July 1, 2007

The late-model Mustang phenomenon continues, with plenty of thanks to the latest S197 model. The newest Mustang stands alone as the only remaining ponycar-at least for the moment. Since 1979, and especially since 1987 when the factory 5.0L engine reached 225 hp, the Mustang has been America's hottest performance car. From there, the aftermarket sprung into action. Hopping-up Mustangs became one of the hottest automotive trends from 1987 until the end of the Fox-body era in 2004.

Now we have the '07 Mustang, which was introduced in 2005 as a new model. It's also a bona-fide hit with hardcore Mustang enthusiasts and everyday Joes on the street. That's great news for the aftermarket parts industry, which has been working overtime for the last three years to create performance pieces-from LED taillights to superchargers-for the hottest car on the market. The current Mustang ranks right up there with the '57 Chevy, the '67-'69 Camaro, and the Fox-body Mustang as the most modified cars of all time. Even Ford dealers are getting in on the act by installing aftermarket wheels and Le Mans stripes on new '07s.

In this special Late-Model Mustang Parts Guide, we're showcasing many of the products available for '79-'07 Mustangs. Get your credit card ready and check out these great new pieces.

'86-'93 Stainless Exhaust
For a great-sounding exhaust system that lasts, Latemodel Restora-tion Supply now offers a stainless steel exhaust kit for '86-'93 5.0L LXs and '86 GTs. Each kit includes a set of polished 151/48-inch shorty headers, a 211/42-inch off-road X-shape crossover, and 211/42-inch after-cat mufflers with polished tips.

Fox-Body Rears
New from Currie Enterprises are heavy-duty rearends for '79-'93 Fox-body Mustangs. Available in four- and five-lug wheel-bolt patterns, they're designed to replace the original units with a stronger assembly built for high performance and dura-bility. The Fox-body rear-ends feature Currie's 9-Plus round-back housing and 31-spline axle package built to the stock overall-width and pinion-offset specifications. Heavy-duty leaf-spring pads are installed in the stock location for easy bolt-in installation. For the four-lug bolt pattern, specify PN FDM7993X4; PN FDM7993X5 for the five-lug.

25 percent Underdrive
Auto Specialties Performance's three-piece pulley set for the '79-'93 5.0L engine features a 25 percent underdrive for reduced parasitic drag and more usable horsepower. Available in red-, black-, blue-, and silver-anodized, the pulleys are perfect for Fox-body Mustangs with the air conditioning and power steering removed.

Hurst Short-Throw
Hurst has added another Billet Plus short-throw shifter to its line for five-speed Mustangs. The newest shifter (PN 391-5033) fits '83-'01 Mustangs with Borg-Warner T5 or T45 transmissions. Engineered for positive and precise gear changes, it reduces throw by 30 percent to provide quicker shifts. It also features adjustable gear stops to prevent internal transmission damage and comes with the traditional Hurst chrome-plated stick and classic white knob.

Got You Covered
Sometimes all you want is a flashier version of the factory valve covers. In that case, Ford Racing takes care of the 5.0L engine with these die-cast chrome covers (PN M-6582-D302). They're perfect replacements for plain factory covers. Ford Racing also offers a number of finned, aluminum covers.

Tighten Up
Steeda's full-length subframe connectors have been improved with a new one-piece reinforced crossbrace. Unlike other subframe connectors with individual gussets or no reinforcements at all, the Steeda full-length bars have the gussets built in for greater strength and less welding. The company's connectors run the full length of the floorpan for increased chassis rigidity, better handling, and improved ride. Available in bare steel or zinc-plated, the bars include torque-box reinforcing plates for a stronger attachment to the rear subframe.

Foxy Upholstery
TMI Products has created a new line of replacement upholstery for '87-'93 Fox-body Mustangs. Designed to replicate the original factory look while delivering today's standards of performance and wear, the TMI Fox-body upholstery is available in authentic cloth and vinyl-with some leather also offered-at most Mustang parts vendors.

Cat4ward Headers
With JBA's Cat4ward headers for 4.6L engines in '96-'04 Fox-body Mustangs, you can bolt on a significant increase in horsepower and torque. Engineered as a performance replacement for the restrictive factory manifolds, JBA's dyno-proven header design features 151/48-inch mandrel-bent stainless steel primary tubes, 31/48-inch CNC laser-cut flanges, and JBA's sealing-dome technology. Each kit comes with the necessary hardware, gaskets, and instructions for a professional, no-leak installation. High-temperature ceramic coating is also available.

'99-'04 Sequentials
New from Mustang Project is the first LED sequential kit for the '99-'04 Mustang that doesn't perform false sequencing during braking. The brake lights sequence only when the turn signal is activated, and all three sections of the taillight illuminate during braking. All connectors, instructions, and LED modules for both sides are provided. No wire cutting or harness change-out is required for installation; just pop the modules in place of the factory lamps. The LEDs are brighter and redder, and they will last forever.

