July 1, 2007

Two-Valve Plenum
C&L Performance's 4.6L upper intake plenum was the first available for '96-'04 GT Mustangs. It still makes gains of 8-12 hp. Designed, developed, and made in the U.S., it's best used with a 75mm throttle body. Prices start at $119 for the standard cast finish. Super-chrome or charcoal finishes are also available.

Cherry Bomb
Since 1968, the Cherry Bomb glasspack muffler has been easily recognized by its bright red color and throaty performance sound. Now it's available for most car applications, including Fox-body and all other Mustangs. Insulated with high-temperature fiberglass to absorb high-frequency sounds, the Glasspack's reversible, straight-through design allows for the classic glasspack sound and reduces back pressure to maximize horsepower. Its round, linear shape creates a universal fit, making installation a breeze. The Cherry Bomb Glasspack is made of 100-percent-welded, aluminized steel and is finished in a high-temperature-resistant, red finish for long-lasting construction.

Mach 1 Intake
C&L Performance's '03-'04 Mach 1 intake assembly is the only aftermarket intake that replaces every component from the throttle body forward, including the mass airflow unit. Mach 1 owners can expect an average gain of 11 hp with a maximum improvement of 14-17 hp and 22 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. The system retains the function of the original factory Shaker-hoodscoop assembly.

Pro-Action Heads
It's a fact: Factory configuration small-block Ford engines are limited by cylinder head airflow efficiency. Racing Head Service (RHS) has changed all that with the introduction of the new Pro Action Windsor and 5.0L cylinder heads, available in either aluminum or cast iron. Compatible with all original equipment and aftermarket performance parts, the Pro Action cylinder heads offer several unique features, such as high-volume exhaust ports, a dual-bolt pattern, and superior port-to-chamber transitions. Available in 180cc, 200cc, and 215cc intake runner volumes, the heads use 2.020-inch and 2.080-inch diameter intake valve sizes, dependent on runner volume. Exhaust valves are 1.600 inches in diameter.

3G Alternator
PA Performance has improved the already-popular 3G alternator. Initially available in 95-, 130-, and 200-amp ratings, the new design provides a massive 60 amps at idle (120 amps max), 80 amps at idle (170 amps max), and 100 amps at idle (200 amps max), respectively. Applications and upgrades are available for all Mustangs, including Fox-bodies and SVOs. Available finishes include chrome, polished, and powdercoated color. The PA Performance alternators are sold in easy-to-install kits and are available directly from PA Performance or through participating dealers.

Freedom Heads
The new Freedom Series small-block Ford aluminum heads from Patriot Perfor-mance are custom-engineered with 185cc intake runners to flow 260 cfm. Available from $895 per pair, the heads come assembled with 2.02-inch intake and 1.60-inch exhaust valves, 3/8-inch studs, guide plates, and hydraulic roller springs.

Cobra Intake
C&L Performance's air intake assembly for '03-'04 Cobra Mustangs is the highest-flowing intake available for supercharged cars, meaning it will support more power. At 1,137 cfm, this intake is the only aftermarket system for the Cobra that replaces every component from the throttle body forward. The system also extends the usable horse-power range from the stock mass airflow unit's 485 hp all the way up to 535 hp. Gains of more than 23 hp are typical on completely stock vehicles.

Detail CorraL
Classic Design Concepts has taken the unfinished, unattractive, inner decklid of the '05-'07 Mustang to a completed state with the new Detail Corral. Not only does it add visual appeal to the trunk, it also provides storage capabilities for first aid and cleaning supplies, CDC's mini duster, and other lightweight items. Installation is a breeze with basic handtools, and no drilling is required. OE materials provide a factory appearance and fit.

Magnetic Panel
The heritage-style blackout panel from Latemodel Restoration Supply covers the rear decklid between the taillights to give your '05-'07 Mustang a great classic look. Available for $39.95, magnetic backing allows for a quick-and-easy installation; the hole for the rear emblem is precut.

Variable Shifter
In addition to possessing the same patented features as MGW's earlier short-throw shifters-such as adjustable handle and sound dampening centershaft design-the company's new shifter for '05-'07 Mustangs has a variable shift throw so drivers can fine-tune to their personal preference. The patent-pending feature allows the driver to adjust the throw from just shorter than stock to almost a 50-percent reduction. Utilizing state-of-the-art materials and design components, the shifter has been engineered to offer short throw and ease of shifting for all gears. Other features include sound- and thermal-deflection technology to maintain original OEM sound levels, and a strong lateral spring load to eliminate Third gear lockout. An installation video is included.

Brake Cooling
Quantum Motorsports has announced the addition of '05-'07 brake cooling kits to the current line of Mustang kits. As with the company's kits for '94-'04 Mustangs, they're offered in street and race versions. They're an easy bolt-on modification and feature 6061-T6 TIG-welded aluminum ducts designed to direct cooling air to the center of the rotor, a unique flexible hose with an external wire to stand up to the rigors of racing and street duty, and all the necessary mounting hardware. Quantum also offers front-bumper air inlets.