July 1, 2007

Camber Adjusters
For more camber adjustability, Steeda offers billet camber adjusters (PN 555-8096). The CNC-machined adjusters mount directly to the struts and come supplied with a variety of hardened steel inserts for up to a full 3 degrees of camber adjustment.

Yipes, Stripes!
Ford Racing's stripe kits add a racy look to '05-'06 Mustangs. A pair of 10-inch-wide over-the-body stripes and vintage-look lower body stripes, with or without "Ford Racing" lettering are included in the kit. The stripes are available in blue, black, or silver.

Functional Shaker Scoop
Specifically designed to fit the '05-'07 Mustang GT's Three-Valve engine, Classic Design Concept's Shaker system is fully functional with a cast-aluminum hoodscoop integrated into a custom engine cover. It's available for use with the factory GT hood or the optional CDC Shaker hood. Added details and application options enhance the appearance to spice up the underhood look. The system comes with all necessary mounting hardware, templates, and instructions.

Paxton Supercharger
Paxton has released a new supercharging system for the '07 Mustang GT that increases horsepower from 300 to 470 and torque from 320 lb/ft to 420 lb/ft, estimated at the flywheel at 10-psi boost. This system uses the NOVI 2200 centrifugal gear-driven compressor mated with an integrated air-to-air charge cooling. All components needed to bolt the system to a stock vehicle are included, such as mounting brackets, fuel system upgrades, a DiabloSport handheld programmer, supercharger oil feed and drain, a compressor bypass valve, and all the required fasteners.

ZVT Clutch
Zoom Performance Products has taken the centrifugal pressure plate to a new level with the introduction of the Zoom Variable Torque (ZVT) clutch for Mod Motor Mustangs. Originally designed to handle the torque loads of diesel engines, the patented ZVT is a true centrifugal pressure-plate system that achieves more than 700 pounds of clamp load while maintaining a stock pedal feel. A ZVT clutch cover combined with an organic disc achieves torque-handling gains of more than 300 lb-ft over comparable high-performance covers.

Underhood Dress-Up
Midwest Auto Gear has introduced four new items to its line of underhood dress-up parts for '05-'07 Mustangs. Shock-tower covers complete the strut towers by covering the nuts and top of the strut. Fuel-rail covers complement Midwest's already-available intake-plenum cover and hide the fuel rails, injectors, spark plugs, and coils. Radiator-cover extensions cover the fenders and give a more finished appearance. A fuse-box cover adds a splash of body color to the all-black molded fuse box. The parts are painted in basecoat/clearcoat and are available in all '05-'07 Mustang colors.

Covered Plenum
Ford's first photos of the new Mustang's Three-Valve 4.6L engine showed a nifty aluminum-look cover on top of the intake plenum. When the first cars hit the showrooms, the covers were nowhere to be found, apparently cut to save weight and money. Midwest Auto Gear was among the first to capitalize on Ford's last-minute change. Midwest's engine plenum cover adds a high-performance look to the '05-'07 Mustang GT's engine compartment. Made from fiberglass-reinforced Hylon Nylon 6, the covers won't bend or warp from engine heat. Four standard options include silver or black finishes, with or without the GT logo. For an additional cost, covers can be ordered to match exterior paint colors.

150hp Bolt-On
The latest Mustang can benefit from cutting-edge N2O technology with the all-new '05-'07 Mustang EFI wet system from Nitrous Pro-Flow. The adjustable 25-150hp system is engineered as a bolt-on, so installation can be accomplished in an afternoon with basic handtools. It includes everything needed for turnkey performance, including braided lines, solenoids, a programmable TPS activation system, a V-Force 2 injection nozzle, brackets, and a lightweight tank. The injection nozzle was designed for injected applications to maximize atomization and N2O distribution for power and reliability. The activation system uses the Mustang's throttle-position sensor to activate the nitrous shot at wide-open throttle only, protecting engine internals and increasing consistency.

Two-Tone Lightbar
Taking the traditional lightbar to new and improved heights, Mustang Racing Technolo-gies' (MRT) new two-tone lightbar is the missing style link for all '99-'07 convertible Mustangs. Adding a full range of secondary color options allows buyers to personalize their droptop in a way never before possible. Constructed with 1-1/4-inch, steel, round tube with heavy-duty, 1/8-inch wall thickness, the MRT two-tone lightbar is built to last. The company incorporates only the finest materials into its colored wraps.

Cobra Scoop
New from Mustang Depot is the '05-'07 Mustang fiberglass hood with a Cobra roadster-style hoodscoop. It's fully functional for ram-air. Mustang Depot also offers 12 other hood styles for S197s.

The newest functional hood from Suncoast Automotive is designed for the '05-'07 Mustang. A true ram-air hood, the forward-placed scoops channel air through a sealed path to the intake system for a cooler, denser charge to increase horsepower. Built in the U.S. from a composite of steel, fiberglass, and structural polymers, the Suncoast hoods are designed for simple bolt-in installation.

High-Flow H-Pipe
Mustang Racing Technologies' (MRT) H-pipe for the '05-to-current Mustang GT is made in America with high-quality 304 stainless steel and the highest-quality, best-performing catalytic converters in the industry. Easy to install with all hardware and instructions included, the MRT H-pipe will add 10 to 20 hp and a deep, throaty musclecar exhaust note.