits include everything needed to install new gears in one convenient package. The kits includes a Ford Racing ring and pinion gear set (3.55, 3.73, or 4.10 ratios), a master bearing kit, a bottle of friction modifier, and two bottles of Royal Purple 75W90 gear oil.

Billet Battery Hold-Down
UPR Product's Billet Aluminum Battery Hold-Down Kit takes Mustang underhood appearance to a new level. Precision machined from billet aluminum to insure a perfect fit, the kit includes all hardware necessary for easy installation. It is available in either brushed satin or mirror-polished finish.

Braced by BBK
BBK's strut tower braces feature a super-strong tubular steel design to reduce cowl flex up to 40 percent without sacrificing ride quality. Each strut tower brace is robotically welded for maximum accuracy and performance. Available in chrome or Titanium powder-coat, the BBK strut tower braces are designed for direct bolt-on installation in minutes without interfering with most aftermarket engine covers. Detailed installation instructions are included.

Tri-Ax Shifter
The newest Tri-Ax shifter from Steeda incorporates 20 years of race-proven technology, along with modern materials and machining techniques. Benefits include short throws, precise action, stop-bolts to prevent damage to the transmission and linkage under hard usage, two-position handle height, and calibrated internal spring tension so you'll never miss Third gear. The factory steel mounting rail is replaced with a substantial billet beam for more positive location and upgraded rear mounting bushings are supplied to reduce deflection.

Manual-Look Auto Shift
With Complete Pony Services' Mach II automatic transmission shifter, no one will know that you're packing an automatic behind your 4.6L or V6 Mustang. The "manual-look" shifter for '05-'09 Mustangs is operated by pushing down on the handle to maneuver through the shift positions. It retains all of the factory functions, including overdrive turnoff. The 45-minute, do-it-yourself installation does not require complete console removal. Priced at $195 with shift ball included, the CPS shifter uses common 3/8-16 threads to accommodate most aftermarket shift knobs. Custom knobs and trim rings are available.

Steeda Support
Steeda's new tubular front radiator support allows you to maintain the front sway bar and reduce weight at the same time. Steeda engineers designed the support from strong and light 4130 chrome moly steel, resulting in a tubular support that is half the weight of the stock steel unit. Tig-welded and powdercoated in silver metal flake, it looks as good as it works.

Shelby Strut
Shelby Performance Parts offers several strut tower braces, including this Shelby logo version made from 6061 extruded aluminum. The ends are forged and precision TIG-welded for strength and light weight. The brace is the perfect compliment to other Shelby underhood billet pieces. A parallel beam strut tower brace is also available, with or without a CS Shelby emblem plate. All of the SPP strut tower braces fit Mustangs and Shelby GTs; they do not fit Shelby GT500s or GTs with a roots-style supercharger.

Strutting Your Stuff
The '05-'09 Mustang strut tower brace from Latemodel Restoration Supply features a parallel beam design. Made from high-quality polished stainless steel, it fits both GT and V6 models. You can add your own custom emblem or decal to the center plate for a unique look. The brace will not fit Shelby GT500s or vehicles with the factory plenum cover.

Braced For Action
Steeda Autosports spent countless hours figuring out where S197 Mustangs could benefit most from chassis stiffening. The result is Steeda's 3-point torque box and frame rail braces to tie together the inner/outer frame rails and rear lower control arm mount. Made from 4130 chrome moly, the braces are silver powdercoated and come with mounting hardware. Welded installation is recommended for maximum benefit.

Watts Up
Steeda's Watts Linkage eliminates the unwanted lateral motion inherent in the geometry of the factory panhard bar. Eliminating the lateral movement of the axle provides a more stable and confidence-inspiring feeling as your suspension moves through its range of motion. The more stable feeling with a Watt's Linkage allows the typical driver to control the car closer to the vehicle's limit.

Roush Suspension
The Roush Complete Suspension Kit was carefully designed to work as an integrated system for '05-'10 Mustangs to provi de superior handling without sacrificing ride quality. As used on the Roush Stage 2 and 427R Mustangs, the kit includes springs, dampeners, jounce bumpers, and anti-roll bars. Roush wheels are recommended with the Roush Complete Suspension Kit.

Performance Polyurethane
Replace sway bar bushings, control arm bushings, track bar bushings, and even shifter bushings with Energy Suspension's virtually indestructible polyurethane bushings. Impervious to oils, gasses, road salts, and atmospheric conditions, the Energy Suspension bushings will outlast OEM rubber many times over. Whether your Mustang is an all-out race car, a weekend warrior, or a daily driver, it will handle and perform better with Energy Suspension performance polyurethane components.

