Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 13, 2006
The M-6007-XB3M/XE3M crate engine is Ford Racing's biggest seller. "It's the perfect engine for a vintage Mustang," says Ford Racing's Hank Dertian. The XB3M version with a B303 camshaft is recommended for manual transmissions, while the XE3M with a slightly milder E303 cam works with both automatic and manual transmissions.

Ford Racing
With Ford Racing Performance Parts, you can still go right to the factory for a small-block crate engine. Before production of the Windsor 5.0 ended, Ford Racing ordered a supply to use as a foundation for its popular M-6007-XB3M and XE3M crate engines. Rated at 345 and 340 horsepower respectively, the engines are new 5.0 short-blocks fitted with GT-40 aluminum heads and either a B303 or E303 roller camshaft. Finned aluminum valve covers are included as well as a water pump, but the pump is a reverse-rotation version for late-model serpentine belts and must be replaced for vintage V-belt systems. Likewise, you'll need to replace the Fox-body oil pan with one for an early Mustang.

By stepping up to Ford Racing's 347 stroker, PN M-6007-C347, you get a new Sportsman 5.0 block, Z304A aluminum heads, Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake, and MSD billet distributor for a rating of 450 hp. With the same external dimensions as a 289/302, the C347 stroker will drop right in a '65-'73 Mustang.

Ford Racing also offers a number of 351s, starting with M-6007-S58, a low-buck 5.8L with cast-iron heads that comes from Ford's marine-engine program. Also available is the 385hp D351ST with aluminum GT-40 heads and the stroker 392ci D392FT with 430 hp.

More information is available on the Ford Racing Web site at or from the 2006 Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog available from all Ford Racing dealers. You also call the Tech hotline at (586) 468-1356 for information specific to your vintage Mustang swap.








M-6007-XB3MNew 5.0GT-40B303None345$3,{{{850}}}
M-6007-XE3MNew 5.0GT-40E303None340$3,850
M-6007-Z50ESportsman 5.0Z304AE303None360$5,495
M-6007-Z50ZSportsman 5.0Z304AZ303None 390$5,895
M-6007-C347Sportsman 5.0Z304ARollerVictor Jr.450$6,995
M-6007-S58Marine 5.8Cast-ironRollerDual-plane250$2,895
M-6007-D351FTSportsman 5.8GT-40RollerVictor Jr.385N/A
M-6007-D392FTSportsman 5.8GT-40RollerVictor Jr.430N/A