Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 13, 2006

World Products
Unlike other crate engine builders who start with either a Ford Racing block or a remanufactured factory block, World Products has developed its own Man O'War cast-iron Ford blocks. Beefed-up in key areas for strength, the Man O'War blocks are offered in four deck heights; 8.2 and 8.7 inches as replacements for the 289/302/5.0 and 9.2 and 9.5 inches to replace the 351. For the most part, the Man O'War blocks look exactly like Ford blocks, and they accept all components and accessories that were bolted to factory engines.

World Products offers three series of crate engines, all based on the Man O'War blocks, that would make ideal replacements for vintage Mustangs. The entry-level Daily Driver engines, available in 302 and 351 displacements and with or without induction, come with World Products' Windsor Jr. cast-iron heads. The Cruiser 351 and 427 engines are offered with the Windsor Sr. cast-iron heads and a dual-plane intake for good low-end torque and a broad power curve. The World Class series of engines are built from the best aftermarket components and come in three displacements, 351, 375, and 427, with either cast-iron or aluminum heads. Hardcore engines are also offered, but by then, you're stretching the streetability limits with solid-lifter camshafts and huge Dominator carburetors.







Daily Driver 302Man O’WarWindsor Jr. ironRollerOptionalN/A
Daily Driver 351Man O’WarWindsor Jr. ironRollerOptionalN/A
Cruiser 351Man O’WarWindsor Sr. ironRollerDual-planeN/A
Cruiser 427Man O’WarWindsor Sr. ironRollerDual-planeN/A
World Class 351Man O’WarWindsor Sr. ironRollerEdelbrock395
World Class 351Man O’WarWorld aluminumRollerEdelbrock415
World Class 375Man O’WarWindsor Sr. ironRollerEdelbrock425
World Class 375Man O’WarWorld aluminumRollerEdelbrock455
World Class 427Man O’WarWindsor Sr. ironRollerEdelbrock475
World Class 427Man O’WarWorld aluminumRollerEdelbrock495