July 1, 2007

The Ford Sound
Directly from Ford Racing comes the Mustang GT exhaust kit, which includes a pair of high-flow mufflers with 3.5-inch exhaust tips. Made from T-304 stainless, they provide a proven increase in horsepower and torque along with a louder, throatier exhaust note. The polished tips are embossed with "Ford Racing."

Eleanor Style
Cervini's Auto Designs has always been quick to introduce new body-kit components for the Mustang, and the '05-'07 GT presents more of the same aesthetic opportunities. This time around, the company is going for the Eleanor look with replacement front and rear bumper covers, hood, side skirts, and sidescoops. All pieces are made from urethane except the hood.

Shelby Wheels
The Carroll Shelby Wheel Company has introduced four classic-style wheels for '05-'07 Mustangs. Manufactured to meet or exceed OEM requirements, the custom alloy wheels are available in several sizes-from 18 to 20 inches-and finishes, including chrome, gloss black, Hyper Silver, and others.

Performance Packs
If you remember the staged performance packages from Ford's old Muscle Parts program, Ford Racing's Performance Packs for '05-'07 Mustangs will seem eerily familiar. Ford Racing has brought the concept back with its new Performance Packs program. Although not as comprehensive as the old Muscle Parts packages-after all, the new Mustang provides a lot more performance to begin with-the modern kits add horsepower and handling.

Power Pack
The entry-level kit is the Power Pack (PN M-2005-FR1). Designed for '05-'07 Mustang GT owners who want more power while maintaining mild street manners, the package includes a 90mm cold-air kit with a flash tuner, performance mufflers, and a performance oil filter. Ford Racing estimates a 20hp improvement over stock on a five-speed, but you'll have to use premium fuel after recalibrating the computer with the supplied Pro-Cal flash tuner. The tuner comes loaded with the correct calibration for the engine mods.

Drag Pack
The name may sound familiar to Mustangers from the '60s, but Ford Racing's new Drag Pack (PN M-2005-FR2) is more than bigger gears and an oil cooler. The modern Drag Pack comes with the 90mm cold-air kit and oil filter from the Power Pack, then adds 4.10:1 rear gears with an installation kit, shorty headers, and a short-throw shifter. Ford Racing doesn't provide horsepower estimates for the Drag Pack. Instead, with the gears and quicker shifter, expect to shave a half-second off the quarter-mile e.t. with a five-speed GT.

Handling Pack
Handling upgrades weren't available from the old Muscle Parts catalogs. With today's emphasis on better road manners, Ford Racing's Handling Pack (PN M-2005-FR3) provides better cornering and a lowered stance. Designed to work with and complement the performance increases from the Power Pack and Drag Pack kits, the Handling Pack includes uniquely tuned dampers, lowering springs (approximately 1-1/2 inches), front and rear sway bars, and a strut-tower brace.

LiveWire Tuning
New from SCT is LiveWire, a preprogrammed and custom-tunable PCM flash tuner that arrives loaded with three different dyno-proven custom performance tunes and one fuel-economy tune. It also offers advanced datalogging and instrumentation of more than 15 vehicle parameters. With LiveWire, DTC trouble codes can be read and cleared, affording the largest number of features ever to be offered in a custom or preprogrammed tuning device.

Long-Tube Headers
BBK has released its new full-length performance headers for '05-'07 Mustang GTs. Featuring 151/48-inch mandrel-bent tubing, 3/16-inch laser-cut flanges, and OEM-quality components, the headers are built to last. A quick bolt-on with the use of BBK's matching 2-3/4-inch high-flow crossover pipes, the headers provide a 14-20-rwhp increase on stock GTs and even more with other bolt-ons.

Subframe Connectors
Subframe connectors are the foundation of BMR's '05-'07 Mustang chassis upgrades, connecting the unibody-front and rear-subframe assemblies to form a full frame for increased chassis rigidity. Essential for anyone who wants to get the most out of future suspension modifications for cornering and straight-line acceleration, the BMR subframes are offered in two models: heavy-duty boxed connectors made of 1-1/2x2-inch main tubes and 3/16-inch-thick laser-cut weld plates, and tubular connectors built from 1-3/4-inch DOM tubing with 3/16-inch laser-cut mounting plates. Both tie the rear control arm mounts and front subframes together, but the heavy-duty boxed connectors go further by triangulating key structural points for an extremely rigid frame. They both weld to the attachment points but don't require the carpet to be removed.

Roush Suspension
A well-engineered suspension can shave seconds off time at the track and improve handling. One of the best ways to optimize handling is to install a complete suspension kit such as the one from Roush Performance. It includes handling springs, performance struts and shocks, and front and rear sway bars, all engineered to work together to make your '05-'07 Mustang GT one of the best-handling cars on the road. The components are also available separately.