Miles Cook
October 1, 2006

While the current-generation Mustang isn't short on function in any area, it does lack a bit of form here and there. One of the more apparent places is under the hood. With its black-plastic intake manifold and drab cast valve covers, the visual appeal of the three-valve 4.6L engine isn't much to write home about.

Ironically, Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP) is one of the sources you can turn to if you decide to dress up your engine. Recently released in the '06 Ford Racing catalog are these cool coated valve covers that improve the visual appeal under the hood. Available in four different finishes from California Mustang, FRPP's covers make a considerable difference in the engine's appearance, especially when combined with an intake cover.

While installation isn't as easy as, for example, a typical carbureted 289 (which has only six bolts per cover), Marlo's Frame and Alignment was able to install the blue, powdercoated covers on Carl Porcello's '06 Mustang GT in about two hours. While that might sound like a lot for valve covers, note that most of that time is used to loosen and tighten the more than two dozen bolts that hold the covers in place. Unplugging various sensors and fittings, R&Ring the covers, and replugging everything is relatively quick work. The gaskets press fit into place on the covers, making the job considerably easier to accomplish as opposed to fighting to keep the gaskets in position while dropping the covers onto the cylinder heads.

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