Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 1, 2008

Your Great Garage
If your garage has gotten totally out of control and you're overwhelmed just by the thought of cleaning it out and reorganizing it, you might want to call in the pros. Garage makeover companies are popping up all over the country, offering start-to-finish overhauls with flooring options, overhead storage, work benches, cabinets, and wall coverings with hangers. Best of all, you don't have to lift a finger.

In Central Florida, the company to call is Your Great Garage (813/343-8126;, headquartered in Tampa. They provide free estimates and makeover recommendations, then empty your garage, install flooring and storage, and reorganize everything as they put it all back for you. They'll even haul away the stuff you don't need. With the garage neat and tidy, you can then add your own Mustang touches, such as posters, barstools, and signs.

With co-owner Tom Potts and makeover technician Jimmy Alton as our guides, we visited Tom Crowthers' three-car garage that had recently undergone a Your Great Garage transformation. Although not a Mustang owner, Tom wanted a neat garage for his motorcycle and Hummer, but he needed storage options for gardening tools and the kids' bikes. Your Great Garage began by emptying the garage, then putting down interlocking 12x12 flooring squares in black and gray with a red border. The garage walls are covered with slat siding, which offers many options for hanging everything from golf clubs to bicycles. Overhead storage racks get seldom-used items off the floor, with lower racks for stashing ladders. A corner cabinet provides storage for cleaning supplies and paint.

If your wife can have her closet reorganized, why can't you call in the pros for your garage makeover?