July 1, 2007

Shelby-Style Lights
With Street Scene Equipment's new center dual-light grille shell (PN 950-74590), '05-'07 GTs can take on the look of the '67 Shelbys. Made from durable injection-molded plastic, it moves the driving lights from the outside of the grille to the center. The shell comes with everything needed for installation: a wiring harness, two lights, and all the hardware. Factory mounting locations are used, so no cutting or fabrication is required.

DuckTail Spoiler
Classic Design Concept's three-piece Ducktail spoiler for the '05-'07 Mustang is made from lightweight, blow-molded ABS and requires no trunk-strut adjustments. Offered with or without the Mustang logo, the spoiler is available unpainted or in all factory colors. To meet vintage design goals, CDC engineered the spoiler without the LED light. For customers who wish to have it, the company created a system that mounts inside the rear window and doesn't intrude on the design of the spoiler. It hard-mounts to the vehicle with bolts and/or acrylic bonding tape. Installation works best on cars ordered without the factory rear spoiler, but for Mustangs with the spoiler, CDC offers an optional stock-spoiler hole-delete kit, eliminating the need to repaint the trunk.

Wild Lights
Now you can dress up your '05-'07 Mustang with affordable projector headlights and LED taillights from Dallas Mustang. The headlights are available in chrome or black; the taillights are offered in chrome, smoked, and red/clear. They're also available for '99-'04 Mustangs.

Comp Wing
Standing tall at full race height, Steeda's Competition Wing (PN 307-0009, shown above on Steeda's Screamin' Yellow Q) gets into the air stream and creates significant down-force to enhance handling and traction. It's available with Steeda Billet Winglets, sold separately.

Swarr Stick
The patent-pending Swarr Stick shifter from Swarr Automotive is designed to fit the Tremec TKO 500-600 and T56 six-speed transmissions in '05-'07 Mustangs. Providing zero slop for more accurate and faster shifts, the Swarr Stick is great for the street and hardcore racers. Made from billet aluminum and chrome-moly, it doesn't attach to the body. The kit includes a transmission, a shifter, a crossmember, a one-piece driveshaft, a front and rear yoke, a polyurethane transmission mount, a bellhousing (for TKO), a new hydraulic bearing, and a special fitting to adapt the factory lines so the stock master cylinder can be used.

Retro Magnum
If you're looking to add to the retro look of an '05-'07 Mustang, Wheel Replicas offers the 469 Magnum. It replicates the appearance of the Magnum 500 wheels used on vintage Mustangs. Unlike the originals, the Wheel Replica version is available in modern sizes: 18x9, 18x10, 20x8-1/2, and 20x10. All the Wheel Replica wheels utilize the latest in casting and finishing technology and are available in many finishes.

Cool Valve Covers
For the first time in years, the Mustang GT comes with highly visible valve covers. Unfor-tunately, they're an ugly, dull, discolored gray. Fortunately, Ford Racing takes care of the problem with new valve covers for the Three-Valve 4.6 powerplant. Available in powdercoated chrome-look, blue, black wrinkle, and silver, the new covers are a direct replacement for the factory ones, and are available at any Ford Racing dealer.

CNC Three-Valve Heads
For improved airflow and more horsepower, Livernois Motorsports offers CNC-machined Three-Valve heads with oversize valves. Fully assembled but without camshafts, the heads flow 300 cfm on the intake and 215 cfm on the exhaust. The stainless valves are 1 mm larger than stock, and the heads come with new valve seals, retainers, locks, and Livernois' exclusive single-coil valvesprings.

Retro Mirrors
Agent 47 has answered the call for aesthetically pleasing mirrors to complement the S197 Mustang's retro styling. Available with a suggested retail price of $395, the mirrors are designed for factory mounting points and electric motors, so installation is a snap.

Past Meets Present
Temple Performance Cars' Legend body package adds retro styling to the '05-'07 Mustang's cutting-edge late-model performance. Available in Legend X (supercharged), Series 1 (also supercharged), or Series 2 (naturally aspirated) models, all incorporate the Legend body package, Carroll Shelby wheels with BFG tires, performance springs, exhaust modifications, billet interior accents, and painted stripes. Each comes with its own serial number and body identification tag. The Legend body kit's individual parts are also available.

Vortech Supercharger
Vortech has introduced a new high-output supercharging system for the '07 GT. The addition of the V-2 SQ S-Trim supercharger increases horsepower from 300 to 462 and torque from 320 lb/ft to 419 lb/ft, estimated at the flywheel at 10-psi boost. For '07, a larger capacity cooler is included for improved performance. All components needed to bolt the system to a stock vehicle are included: mounting brackets, fuel system upgrades, DiabloSport handheld programmer, supercharger oil feed and drain, compressor bypass valve, and all required fasteners.