Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 13, 2006

Roush Performance
Everyone knows Jack Roush, and as expected from engines labeled with the Roush name, you get more than just a crate engine. "We prefer to call them performance engines, not crate engines," says Roush Performance Engine Manager Todd Andrews. "Basically, we offer a custom engine in a crate engine package."

Unlike most other crate engines that are long-blocks only, the Roush Performance street engines are complete from carburetor to oil pan. Built by the Roush engine department, which has been assembling race and performance engines for over 25 years, the engines are built to Roush's exacting tolerances with high-quality parts. All Roush engines carry a two-year/24,000 mile warranty.

The Roush engines come with Roush-modified aluminum heads, single-plane or dual-plane intake, Roush-tuned carburetor, air cleaner, roller camshaft with Roush specs, Roush valve covers, oil pan, water pump (standard rotation with front-sump oil pan for vintage applications), flywheel, high-torque starter, and MSD distributor. Each engine is hot-tested then dyno-tested to confirm power. Fender and firewall badges are supplied with each Roush engine.

We've listed only a few of the engines offered by Roush, so check the Web site at for others. As you might expect, the complete, high-quality Roush engines are not what you'd call budget priced. For pricing, contact Roush.








327SRSportsman 5.0Roush aluminumRollerVictor Jr.350
327RSportsman 5.0Roush aluminumRollerVictor Jr.425
342RESportsman 5.0Roush aluminumRollerFuel injectionN/A
353RSportsman 5.0Roush aluminumRollerAluminum450
402SRSportsman 5.0Roush/EdelbrockRoushAluminum425
402RSportsman 5.0Roush aluminumRollerAluminum515
427SRDart 5.8Roush aluminumRollerAluminum450
427RDart 5.8Roush aluminumRollerAluminum550