31-spline Mosers
If the stock 28-splines aren't cutting it anymore, American Muscle offers 31-spline axles to mate to 31-spline differentials for 8.8-inch rearends in '79-'93 5.0L Mustangs. The axles feature machined C-clip grooves to fit OEM applications. They're non-tapered and come with hardened bearings for durability and performance under high-stress conditions.

5.0 Distributor
Performance Distributors' 5.0 computer distributor is now available for '84-'95 5.0L applications. Built with a full-length, oil-impregnated bushing, the unit assures durability compared to stock distributors, which have only one upper bushing. The new distributor also improves shaft rotation and magnetic pickup coil signals. The included Dyna Module provides more electronic dwell time, allowing the coil to saturate further for a more intense spark. Powdercoated in blue, the unit is ideal for those who want the stock look with Motorcraft distributor housings.

TP Cable
Performance Automatic has reissued the throttle pressure cable (Ford PN E7ZZ -7F042-A), for Fox-body Mustangs. Discontinued by Ford, the cable fits '86-'93 5.0 Mustangs and is the critical connection between the throttle body and the AOD transmission pressure-control circuits. If damaged or stretched, transmission failure can occur, often without the driver knowing.

TRZ Suspension
TRZ Motorsports offers a complete suspension package for '79-'04 Mustangs. All components are TIG-welded using chrome-moly tubing, premium Teflon-lined rod ends, and high-strength delrin bushings. The lower control arms are either single or double adjustable, while the upper control arms are double adjustable and feature extra gussets. Spherical bearings can be added to reduce suspension bind while providing a more solid pinion movement. TRZ's antiroll bar welds between the framerails to prevent body roll, significantly reducing 60-foot times.

Pillar Pods
Lethal Performance's Speed of Sound pillar pods are a direct replacement for '96-'04 Mustang A-pillars. Available to hold either two or three standard 211/416-inch gauges, the pillar pods are perfect for mounting boost and fuel-pressure gauges. No cutting or painting is required. Injection molded with the factory-correct texture, the dual pods retail for $119.99; triple pods are $139.99.

Severe-Duty Axle Kit
Latemodel Restoration Supply's severe-duty rear-axle kit for '79-'93 8.8-inch axles provides everything to build a bulletproof rearend. Kits include a Dura Grip 31-spline differential; hardened 31-spline, five-lug axles; chrome-moly 3.5-inch studs; heavy-duty 3.73 gears; a master bearing kit; an axle bearing and seal kit; a carrier bearing cap stud kit; a heavy-duty differential support and cover; a pinion flange; and Royal Purple 85W140 synthetic gear lube.

Relocated Boots
With some 5.0L Mustang header applications, burning spark plug wires is a concern. WrenchRat's new SparkArm spark-plug boots and wire-relocation product permanently stops the problem by moving the wires away from the header's heat zone. The SparkArm is 4-inches long with a 11/42-inch-diameter, adjustable pivot point. It features a high-temperature, ceramic exterior, which houses conductive stainless interior components, to safely conduct sparks between the wire and plug.

4.6 Intake
Owners of '96-'04 Mustang GTs now have an aftermarket intake for 4.6L Two-Valve engines, exclusively from Texas Hot Rods. The HPS 4.6 Hardball'r aluminum intake is a direct replacement for the factory plastic version and works well on all applications. It provides an additional 15 hp on naturally aspirated engines and up to 25 hp for blown or nitrous cars. The unique two-piece construction allows for additional porting.

Topside Adjuster
Ford Racing's topside clutch adjuster (PN M-7554-A) allows clutch cable adjustment without going underneath the car. The adjuster mounts in the firewall, where the forward wheel can be turned in or out to move the cable. The adjuster also eliminates the factory rubber bushing, providing more precise clutch action.

Billet Knobs
Xada Racing Products has introduced its line of CNC billet-aluminum shift knobs. Anodized, chromed, and polished, the knobs come with adapters for '79-'04 Mustangs to provide an OEM fit that integrates with the factory shifter boot. The Spinner version comes in a chrome-and-black finish with a ball-bearing-supported spinning center ring. The Lonestar sports a hidden and sealed compartment, accessed by unscrewing the chrome top. The Piston model provides the feeling of a true muscle Mustang.

Rotor Clearance
American Muscle's new race-inspired GT4 wheels feature enhanced interior clearance for larger brake caliper and rotor kits that require larger aftermarket rims. Available in Hypercoated (shown), black, or chrome, the wheels measure 18x9 for '94-'04 Mustangs.

The Stalker
If you're looking to dress up the exterior of your Fox-body Mustang, check out the Stalker kits from Cervini's Auto Design. Available for '87-'93, '94-'98, and '99-'04 Mustangs, the Stalker body components add a muscular appearance to any Fox-body Mustang. Components are available separately, but to get the full effect, bolt on the complete Stalker kit-the 7-piece for '79-'93 or the 10-piece for '94-'04. Major components include the hood, front bumper, side skirts, rear bumpers, and rear wing.

