July 1, 2007

High-Flow 4.6 Pumps
Inspired by top 4.6L engine- builder Sean Hyland, the new EMP Stewart Components water pump fills an industry void for a 4.6L high-performance pump. Perfect as a cost-effective replacement upgrade, the pump is available in long and short versions to fit the Two- and Four-Valve engines. There are two options: PN STE50046L for '96-to-mid-'01 Mustangs and PN STE50046S for mid-'01-to-'04 Mustangs. The pumps work with either stock or aftermarket underdrive pulleys and come with a stainless steel impeller, heavy-duty bearing, and carbon-graphite seal. The EMP Stewart Components' water pumps are available from companies such as Steeda Autosports, Mustangs Unlimited, and Summit Racing.

Cam Gears
Fidanza has expanded its product offering for the Mustang GT with adjustable, lightweight, aluminum cam gears. Available for the 4.6L, the cam gears are constructed from 6061-T6 billet aluminum for increased horsepower and fine-tuned cam timing, offering 12 degrees of CNC-etched adjustments in each direction (advance and retard) for street and racing enthusiasts. They're unique because the inner gear is held to the outer by tightening stainless steel nuts to stainless steel screws, not by threading into aluminum. This allows the user to put more torque onto the fasteners, creating a solid construction able to withstand high-performance conditions.

For more than 80 years, water-methanol injection has been proven to add power to everything from the P51 Mustang fighter to diesel land-speed record holders. For naturally aspirated '79-'04 Mustangs, Snow Performance's high-pressure/ high-volume injection system allows for maximized torque and safe power by adding octane rating and intake charge air cooling in gasoline engines. The new Stage-2 Boost Cooler water/ methanol injection system uses a digital variable controller that varies the quantity injected with vacuum and rpm. The kit allows for full timing with pump gas for race-gas power all the time. Because the correct amount is injected at all rpm states, power and driveability is improved over the typical on/off systems. The kit comes with everything needed for installation, including a high-pressure/high-volume pump and specially designed nozzles to atomize the mixture.

Lowering Low-Down
Lowering springs are one of the most popular modifications for Fox-body Mustangs. Not only does it enhance appearance, it provides the added benefit of improved handling, especially in conjunction with performance struts and shocks. Because lowering changes the suspension geometry beyond the adjustment capabilities of the factory strut plates, a recommended modification for lowered '79-'04 Mustangs is caster/camber plates, as offered by Steeda Autosports. Available in several different configurations, the plates provide additional adjustment to allow proper front-tire alignment for increased tire wear and handling.

Wheel and Tire Kits
One of the quickest and easiest mods for adding killer looks to '79-'04 Mustangs is bolting on a new set of wheels and tires. Latemodel Restoration Supply has taken the hassle out of finding the right wheels and tires by offering kits that include the whole setup-mounted, balanced, and ready to bolt on. A number of wheel styles are available with optional add-ons such as chrome, locking lug nuts. A road-hazard warranty is also offered.

Shifty Business
Performance Automatic now offers three new manual shift levers for Ford automatic transmissions, including two for Fox-body Mustangs. Difficult to obtain and out of production from Ford, the levers are now available for common applications, including '94-'04 Mustangs with the AODE/4R70W transmission. The lever, PN PA4594, is an exact reproduction of the factory piece. A second lever, PA5380, fits AOD-equipped '80-'93 Fox-body Mustangs and can be used to retrofit an AOD transmission into an early model. With PA2665, Performance Automatic has reproduced the shift lever for the '65-'69 Mustangs.

Fox Five-Lugs
Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation has released a kit to convert '87-'93 Mustang front and rear brakes from four-lug to the more durable five-lug setup with the popular 5x4-1/2-inch bolt pattern. Included are all the parts needed for the rear-drum-to-disc-brake conversion, complete with new five-lug rear axles. The front rotor/hub assemblies are designed to slide onto the stock spindles without modification. The complete kit includes 11-inch front five-lug rotors, 10-1/2-inch rear five-lug rotors, rear pads, a dual-bowl master cylinder, an adjustable proportioning valve, rear caliper mounting brackets, rear five-lug axle shafts, and all the necessary hardware.