Jerry Heasley
February 1, 2009
Carbon-Fiber Mirror CoversOur first installation was a set of carbon-fiber covers for the side mirrors of any Gen 5 Mustang GT.

In the '60s, Mustang owners bought Shelby parts from Shelby's parts catalog to make their Mustangs faster and cooler. Forty years later, the Shelby Mustang is back in a big way. With the return of the legend comes a new Shelby Performance Parts catalog. Now today's owners can improve their '05-'09 Mustangs with a new breed of modern Shelby components. Browsing through the Shelby Performance Parts catalog reveals literally hundreds of trick upgrades for Gen 5 Mustangs. Today it takes a less than a minute to download a catalog. A print version of the Shelby Performance Parts catalog is also available from the website at

Recently we stopped by Quantum Performance, Shelby's Southwest Mod Shop in Farmers Branch, Texas, and talked to co-owners Glenn Martini and Kenny Northum. We looked at some easy Shelby parts installations that just about anybody can do at home in the family garage. Quantum tech Shawn West was installing 40th Anniversary parts on a customer's GT500, so we followed along. All of these parts fit Gen 5 Mustangs.