High-Flow 4.6 Pumps
Inspired by top 4.6L engine- builder Sean Hyland, the new EMP Stewart Components water pump fills an industry void for a 4.6L high-performance pump. Perfect as a cost-effective replacement upgrade, the pump is available in long and short versions to fit the Two- and Four-Valve engines. There are two options: PN STE50046L for '96-to-mid-'01 Mustangs and PN STE50046S for mid-'01-to-'04 Mustangs. The pumps work with either stock or aftermarket underdrive pulleys and come with a stainless steel impeller, heavy-duty bearing, and carbon-graphite seal. The EMP Stewart Components' water pumps are available from companies such as Steeda Autosports, Mustangs Unlimited, and Summit Racing.

Cam Gears
Fidanza has expanded its product offering for the Mustang GT with adjustable, lightweight, aluminum cam gears. Available for the 4.6L, the cam gears are constructed from 6061-T6 billet aluminum for increased horsepower and fine-tuned cam timing, offering 12 degrees of CNC-etched adjustments in each direction (advance and retard) for street and racing enthusiasts. They're unique because the inner gear is held to the outer by tightening stainless steel nuts to stainless steel screws, not by threading into aluminum. This allows the user to put more torque onto the fasteners, creating a solid construction able to withstand high-performance conditions.

For more than 80 years, water-methanol injection has been proven to add power to everything from the P51 Mustang fighter to diesel land-speed record holders. For naturally aspirated '79-'04 Mustangs, Snow Performance's high-pressure/ high-volume injection system allows for maximized torque and safe power by adding octane rating and intake charge air cooling in gasoline engines. The new Stage-2 Boost Cooler water/ methanol injection system uses a digital variable controller that varies the quantity injected with vacuum and rpm. The kit allows for full timing with pump gas for race-gas power all the time. Because the correct amount is injected at all rpm states, power and driveability is improved over the typical on/off systems. The kit comes with everything needed for installation, including a high-pressure/high-volume pump and specially designed nozzles to atomize the mixture.

Lowering Low-Down
Lowering springs are one of the most popular modifications for Fox-body Mustangs. Not only does it enhance appearance, it provides the added benefit of improved handling, especially in conjunction with performance struts and shocks. Because lowering changes the suspension geometry beyond the adjustment capabilities of the factory strut plates, a recommended modification for lowered '79-'04 Mustangs is caster/camber plates, as offered by Steeda Autosports. Available in several different configurations, the plates provide additional adjustment to allow proper front-tire alignment for increased tire wear and handling.

Wheel and Tire Kits
One of the quickest and easiest mods for adding killer looks to '79-'04 Mustangs is bolting on a new set of wheels and tires. Latemodel Restoration Supply has taken the hassle out of finding the right wheels and tires by offering kits that include the whole setup-mounted, balanced, and ready to bolt on. A number of wheel styles are available with optional add-ons such as chrome, locking lug nuts. A road-hazard warranty is also offered.

Shifty Business
Performance Automatic now offers three new manual shift levers for Ford automatic transmissions, including two for Fox-body Mustangs. Difficult to obtain and out of production from Ford, the levers are now available for common applications, including '94-'04 Mustangs with the AODE/4R70W transmission. The lever, PN PA4594, is an exact reproduction of the factory piece. A second lever, PA5380, fits AOD-equipped '80-'93 Fox-body Mustangs and can be used to retrofit an AOD transmission into an early model. With PA2665, Performance Automatic has reproduced the shift lever for the '65-'69 Mustangs.

Fox Five-Lugs
Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation has released a kit to convert '87-'93 Mustang front and rear brakes from four-lug to the more durable five-lug setup with the popular 5x4-1/2-inch bolt pattern. Included are all the parts needed for the rear-drum-to-disc-brake conversion, complete with new five-lug rear axles. The front rotor/hub assemblies are designed to slide onto the stock spindles without modification. The complete kit includes 11-inch front five-lug rotors, 10-1/2-inch rear five-lug rotors, rear pads, a dual-bowl master cylinder, an adjustable proportioning valve, rear caliper mounting brackets, rear five-lug axle shafts, and all the necessary hardware.

Carbon Fiber Taillights
Now owners of '94-'98 Mustangs can upgrade their rear panels with the new three-light carbon-fiber taillights from American Muscle. The high-quality taillights are direct replacements for the factory version, giving the SN-95s a more modern look. Sold in pairs, they retail for $139.99.

Wheel Spacers
Lethal Performance's Hubcentric wheel spacers and extended lug-nut kit was designed for running wider tires and wheels on '99-and-later IRS-equipped Mustangs. Typically, larger wheel and tire sizes don't have enough clearance from the subframe bolt, leading to dangerous rubbing. With billet-aluminum spacers, the wheel and tire have enough clearance and a more aggressive stance. The kit, available for $75, includes a pair of wheel spacers and 10 extended lug nuts.

