Jim Smart
February 1, 2009
Here's a cutaway of the induction side that shows long intake runners for improved velocity (air speed and volume). With velocity comes pressure and torque.
Cylinder Head Specifications Intake Airflow In CFM
Head TypeValve Lift 
 @ 0.{{{100}}}”0.{{{200}}}”0.{{{300}}}”0.400”0.500”0.{{{600}}}”
OZ 25063101133155156156
Classic Inlines 5299143180201210
This is a close look at the exhaust runner, also longer for improved scavenging. Hot gases have a much smoother trip here than in a vintage iron head.
Cylinder Head Specifications Exhaust Airflow In CFM
Head TypeValve Lift 
 @ 0.100”0.200”0.300”0.400”0.500”0.600”
OZ 25036689198103105
Classic Inlines 4079111144{{{164}}}174