July 1, 2007

The late-model Mustang phenomenon continues, with plenty of thanks to the latest S197 model. The newest Mustang stands alone as the only remaining ponycar-at least for the moment. Since 1979, and especially since 1987 when the factory 5.0L engine reached 225 hp, the Mustang has been America's hottest performance car. From there, the aftermarket sprung into action. Hopping-up Mustangs became one of the hottest automotive trends from 1987 until the end of the Fox-body era in 2004.

Now we have the '07 Mustang, which was introduced in 2005 as a new model. It's also a bona-fide hit with hardcore Mustang enthusiasts and everyday Joes on the street. That's great news for the aftermarket parts industry, which has been working overtime for the last three years to create performance pieces-from LED taillights to superchargers-for the hottest car on the market. The current Mustang ranks right up there with the '57 Chevy, the '67-'69 Camaro, and the Fox-body Mustang as the most modified cars of all time. Even Ford dealers are getting in on the act by installing aftermarket wheels and Le Mans stripes on new '07s.

In this special Late-Model Mustang Parts Guide, we're showcasing many of the products available for '79-'07 Mustangs. Get your credit card ready and check out these great new pieces.

'86-'93 Stainless Exhaust
For a great-sounding exhaust system that lasts, Latemodel Restora-tion Supply now offers a stainless steel exhaust kit for '86-'93 5.0L LXs and '86 GTs. Each kit includes a set of polished 151/48-inch shorty headers, a 211/42-inch off-road X-shape crossover, and 211/42-inch after-cat mufflers with polished tips.

Fox-Body Rears
New from Currie Enterprises are heavy-duty rearends for '79-'93 Fox-body Mustangs. Available in four- and five-lug wheel-bolt patterns, they're designed to replace the original units with a stronger assembly built for high performance and dura-bility. The Fox-body rear-ends feature Currie's 9-Plus round-back housing and 31-spline axle package built to the stock overall-width and pinion-offset specifications. Heavy-duty leaf-spring pads are installed in the stock location for easy bolt-in installation. For the four-lug bolt pattern, specify PN FDM7993X4; PN FDM7993X5 for the five-lug.

25 percent Underdrive
Auto Specialties Performance's three-piece pulley set for the '79-'93 5.0L engine features a 25 percent underdrive for reduced parasitic drag and more usable horsepower. Available in red-, black-, blue-, and silver-anodized, the pulleys are perfect for Fox-body Mustangs with the air conditioning and power steering removed.

Hurst Short-Throw
Hurst has added another Billet Plus short-throw shifter to its line for five-speed Mustangs. The newest shifter (PN 391-5033) fits '83-'01 Mustangs with Borg-Warner T5 or T45 transmissions. Engineered for positive and precise gear changes, it reduces throw by 30 percent to provide quicker shifts. It also features adjustable gear stops to prevent internal transmission damage and comes with the traditional Hurst chrome-plated stick and classic white knob.

Got You Covered
Sometimes all you want is a flashier version of the factory valve covers. In that case, Ford Racing takes care of the 5.0L engine with these die-cast chrome covers (PN M-6582-D302). They're perfect replacements for plain factory covers. Ford Racing also offers a number of finned, aluminum covers.

Tighten Up
Steeda's full-length subframe connectors have been improved with a new one-piece reinforced crossbrace. Unlike other subframe connectors with individual gussets or no reinforcements at all, the Steeda full-length bars have the gussets built in for greater strength and less welding. The company's connectors run the full length of the floorpan for increased chassis rigidity, better handling, and improved ride. Available in bare steel or zinc-plated, the bars include torque-box reinforcing plates for a stronger attachment to the rear subframe.

Foxy Upholstery
TMI Products has created a new line of replacement upholstery for '87-'93 Fox-body Mustangs. Designed to replicate the original factory look while delivering today's standards of performance and wear, the TMI Fox-body upholstery is available in authentic cloth and vinyl-with some leather also offered-at most Mustang parts vendors.

Cat4ward Headers
With JBA's Cat4ward headers for 4.6L engines in '96-'04 Fox-body Mustangs, you can bolt on a significant increase in horsepower and torque. Engineered as a performance replacement for the restrictive factory manifolds, JBA's dyno-proven header design features 151/48-inch mandrel-bent stainless steel primary tubes, 31/48-inch CNC laser-cut flanges, and JBA's sealing-dome technology. Each kit comes with the necessary hardware, gaskets, and instructions for a professional, no-leak installation. High-temperature ceramic coating is also available.

'99-'04 Sequentials
New from Mustang Project is the first LED sequential kit for the '99-'04 Mustang that doesn't perform false sequencing during braking. The brake lights sequence only when the turn signal is activated, and all three sections of the taillight illuminate during braking. All connectors, instructions, and LED modules for both sides are provided. No wire cutting or harness change-out is required for installation; just pop the modules in place of the factory lamps. The LEDs are brighter and redder, and they will last forever.

31-spline Mosers
If the stock 28-splines aren't cutting it anymore, American Muscle offers 31-spline axles to mate to 31-spline differentials for 8.8-inch rearends in '79-'93 5.0L Mustangs. The axles feature machined C-clip grooves to fit OEM applications. They're non-tapered and come with hardened bearings for durability and performance under high-stress conditions.