Get a Grip
For racy good looks with the added benefit of grip, dress up your Fox-body's pedals with billet-aluminum covers from Brothers Performance. Easy to install in 10 minutes, they brighten the floor and prevent slippage, especially when the bottom of your shoes are wet.

Replica Intake
For increased horsepower, the '93 Mustang Cobra used a special intake manifold that became a popular upgrade for '87-'93 5.0 Mustang owners. A replica version is now available from Ford Racing. Offered in a standard finish (PN M-9424-Z51) or polished (PN M-9424-Z51P), the two-piece Cobra intake flows enough air for engines up to 350hp.

Stout K-Member
UPR's chrome-moly K-member and A-arm for '79-'04 Mustangs provide greater strength and weight savings compared to mild steel competitors. Fully TIG-welded, each unit is powdercoated in silver for a show-car look while offering maximum corrosion protection. The unique under-frame design allows maximum header and oil-pan clearance while retaining factory wheel and engine locations. A coilover kit utilizes an exclusive setscrew design to maintain settings. Premium Eibach springs are included.

In the Clutch
Fidanza clutches are available in four different levels of performance, from mild to wild, for '83-'04 Mustangs. They come with everything needed for installation, including the pressure plate, disc, throwout bearing, and pilot tool. Best of all, there's only one part number to reference per kit, making selection a quick and easy process. Performance clutches are available for the '86-'95 5.0L, '96-'98 4.6L Cobra, '99-'04 4.6L Cobra, '96-'04 4.6L GT, '01-'02 4.6L GT Bullitt, and '03-'04 4.6L Mach I. Separate kits are available for vehicles with the 26-spline TKO transmission.

Tri-Ax Shifter
Steeda reinvented the short-throw shifter when the Tri-Ax shifter was developed for the early Fox-body 5.0Ls. Now versions of it are available for all production Mustang five-speeds, as well as the upgraded Tremec 3550 and TKO. Tri-Ax benefits include a precisely calibrated spring tension that finds Third gear for you, two-position adjustable height, an exclusive BootGuard to prevent damage to the factory rubber boot, adjustable positive stops, and CNC-machined billet construction. A Tri-Ax shifter handle and hardware are included.

Economy Headlights
Now you can get rid of those dull, foggy, or yellowed headlight lenses with Latemodel Restoration Supply's reproduction six-piece headlight kit for '87-'93 Mustangs. Available with factory-style amber or clear sidemarkers, the headlights are made for a long-lasting finish, unlike the originals. At $79.95 per kit, you can't go wrong.

Seat Delete
The Mustang rear-seat delete kits from K Dezines Audio are designed to allow removal of the rear seat while keeping a clean, custom look. Available for '79-'86 hatchbacks, '87-'93 hatchbacks and coupes, and '94-'04 coupes, the kits are designed with removable doors that allow access to the space created by removing the rear seat. The kits are constructed of either 1/2- or 1/4-inch MDF board and are covered in your color choice of carpet. Kits can be special-ordered to fit specific needs. Also available are stereo enclosures that fit the rear-seat delete kits. They fit a 10-inch subwoofer and amplifier, two 10-inch subwoofers, or two 12-inch subwoofers.

Bolt-In 9-inch
Master Power now offers a complete 9-inch Ford rearend assembly with disc brakes for '79-and-later Fox-body Mustangs. Available with standard and nodular cases, they include stock suspension brackets, a limited-slip differential, 31-spline axles, a big-bearing nodular pinion support, a yoke, and a choice of 3.50, 3.60, 3.70, 3.89, or 4.10 gears. Drilled and slotted rotors are optional.

High-Capacity Pans
Canton Racing Products was the originator of high-performance and conversion oil pans for '79-and-up Mustangs. Today, Canton's competition and high-capacity oil pans are used on Ford Racing and Roush Performance crate engines. Available for 302, 351W, 351C, FE, 460, and 4.6/5.4L applications, the Canton oil pans are available in aluminum and steel, and with or without power pouches and main supports. Multi-baffles are also available for road-race applications.

Clutch for the Extreme
SPEC Clutches and Flywheels has introduced the Super Twin clutch setup for street and track use in '03-'04 Cobras and Mach 1s with extreme horsepower and torque. It has set a new standard in near-stock driveability, tremendous life expectancy, a no-shimming setup, bolt-in installation, and maintenance-free operation. With all-billet construction, the units are smooth and quiet. Friction is provided by dampened, full-faced, carbon-graphite discs. Organic or full-metallic options are available.

Two-Valve Plenum
C&L Performance's 4.6L upper intake plenum was the first available for '96-'04 GT Mustangs. It still makes gains of 8-12 hp. Designed, developed, and made in the U.S., it's best used with a 75mm throttle body. Prices start at $119 for the standard cast finish. Super-chrome or charcoal finishes are also available.