Billet Arms
Steeda's billet rear lower trailing arms replace the stamped-steel OE parts to reduce un-sprung weight and eliminate wheel hop. The exclusive polyurethane bushing package also ensures smooth, quiet operation with no increase in noise, vibration, or harshness. The lightweight yet super strong arms are also available with a spherical bearing on one end and poly bushings on the other for high horsepower applications.

Relocation Brackets
Steeda's Lower Trailing Arm Relocation Brackets are designed to allow the relocation of the rear mounting point of the lower trailing arm for fine-tuning instant center geometry. Recommended for open-track racing, improving the instant center geometry helps weight transfer and traction for better acceleration out of the corners. The brackets are also great for lowered cars to correct the instant center geometry change that occurs from lowering the vehicle. The kit is compatible with all S197 Mustangs, including the Shelby GT500.

Stopping Power
Upgrade your stopping power with the Roush High Performance Brake Kit. Offered for '05-'10 Mustangs with Roush 18-inch wheels for proper caliper clearance, the kit comes with four-piston calipers with braided brake lines, front brake pads, and 14-inch slotted front rotors. The Roush brakes decrease stopping distance, improve braking modulation and control under braking, improve initial bite, and effectively dissipate and manage heat. The kit comes standard on the Roush Stage 3 and P-51A Mustangs.

Center Fog Lights
Add the vintage Shelby look to `05-'09 Mustang GTs with the center fog light grille conversion kit from Latemodel Restoration Supply. The grille is molded for a factory-style fit and matches the OE grille pattern. The kit includes only the grille and foglight extensions; it does not include fog lights. Factory GT fog lamp assemblies can be used.

V6 Brakes
The Ford Racing brake kit from Latemodel Restoration Supply upgrades the 11.5-inch front rotors on V6 Mustangs to the GT's 12.4-inch rotors for increased stopping power.
Easily installed, the kit utilizes the existing calipers and brake pads so installation doesn't require bleeding the brake system. For caliper clearance, 17-inch or larger `05-'09 Mustangs wheels are required.

Functional Brake Cooling
With Shelby Performance Parts' Hose and Backing Plates, you can cool your Shelby's front brakes for exceptional braking performance on the track. The kit comes with a pair of fiberglass ducting hoses and two composite plastic-injected backing plates that channel air directly through the center of the rotors for even heat exchange, unlike other kits that simply force air onto the rotor faces. Brake duct bezels are available for Shelby GTs and GT500s. The Shelby GT bezel also includes mounting for PIAA driving lights (available separately), while the GT500 bezels are available as bezels only or as part of a complete replacement lower grille.

Shelby Combo
Latemodel Restoration Supply makes it easy to add American Racing's Shelby Razor wheels to your '05-'09 Mustang. They come already mounted with Sumitomo HTRZ III 255/35/20 tires - balanced and ready to go. Correct lugs are included. The wheels will not fit Shelby GT500s or cars with big-brake kits. For '07-'09 Mustangs, Tire Pressure Monitoring bands and sensors must be purchased separately to retain the functionality of the TPM.

Shelby Brakes
For many Mustang and Shelby owners, braking performance is ideal from the factory. However, for those looking for the best, Shelby Performance Parts offers several upgrades, including the Shelby Extreme-Plus Braking System by Baer Brakes. The system includes the same 14-inch cross-drilled and slotted rotors as found on the Shelby GT but adds huge PBR 6-piston calipers with Baer's Sport Touring brake pads. Powder-coated in one of six different colors with engraved Shelby lettering, the calipers feature CNC-machined bores, stainless steel pistons, and seals to withstand high temperatures during racing conditions. The Extreme-Plus brakes fit all V6 and V8 Mustangs with optional ABS. Eighteen-inch wheels are required for clearance.

Roush And Cooper
Cooper Tire have teamed up to create an ultra-high performance tire for `05-'10 Mustangs. The Cooper Zeon RS3 is the same tire that comes standard on Roush's highest performance Mustangs, including the Stage 3 and P-51B. The Roush partnership gave Cooper the opportunity to design and develop a new extreme performance tire to match the power of the Stage 3 and other Roush Mustangs.

