July 1, 2007

5.0 Distributor
Performance Distributors' 5.0 computer distributor is now available for '84-'95 5.0L applications. Built with a full-length, oil-impregnated bushing, the unit assures durability compared to stock distributors, which have only one upper bushing. The new distributor also improves shaft rotation and magnetic pickup coil signals. The included Dyna Module provides more electronic dwell time, allowing the coil to saturate further for a more intense spark. Powdercoated in blue, the unit is ideal for those who want the stock look with Motorcraft distributor housings.

TP Cable
Performance Automatic has reissued the throttle pressure cable (Ford PN E7ZZ -7F042-A), for Fox-body Mustangs. Discontinued by Ford, the cable fits '86-'93 5.0 Mustangs and is the critical connection between the throttle body and the AOD transmission pressure-control circuits. If damaged or stretched, transmission failure can occur, often without the driver knowing.

TRZ Suspension
TRZ Motorsports offers a complete suspension package for '79-'04 Mustangs. All components are TIG-welded using chrome-moly tubing, premium Teflon-lined rod ends, and high-strength delrin bushings. The lower control arms are either single or double adjustable, while the upper control arms are double adjustable and feature extra gussets. Spherical bearings can be added to reduce suspension bind while providing a more solid pinion movement. TRZ's antiroll bar welds between the framerails to prevent body roll, significantly reducing 60-foot times.

Pillar Pods
Lethal Performance's Speed of Sound pillar pods are a direct replacement for '96-'04 Mustang A-pillars. Available to hold either two or three standard 211/416-inch gauges, the pillar pods are perfect for mounting boost and fuel-pressure gauges. No cutting or painting is required. Injection molded with the factory-correct texture, the dual pods retail for $119.99; triple pods are $139.99.

Severe-Duty Axle Kit
Latemodel Restoration Supply's severe-duty rear-axle kit for '79-'93 8.8-inch axles provides everything to build a bulletproof rearend. Kits include a Dura Grip 31-spline differential; hardened 31-spline, five-lug axles; chrome-moly 3.5-inch studs; heavy-duty 3.73 gears; a master bearing kit; an axle bearing and seal kit; a carrier bearing cap stud kit; a heavy-duty differential support and cover; a pinion flange; and Royal Purple 85W140 synthetic gear lube.

Relocated Boots
With some 5.0L Mustang header applications, burning spark plug wires is a concern. WrenchRat's new SparkArm spark-plug boots and wire-relocation product permanently stops the problem by moving the wires away from the header's heat zone. The SparkArm is 4-inches long with a 11/42-inch-diameter, adjustable pivot point. It features a high-temperature, ceramic exterior, which houses conductive stainless interior components, to safely conduct sparks between the wire and plug.

4.6 Intake
Owners of '96-'04 Mustang GTs now have an aftermarket intake for 4.6L Two-Valve engines, exclusively from Texas Hot Rods. The HPS 4.6 Hardball'r aluminum intake is a direct replacement for the factory plastic version and works well on all applications. It provides an additional 15 hp on naturally aspirated engines and up to 25 hp for blown or nitrous cars. The unique two-piece construction allows for additional porting.

Topside Adjuster
Ford Racing's topside clutch adjuster (PN M-7554-A) allows clutch cable adjustment without going underneath the car. The adjuster mounts in the firewall, where the forward wheel can be turned in or out to move the cable. The adjuster also eliminates the factory rubber bushing, providing more precise clutch action.

Billet Knobs
Xada Racing Products has introduced its line of CNC billet-aluminum shift knobs. Anodized, chromed, and polished, the knobs come with adapters for '79-'04 Mustangs to provide an OEM fit that integrates with the factory shifter boot. The Spinner version comes in a chrome-and-black finish with a ball-bearing-supported spinning center ring. The Lonestar sports a hidden and sealed compartment, accessed by unscrewing the chrome top. The Piston model provides the feeling of a true muscle Mustang.

Rotor Clearance
American Muscle's new race-inspired GT4 wheels feature enhanced interior clearance for larger brake caliper and rotor kits that require larger aftermarket rims. Available in Hypercoated (shown), black, or chrome, the wheels measure 18x9 for '94-'04 Mustangs.

The Stalker
If you're looking to dress up the exterior of your Fox-body Mustang, check out the Stalker kits from Cervini's Auto Design. Available for '87-'93, '94-'98, and '99-'04 Mustangs, the Stalker body components add a muscular appearance to any Fox-body Mustang. Components are available separately, but to get the full effect, bolt on the complete Stalker kit-the 7-piece for '79-'93 or the 10-piece for '94-'04. Major components include the hood, front bumper, side skirts, rear bumpers, and rear wing.