Cherry Bomb
Since 1968, the Cherry Bomb glasspack muffler has been easily recognized by its bright red color and throaty performance sound. Now it's available for most car applications, including Fox-body and all other Mustangs. Insulated with high-temperature fiberglass to absorb high-frequency sounds, the Glasspack's reversible, straight-through design allows for the classic glasspack sound and reduces back pressure to maximize horsepower. Its round, linear shape creates a universal fit, making installation a breeze. The Cherry Bomb Glasspack is made of 100-percent-welded, aluminized steel and is finished in a high-temperature-resistant, red finish for long-lasting construction.

Mach 1 Intake
C&L Performance's '03-'04 Mach 1 intake assembly is the only aftermarket intake that replaces every component from the throttle body forward, including the mass airflow unit. Mach 1 owners can expect an average gain of 11 hp with a maximum improvement of 14-17 hp and 22 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. The system retains the function of the original factory Shaker-hoodscoop assembly.

Pro-Action Heads
It's a fact: Factory configuration small-block Ford engines are limited by cylinder head airflow efficiency. Racing Head Service (RHS) has changed all that with the introduction of the new Pro Action Windsor and 5.0L cylinder heads, available in either aluminum or cast iron. Compatible with all original equipment and aftermarket performance parts, the Pro Action cylinder heads offer several unique features, such as high-volume exhaust ports, a dual-bolt pattern, and superior port-to-chamber transitions. Available in 180cc, 200cc, and 215cc intake runner volumes, the heads use 2.020-inch and 2.080-inch diameter intake valve sizes, dependent on runner volume. Exhaust valves are 1.600 inches in diameter.

3G Alternator
PA Performance has improved the already-popular 3G alternator. Initially available in 95-, 130-, and 200-amp ratings, the new design provides a massive 60 amps at idle (120 amps max), 80 amps at idle (170 amps max), and 100 amps at idle (200 amps max), respectively. Applications and upgrades are available for all Mustangs, including Fox-bodies and SVOs. Available finishes include chrome, polished, and powdercoated color. The PA Performance alternators are sold in easy-to-install kits and are available directly from PA Performance or through participating dealers.

Freedom Heads
The new Freedom Series small-block Ford aluminum heads from Patriot Perfor-mance are custom-engineered with 185cc intake runners to flow 260 cfm. Available from $895 per pair, the heads come assembled with 2.02-inch intake and 1.60-inch exhaust valves, 3/8-inch studs, guide plates, and hydraulic roller springs.

Cobra Intake
C&L Performance's air intake assembly for '03-'04 Cobra Mustangs is the highest-flowing intake available for supercharged cars, meaning it will support more power. At 1,137 cfm, this intake is the only aftermarket system for the Cobra that replaces every component from the throttle body forward. The system also extends the usable horse-power range from the stock mass airflow unit's 485 hp all the way up to 535 hp. Gains of more than 23 hp are typical on completely stock vehicles.

Detail CorraL
Classic Design Concepts has taken the unfinished, unattractive, inner decklid of the '05-'07 Mustang to a completed state with the new Detail Corral. Not only does it add visual appeal to the trunk, it also provides storage capabilities for first aid and cleaning supplies, CDC's mini duster, and other lightweight items. Installation is a breeze with basic handtools, and no drilling is required. OE materials provide a factory appearance and fit.

Magnetic Panel
The heritage-style blackout panel from Latemodel Restoration Supply covers the rear decklid between the taillights to give your '05-'07 Mustang a great classic look. Available for $39.95, magnetic backing allows for a quick-and-easy installation; the hole for the rear emblem is precut.

Variable Shifter
In addition to possessing the same patented features as MGW's earlier short-throw shifters-such as adjustable handle and sound dampening centershaft design-the company's new shifter for '05-'07 Mustangs has a variable shift throw so drivers can fine-tune to their personal preference. The patent-pending feature allows the driver to adjust the throw from just shorter than stock to almost a 50-percent reduction. Utilizing state-of-the-art materials and design components, the shifter has been engineered to offer short throw and ease of shifting for all gears. Other features include sound- and thermal-deflection technology to maintain original OEM sound levels, and a strong lateral spring load to eliminate Third gear lockout. An installation video is included.

Brake Cooling
Quantum Motorsports has announced the addition of '05-'07 brake cooling kits to the current line of Mustang kits. As with the company's kits for '94-'04 Mustangs, they're offered in street and race versions. They're an easy bolt-on modification and feature 6061-T6 TIG-welded aluminum ducts designed to direct cooling air to the center of the rotor, a unique flexible hose with an external wire to stand up to the rigors of racing and street duty, and all the necessary mounting hardware. Quantum also offers front-bumper air inlets.