Cooler GT500 Brakes
Anyone who has done autocross, SCCA, road course, or even heavy road braking knows how important it is to keep the brake rotors cool. JLT Performance's brake cooling kit for '07-'09 Shelby GT500s brings in cool air from the grille area to the center of the rotors for even cooling. The new GT500 has provisions in the bumper cover for a brake cooling kit; you just need to drill out the holes in the lower grille. The JLT kit includes custom aluminum backing plates and 2.5-inch brake cooling hose, along with clamps and needed hardware. You can add optional JLT Grille Bezels at a discounted price when ordering the brake cooling kit

Love Those Louvers
For a vintage performance look, Willpak Industries offers aluminum rear window louvers for '05-'10 Mustangs. Providing protection from the sun without compromising rear visibility, the louvers are ready to install with a no-drill mounting plate that provides a flush-fit and allows the rear window to be easily cleaned. An ABS version of the louver assembly is also available in UV-resistant textured black or a smooth finish that's ready for paint.

GT/CS Grille
SilverHorse Racing now offers a honeycomb lower grille for California Special models. Easy to install in less than a minute, the grille is designed to protect the radiator, condenser, and aftermarket intercoolers. No tools or drilling is required for the unique tongue-in-groove installation method. Airflow is not impeded by this piece, and it also works with SilverHorse Racing's brake duct cooling kits.

Switch Plates
The newest Tru-Billet product from SilverHorse Racing is their most detailed billet product yet. Sold as a set and available for both coupe and convertible models, the SilverHorse switch plates are made using the latest in CAD/CAM software and CNC equipment to end up with a true one-piece billet replacement that installs in just minutes. Available either in anodized or triple-chrome plated finishes, the switch plates fit all '05-'09 Mustangs.

Super Snake Hood
Owners of '07-'08 Shelby GT500s can upgrade their hood to functional cold air and heat extractors with a Super Snake hood from the Shelby Performance Parts catalog. Made from lightweight resin composite, the Super Snake hood is a direct OEM-spec bolt-on that comes primed for paint. It features fully functional ram-air, which requires the use of an aftermarket open-element air filter to replace the factory air box. Also, the hood includes provisions for heat extractor grilles, available separately as aluminum Shelby Super Snake Hood Louvers.

Brake Light Trim
You're proud of your Shelby so say it loud with Shelby Performance Parts' Third Brake Light Trim. Made from stamped aluminum, the trim covers the Mustang's third brake light so "Shelby" lights up for the rest of the world to see. SPP also offers a plain trim, without the Shelby lettering, in polished or satin finish.

Shelby Pedal Covers
The Shelby Performance Parts' aluminum pedal covers are contoured to fit the shape of the pedal and install easily with provided hardware. Blue Shelby script is embossed across each cover. The covers are available as a 3-piece (clutch, brake, and accelerator) for manual transmission cars or a 2-piece (brake and accelerator) for automatics. A matching dead pedal is also available.

Lighted Sills For '10s
Add sleek styling to the '10 Mustang interior with a Roush Illuminated Sill Plate Kit. Consisting of two bezel inserts that fit into the door sill plate, the Roush logo is illuminated via the OEM "My Color" system. The Roush Vinyl Sill Plate Kit is resistant to UV fading and scratches, and is flexible for easy installation. It uses automotive-grade adhesives to ensure a long-lasting application.

Billet Switch Cover
UPR Products has added Billet Lock Switch Covers to its extensive line of billet aluminum dress-up components for '05-'10 Mustangs. The switch covers come in a highly-polished finish and feature lock and unlock logos on the faces. They are supplied in pairs and come with adhesive for an easy 5-minute installation.

Harness Bar And Belts
The Corbeau Harness Bars from Latemodel Restoration Supply are manufactured with the highest grade materials and are designed specifically for Corbeau Harness Belts. Kits include harness bar, a pair of four-point black snap-in harness belts, and necessary hardware.

Arm-Rest Dress
The embroidered arm-rest covers from Mustangs Plus are a great way to dress-up your '05-'09 Mustang's interior. The covers are available in black with silver embroidery, either a running horse or Mustang GT.

Sportier Daily-Driver
If you're looking for a sportier seat for your daily-driver '05-up Mustang, Corbeau has the answer with its GTSII seat. Known for its comfort and good looks, standard features include ergonomic design; high-density injection molded foam; integrated kidney, shoulder, and thigh support; infinite recline with a fingertip controlled lever, and harness belt capability. Available in cloth, microsuede, and leather, the GTSII starts at $320 per seat. Corbeau has a full line of custom brackets to make installation quick and easy.

Hot Looks
Corbeau's CR1 seat provides drivers with the latest in looks, comfort, durability, and style. Starting at $399 per seat, the CR1's standard equipment includes all the features of the GTSII daily-driver seat but adds harness belt capability. The CR1 is available in cloth, microsuede, and 100% leather materials.