The Ford Sound
Directly from Ford Racing comes the Mustang GT exhaust kit, which includes a pair of high-flow mufflers with 3.5-inch exhaust tips. Made from T-304 stainless, they provide a proven increase in horsepower and torque along with a louder, throatier exhaust note. The polished tips are embossed with "Ford Racing."

Eleanor Style
Cervini's Auto Designs has always been quick to introduce new body-kit components for the Mustang, and the '05-'07 GT presents more of the same aesthetic opportunities. This time around, the company is going for the Eleanor look with replacement front and rear bumper covers, hood, side skirts, and sidescoops. All pieces are made from urethane except the hood.

Shelby Wheels
The Carroll Shelby Wheel Company has introduced four classic-style wheels for '05-'07 Mustangs. Manufactured to meet or exceed OEM requirements, the custom alloy wheels are available in several sizes-from 18 to 20 inches-and finishes, including chrome, gloss black, Hyper Silver, and others.

Performance Packs
If you remember the staged performance packages from Ford's old Muscle Parts program, Ford Racing's Performance Packs for '05-'07 Mustangs will seem eerily familiar. Ford Racing has brought the concept back with its new Performance Packs program. Although not as comprehensive as the old Muscle Parts packages-after all, the new Mustang provides a lot more performance to begin with-the modern kits add horsepower and handling.

Power Pack
The entry-level kit is the Power Pack (PN M-2005-FR1). Designed for '05-'07 Mustang GT owners who want more power while maintaining mild street manners, the package includes a 90mm cold-air kit with a flash tuner, performance mufflers, and a performance oil filter. Ford Racing estimates a 20hp improvement over stock on a five-speed, but you'll have to use premium fuel after recalibrating the computer with the supplied Pro-Cal flash tuner. The tuner comes loaded with the correct calibration for the engine mods.

Drag Pack
The name may sound familiar to Mustangers from the '60s, but Ford Racing's new Drag Pack (PN M-2005-FR2) is more than bigger gears and an oil cooler. The modern Drag Pack comes with the 90mm cold-air kit and oil filter from the Power Pack, then adds 4.10:1 rear gears with an installation kit, shorty headers, and a short-throw shifter. Ford Racing doesn't provide horsepower estimates for the Drag Pack. Instead, with the gears and quicker shifter, expect to shave a half-second off the quarter-mile e.t. with a five-speed GT.

Handling Pack
Handling upgrades weren't available from the old Muscle Parts catalogs. With today's emphasis on better road manners, Ford Racing's Handling Pack (PN M-2005-FR3) provides better cornering and a lowered stance. Designed to work with and complement the performance increases from the Power Pack and Drag Pack kits, the Handling Pack includes uniquely tuned dampers, lowering springs (approximately 1-1/2 inches), front and rear sway bars, and a strut-tower brace.

LiveWire Tuning
New from SCT is LiveWire, a preprogrammed and custom-tunable PCM flash tuner that arrives loaded with three different dyno-proven custom performance tunes and one fuel-economy tune. It also offers advanced datalogging and instrumentation of more than 15 vehicle parameters. With LiveWire, DTC trouble codes can be read and cleared, affording the largest number of features ever to be offered in a custom or preprogrammed tuning device.

Long-Tube Headers
BBK has released its new full-length performance headers for '05-'07 Mustang GTs. Featuring 151/48-inch mandrel-bent tubing, 3/16-inch laser-cut flanges, and OEM-quality components, the headers are built to last. A quick bolt-on with the use of BBK's matching 2-3/4-inch high-flow crossover pipes, the headers provide a 14-20-rwhp increase on stock GTs and even more with other bolt-ons.

Subframe Connectors
Subframe connectors are the foundation of BMR's '05-'07 Mustang chassis upgrades, connecting the unibody-front and rear-subframe assemblies to form a full frame for increased chassis rigidity. Essential for anyone who wants to get the most out of future suspension modifications for cornering and straight-line acceleration, the BMR subframes are offered in two models: heavy-duty boxed connectors made of 1-1/2x2-inch main tubes and 3/16-inch-thick laser-cut weld plates, and tubular connectors built from 1-3/4-inch DOM tubing with 3/16-inch laser-cut mounting plates. Both tie the rear control arm mounts and front subframes together, but the heavy-duty boxed connectors go further by triangulating key structural points for an extremely rigid frame. They both weld to the attachment points but don't require the carpet to be removed.

Roush Suspension
A well-engineered suspension can shave seconds off time at the track and improve handling. One of the best ways to optimize handling is to install a complete suspension kit such as the one from Roush Performance. It includes handling springs, performance struts and shocks, and front and rear sway bars, all engineered to work together to make your '05-'07 Mustang GT one of the best-handling cars on the road. The components are also available separately.

Shelby-Style Lights
With Street Scene Equipment's new center dual-light grille shell (PN 950-74590), '05-'07 GTs can take on the look of the '67 Shelbys. Made from durable injection-molded plastic, it moves the driving lights from the outside of the grille to the center. The shell comes with everything needed for installation: a wiring harness, two lights, and all the hardware. Factory mounting locations are used, so no cutting or fabrication is required.

DuckTail Spoiler
Classic Design Concept's three-piece Ducktail spoiler for the '05-'07 Mustang is made from lightweight, blow-molded ABS and requires no trunk-strut adjustments. Offered with or without the Mustang logo, the spoiler is available unpainted or in all factory colors. To meet vintage design goals, CDC engineered the spoiler without the LED light. For customers who wish to have it, the company created a system that mounts inside the rear window and doesn't intrude on the design of the spoiler. It hard-mounts to the vehicle with bolts and/or acrylic bonding tape. Installation works best on cars ordered without the factory rear spoiler, but for Mustangs with the spoiler, CDC offers an optional stock-spoiler hole-delete kit, eliminating the need to repaint the trunk.

Wild Lights
Now you can dress up your '05-'07 Mustang with affordable projector headlights and LED taillights from Dallas Mustang. The headlights are available in chrome or black; the taillights are offered in chrome, smoked, and red/clear. They're also available for '99-'04 Mustangs.

Comp Wing
Standing tall at full race height, Steeda's Competition Wing (PN 307-0009, shown above on Steeda's Screamin' Yellow Q) gets into the air stream and creates significant down-force to enhance handling and traction. It's available with Steeda Billet Winglets, sold separately.

Swarr Stick
The patent-pending Swarr Stick shifter from Swarr Automotive is designed to fit the Tremec TKO 500-600 and T56 six-speed transmissions in '05-'07 Mustangs. Providing zero slop for more accurate and faster shifts, the Swarr Stick is great for the street and hardcore racers. Made from billet aluminum and chrome-moly, it doesn't attach to the body. The kit includes a transmission, a shifter, a crossmember, a one-piece driveshaft, a front and rear yoke, a polyurethane transmission mount, a bellhousing (for TKO), a new hydraulic bearing, and a special fitting to adapt the factory lines so the stock master cylinder can be used.

Retro Magnum
If you're looking to add to the retro look of an '05-'07 Mustang, Wheel Replicas offers the 469 Magnum. It replicates the appearance of the Magnum 500 wheels used on vintage Mustangs. Unlike the originals, the Wheel Replica version is available in modern sizes: 18x9, 18x10, 20x8-1/2, and 20x10. All the Wheel Replica wheels utilize the latest in casting and finishing technology and are available in many finishes.

Cool Valve Covers
For the first time in years, the Mustang GT comes with highly visible valve covers. Unfor-tunately, they're an ugly, dull, discolored gray. Fortunately, Ford Racing takes care of the problem with new valve covers for the Three-Valve 4.6 powerplant. Available in powdercoated chrome-look, blue, black wrinkle, and silver, the new covers are a direct replacement for the factory ones, and are available at any Ford Racing dealer.

CNC Three-Valve Heads
For improved airflow and more horsepower, Livernois Motorsports offers CNC-machined Three-Valve heads with oversize valves. Fully assembled but without camshafts, the heads flow 300 cfm on the intake and 215 cfm on the exhaust. The stainless valves are 1 mm larger than stock, and the heads come with new valve seals, retainers, locks, and Livernois' exclusive single-coil valvesprings.

Retro Mirrors
Agent 47 has answered the call for aesthetically pleasing mirrors to complement the S197 Mustang's retro styling. Available with a suggested retail price of $395, the mirrors are designed for factory mounting points and electric motors, so installation is a snap.

Past Meets Present
Temple Performance Cars' Legend body package adds retro styling to the '05-'07 Mustang's cutting-edge late-model performance. Available in Legend X (supercharged), Series 1 (also supercharged), or Series 2 (naturally aspirated) models, all incorporate the Legend body package, Carroll Shelby wheels with BFG tires, performance springs, exhaust modifications, billet interior accents, and painted stripes. Each comes with its own serial number and body identification tag. The Legend body kit's individual parts are also available.

Vortech Supercharger
Vortech has introduced a new high-output supercharging system for the '07 GT. The addition of the V-2 SQ S-Trim supercharger increases horsepower from 300 to 462 and torque from 320 lb/ft to 419 lb/ft, estimated at the flywheel at 10-psi boost. For '07, a larger capacity cooler is included for improved performance. All components needed to bolt the system to a stock vehicle are included: mounting brackets, fuel system upgrades, DiabloSport handheld programmer, supercharger oil feed and drain, compressor bypass valve, and all required fasteners.

Camber Adjusters
For more camber adjustability, Steeda offers billet camber adjusters (PN 555-8096). The CNC-machined adjusters mount directly to the struts and come supplied with a variety of hardened steel inserts for up to a full 3 degrees of camber adjustment.

Yipes, Stripes!
Ford Racing's stripe kits add a racy look to '05-'06 Mustangs. A pair of 10-inch-wide over-the-body stripes and vintage-look lower body stripes, with or without "Ford Racing" lettering are included in the kit. The stripes are available in blue, black, or silver.

Functional Shaker Scoop
Specifically designed to fit the '05-'07 Mustang GT's Three-Valve engine, Classic Design Concept's Shaker system is fully functional with a cast-aluminum hoodscoop integrated into a custom engine cover. It's available for use with the factory GT hood or the optional CDC Shaker hood. Added details and application options enhance the appearance to spice up the underhood look. The system comes with all necessary mounting hardware, templates, and instructions.

Paxton Supercharger
Paxton has released a new supercharging system for the '07 Mustang GT that increases horsepower from 300 to 470 and torque from 320 lb/ft to 420 lb/ft, estimated at the flywheel at 10-psi boost. This system uses the NOVI 2200 centrifugal gear-driven compressor mated with an integrated air-to-air charge cooling. All components needed to bolt the system to a stock vehicle are included, such as mounting brackets, fuel system upgrades, a DiabloSport handheld programmer, supercharger oil feed and drain, a compressor bypass valve, and all the required fasteners.

ZVT Clutch
Zoom Performance Products has taken the centrifugal pressure plate to a new level with the introduction of the Zoom Variable Torque (ZVT) clutch for Mod Motor Mustangs. Originally designed to handle the torque loads of diesel engines, the patented ZVT is a true centrifugal pressure-plate system that achieves more than 700 pounds of clamp load while maintaining a stock pedal feel. A ZVT clutch cover combined with an organic disc achieves torque-handling gains of more than 300 lb-ft over comparable high-performance covers.

Underhood Dress-Up
Midwest Auto Gear has introduced four new items to its line of underhood dress-up parts for '05-'07 Mustangs. Shock-tower covers complete the strut towers by covering the nuts and top of the strut. Fuel-rail covers complement Midwest's already-available intake-plenum cover and hide the fuel rails, injectors, spark plugs, and coils. Radiator-cover extensions cover the fenders and give a more finished appearance. A fuse-box cover adds a splash of body color to the all-black molded fuse box. The parts are painted in basecoat/clearcoat and are available in all '05-'07 Mustang colors.

Covered Plenum
Ford's first photos of the new Mustang's Three-Valve 4.6L engine showed a nifty aluminum-look cover on top of the intake plenum. When the first cars hit the showrooms, the covers were nowhere to be found, apparently cut to save weight and money. Midwest Auto Gear was among the first to capitalize on Ford's last-minute change. Midwest's engine plenum cover adds a high-performance look to the '05-'07 Mustang GT's engine compartment. Made from fiberglass-reinforced Hylon Nylon 6, the covers won't bend or warp from engine heat. Four standard options include silver or black finishes, with or without the GT logo. For an additional cost, covers can be ordered to match exterior paint colors.

150hp Bolt-On
The latest Mustang can benefit from cutting-edge N2O technology with the all-new '05-'07 Mustang EFI wet system from Nitrous Pro-Flow. The adjustable 25-150hp system is engineered as a bolt-on, so installation can be accomplished in an afternoon with basic handtools. It includes everything needed for turnkey performance, including braided lines, solenoids, a programmable TPS activation system, a V-Force 2 injection nozzle, brackets, and a lightweight tank. The injection nozzle was designed for injected applications to maximize atomization and N2O distribution for power and reliability. The activation system uses the Mustang's throttle-position sensor to activate the nitrous shot at wide-open throttle only, protecting engine internals and increasing consistency.

Two-Tone Lightbar
Taking the traditional lightbar to new and improved heights, Mustang Racing Technolo-gies' (MRT) new two-tone lightbar is the missing style link for all '99-'07 convertible Mustangs. Adding a full range of secondary color options allows buyers to personalize their droptop in a way never before possible. Constructed with 1-1/4-inch, steel, round tube with heavy-duty, 1/8-inch wall thickness, the MRT two-tone lightbar is built to last. The company incorporates only the finest materials into its colored wraps.

Cobra Scoop
New from Mustang Depot is the '05-'07 Mustang fiberglass hood with a Cobra roadster-style hoodscoop. It's fully functional for ram-air. Mustang Depot also offers 12 other hood styles for S197s.

The newest functional hood from Suncoast Automotive is designed for the '05-'07 Mustang. A true ram-air hood, the forward-placed scoops channel air through a sealed path to the intake system for a cooler, denser charge to increase horsepower. Built in the U.S. from a composite of steel, fiberglass, and structural polymers, the Suncoast hoods are designed for simple bolt-in installation.

High-Flow H-Pipe
Mustang Racing Technologies' (MRT) H-pipe for the '05-to-current Mustang GT is made in America with high-quality 304 stainless steel and the highest-quality, best-performing catalytic converters in the industry. Easy to install with all hardware and instructions included, the MRT H-pipe will add 10 to 20 hp and a deep, throaty musclecar exhaust note.